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LBH, will definitely be praying that your mom makes a full and speedy recovery. What kind of infection does she have? (If that's not too personal...) Must be pretty serious to be in the hospital over it. Hope she's well soon.

I just returned from grocery shopping. My two year old screamed pretty much the whole time we were there (she's tired...maybe I should try that when I get tired....oh, wait, I'd be screaming all the time...). All the other shopping mom's children were sitting politely in their buggies, smiling, playing quietly with whatever they had....and they just glared at my daughter as we passed by. Such a proud moment in my life.

Hanna, we're putting a wall back up in a room that used to be two rooms before we moved in. (Was that confusing? LOL) We're also putting a doorway in another wall, which will be the entrance to the extra room we'll have once the wall is resurrected. It's a messssssss! Remodeling drives me in sane, but I love it at the same time....kinda like getting part of a new house. Crazy, I know. We've also painted another room. I see many trips to Lowe's in my very near future...and the empty pocketbook that naturally goes along with those trips. :sigh: Atleast we're not redoing the kitchen again....THAT was miserable. The kitchen in our house it like the central location for everything.....Our lives were so very turned upside down through that whole ordeal. I'll take what we're doing right now over that any day.

Sounds like everyone's busy. Hope we're all having good, on track days. So far so good for me, although my appetite (that's been basically MIA while I was sick) is back with a vengance. I'm HUNGRY!! I may reward myself (with a tiny reward) after meeting celebrate the big-for-me loss that I'm hoping to see.


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Default noooo... not the doughnuts!

Someone just walked into my office with a big plate of doughnuts! Oh they smell so good! Must fight the donut!
Having an ok day so far. Had a nice spinach and chicken salad for...
hey! how did this donut get on my desk. I'll just ignore it. Any way, I was so good I didn't even put dressing on my sal- hey theres a donut in my hand...what are you doing?... no... I musn't eat th- muffle muffle, garble garble
OMG that is so good! I think I am in love!
is that orange glaze you're wearing? Huh? oh yeah... sorry, you caught me. I couldn't resist. they smelled so good. I only had a small one. only around 1000 calories.

Wow. My taste buds must have become really sensitive to sweet tastes. I thought I was going to have to call 911!
I really did have that good salad for lunch, so maybe my fat cells won't notice the donut going by.

I hope you are all doing better than me!
Have a great day!
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lol @ are one funny girl. I HATE it when the food JUMPS into my hand!!!

Puttin' the kids to bed, will try to check back in tonight!!
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evening was actually nice today. Can't complain. I'm using my pda with the calorieking on it...really helping me to track calories thr out the day. Now i'm off to the gym for an hr of cardi.

night all.
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Hi ladies! Hope you guys are doing fantastically! Well here goes

Patricia: good to hear you're feeling up to par! how did the day turn out?
Dawn: I am so jealous of your leisurely days Hope you had a relaxing one!
Jasmine: Well I'd say DH owes you a favor or two for that tv So proud of ya for moving that rump!
Diana: Don't feel bad girl; I hear remodeling is quite the workout depending on what you're doin! I think you have such a great attitude - keep it going!
Christina: :BIG HUGS: to you, I really feel so badly for you. I too suffered a m/c June 11th last year, I know how tough it can be. My prayers are constantly, constantly with you. I am here for you anytime you need me.
Fighting: awww hun, don't let yourself get down. Your fat isn't worth it! Don't listen to that voice.... and you have a lot more wp than me; I'd have thrown away those cookies (oh wait a sec...I DID!) LOL you will get there. just consider that your "treat" for the week and get back on track. I believe in you!!!
Megan: girl I would love to trade places just to lighten your load I have too little to do at work these days, I am sooo very bored. I do hope your day wasn't too bad though.
Trish: LOL! Well thank you girl, much appreciated! I am very happy to report that I have maintained that this morning yeahhhh. (yes I weighed again, somebody slap me please I can't stop) You have me dreamin about margaritas hahaha... (now where is that mojito mix - in the fridge? :drumming fingers J/k I won't I promise...okay maybe not a whole promise...
Pam: Hey right back at ya! What site....can you tell? I would love to see!!!
Jane: Hello there girl! How are things in your corner of the world?
Hanna: Yes dear much fun is to be had when you have little ones. Unfortunately, it's much worse when they are older------>gotcha! Okay yes they are. But they are also still lovable. I do miss when mine were - um - not a teenager LOL. He's like "Mooo-ommm...don't hug, my friends will see!!!!!!" LOL Oh how I love embarassing Corey.
Lauren: LAUREN! Oh good ness girl...okay....girls I am sure you won't mind...."Father God, we come to You in your precious holy name tonight, and we praise you just for who You are, and that You would love us all enough to make us Your own. Father, we praise You that when we are hurting, You comfort us like none can, and we can have peace knowing You know full well what our needs are, and you can be there when we can't. We praise You that Your mercies are unending, Your love has no limits, and Your grace knows no bounds. We exalt You Father; you are the Most High above all. And we praise You that we can come boldly to Your throne and climb in Your lap, and rest our hopes assuredly in You. Father, we come before You now in absolute trust and faith, our hearts are so heavy right now Father, and we need You. We need You to take control of this situation Father, and bring Your blessed presence to Lauren's mom Father, rest upon her and bring her such peace as she has never before known, put her mind at ease, and let her know without a doubt that You are right there with her, You are by her side, holding her hand, and walking through this with her. We thank You that You are in control Father, You are holding her in the palm of Your hand, You have numbered the very hairs on her head Father, and she is Your beloved daughter. Oh how You love her Father, we praise You that You are drawing nearer and nearer, to Lauren, and to her mom, and to everyone that has been touched by this. Let not this sickness overtake her Father, but let Thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven. You are the giver of life, You are the bright and morning star, You are Emmanuel forever, hallelujah. Father God, let not this darkness keep us from looking to You. You have walked in our shoes, You know how hard it can be to look upwards instead of what is going on around us; oh Daddy please help us all to look to You. We thank You that You hear us, and that we need not be afraid, for You are with us, forever and ever. We love you Jesus, You are our everything, and we praise You right now with thankful hearts that the answer is already on the way. In Your blessed and holy name we pray...AMEN

Wow I am so spent spiritually right now, I just can't continue! I am truly sorry girls!!! I do hope that was alright to post, let each of us remember to keep praying in our hearts. I will also start a prayer chain with my church, if that is okay. Ok one quick thing about me, day sucked, boring, gotta start making up hours at work so will be busy, still maintaining my loss (actually lost another .4 lbs yeahhh), and that's about it. Take care!!!

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Hey everyone....just a quickie...I had a 4.4 lb gain over Christmas (that was last Tuesday at WW meeting). I weighed in this evening....DOWN 5.2!!! Goodbye Christmas weight!! :swoosh: You're outta here!!!! I'm happy. I did reward myself at supper....but not overly...hopefully! LOL

Gotta get kiddos in bed! Have a GREAT night all!

Holli, I can't speak for everyone (except maybe Lauren...sorry for putting words in your mouth, Lauren), but I truly appreciate your post!

Night everyone!
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Evening All,
Had another great day at work. Another two hour delay. But even though it was a two hour delay, I did get my kids to accompish all their work I had planned for today. Plus I got my graded papers on my computer grade book. Did another 1.5 miles after school tonight with the kids. On top of my 2 mile walking video this morning. Went to my TOPS meeting and lost 4.25 pounds. The exact amount I gained over the Holidays. So I am on the right track again.
Christina glad to hear that you are taking some much needed me time and going on a mini-vacation. That is great news about Dominic. Glad that things are headed in the right direction for him.
Diana Congrats on the weight loss. Way to go! Let's make a challenge that we both have another loss next week.
Hanna hope you had a good day. Did you take the little dudes for their walk?
Alicia did you get your note written to your little bro.? I am so use to emailing or calling someone, that I have a hard time writing letters or notes to people anymore. Isn't that awful? Glad you found your workout video.
Lauren, your mom is in my prayers. Hope she gets well soon. Take care of yourself. Don't want you getting run down and sick yourself.
Pam hope you were able to find your cake tower!
GG glad your day was okay. Hope you enjoyed your workout at the gym.
Jasmine how your day at school? My kids have been really good the last two days. So I am waiting for see what is in store for me. Usually two hour delay days with scheduling is a long day.
Hi to everyone else. Have to close for now. I am going to read a little bit more in The Gift and then go to sleep. It is kind of nice not to have to rush around and get things done tonight.
Take care,
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HI every one!

Lauren I am so sorry about your mom, I will say preyers for her! did you have any problems w/work because you had to take off, I hope not!

Kerry I am so glad to hear you had a good day at work, you should be very proud of you loss, congratulations!

Holli what a WONDERFUL POST! you are the best!

Dangergirl wow that donut sure bit you! that was too funny to read donuts for you!

Alicia sorry to hear your brother got hurt, tell him thank you! from my family
did you write the note? Yes the little dudes are 2 little 7 and 5 Lbs. yorkies, they are brothers, we got them at the same time, later we regretted not taking the 3rd one, oh well, I am still looking for another one, DH is not too enthusiastic about it, but he said if I found one for a good deal he would be OK, not great, just OK, so I really need to think this really carefully... (I am more of a spurt of the moment gal! LOL)

GG how nice that you were able to have a good day, weren't you dreading it?

Diana congratulations on your weight loss! I know what you mean by a bid to do w/remodeling, we did our kitchen last year, wow I'm so happy it is over with, that was not fun. treat yourself to a nice massage!

I am going downstairs biggest looser just started, I am hooked to that show!

See you all tomorrow

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Whew hi all...well I'm back for a few hahaha, got sucked into net surfing argh. I so want to watch the biggest loser but our tv doesn't get local channels and we don't have cable. Which is a good thing right, cause it means we're not couch potatoes LOL! Anyhoo, would any of you gals happen to know a link where I can watch that show on the net? I would be so so very grateful!!!
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