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Default Were you FORMERLY FIT?

the thread Do people think before they put their foot in their mouth? got me to thinking.

I know it seems that a lot of people here have been over weight all thier lives. Some have been up and down ( normal then overweight/obese thats me ) for some this is their first time battling the bulge.

The other thread is about things that have been said to us since we got more weight on us. Anyone here like to share/admit how since you have gained weight and was once thin....that you have had things come back and bite you on the butt?

Its not fun to admit it but it can help in learning to admit our faults/ guilt and learn to forgive everyone... including ourselves. ( All ages welcome to post, i didnt really know where to put this thread)

I have to admit i have a few stories... i know for one thing i have talked about how fat someone was only to be fatter then them now!

One of the worst things was making fun of my sister in law how she would eat all the time. Never went past Dairy Queen without stopping... we use to say she should have an IV from her arm to the cola bottle. Only to later find my self with a pop addiction that i really had to struggle to break.

Fact is she was a lonly person, her marriage wasnt all that great and found friendship and comfort in food.... which after my hubby went to night shift i found myself doing... i became a binge eater!
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One thing I do is make fun of people. Especially on the beach. I see someone that isnt that big wearing a bikini that really shouldnt and I make comments and there my fat but is eating a sub in my grandma bathing suit. I think what they say is true. It makes me feel better to talk about someone else cause then I dont have to think about my own issues.
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thank you for opening up...that was nice...i too am having my first experience at battling the bulge...i never weighed over 100 pounds in highschool, then when i had my oldest son i still weighed 105 after words...then about 5 years ago i jsut was gaining and gaining..it wasnt all at once it has been steady over the years..i tried though to loose it and it just wasnt working...i finally about feb or march went to the dr they did blood test and i need to take thyroid meds..now that i have been on them i am losing weight steadily..now i dont want to be 100 pounds but 115 or 120 would be great...but more than the number on the scale i know what size clothes i want to fit into...i know very selffish, but that is what i want....i too havent been the nicest to larger people...only one person really, but it still wasnt right....my SIL...i cant stand her...and she (like me) never weighed over 100 pounds...and about 10 years ago she just got really big...she is now having knee problems and some other health issues...i feel bad for her cause she wants to lose the weight but she is not doing anything to lose it and her knees are killing her...i still dont like her but i do understand how she feels and i feel bad that i have said some pretty mean things about her...of course im older now and all that is in the past..i try my hardest not to judge people, especially on their looks or beliefs...its important to me cause i dont want anyone to judge me...thanks for sharing..i know it might have been a little difficult
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Well, for me it never was making fun of others. I was really thin, healthy and pretty, but when I was around others that were not THAT slim I'd say how I needed to lose a few pounds, or that I wanted to fit in that tiny skirt that I had bought, knowing that the other person would just tell me how good I looked and how lucky I was..
Now, over 40 lbs heavier in less than two years, it makes me really sad (and sometimes jealous!) when I see thin people saying that they need to lose weight, because I know I AM the one that needs to do that.. : (
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