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Ugh. I've typed out two responses and lost them.

The workout was sorta challenging but I didn't feel like my core was all that challenged. Which seemed her whole point.

I agree with Mel on bulk. I am a woman and it isn't likely I'll ever get bulky. You have to train with purpose to get bulky. I ate 1400 calories yesterday. I don't think I'm at risk of waking up looking like Becca Swanson (I would never expect to lift like her either! Even later when I'm eating as much as I can shove down, I'm not going to look like this. Becca Swanson. Now, if after years of hard work I ended up looking like Jennifer Widerstrom I would be perfectly happy with that. Though it obviously takes a LOT of hard work to look like she does. Even she doesn't keep up with it. Jennifer Widerstrom

Now, I never told this trainer I had any fear of getting bullky. I guess she just assumed since I was a woman that I do. I don't. And I thought I had made that clear.

I think this whole "you have to work on endurance first" is drilled in to their brain. And they totally ignore the fact that you may have ALREADY been working out for some time. Not all people higher trainers when they are couch potatoes.
She insisted she's trained powerlifters, bodybuilders and football players who can lift like crazy but have no core strength because they ignore that area. Therefore, she wanted me to work on it before I did anything else. She NEVER asked me what kind of training I've done on my own. She NEVER asked me how much weight I use for exercises (she gave me 8lb dumbbells for the chest press when I've been using 15's) and she NEVER tested my core strength in comparison to my other strength. I thought these would be important before decided what to do with me. Aren't they?

I don't have to train with this person again. I like her and we have the same ideas about nutrition (Weston A Price Foundation methods). We've gone through a lot of the same issues, seen the same stupid holistic doctor,etc. When I told her I wanted to try training in Powerlifting, she told me she had done it herself. So, I thought it would be a good fit. Now, I don't want to give up on her if she really knows what she is doing and what I need. I'm just not sure she does.

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