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Default Rewards?

Hi I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas for rewards? I'm trying to set up a goals/rewards system, and need some ideas! Also, I'd like a majority of them to be free or inexpensive. I want to lose weight, but not money too! Thanks in advance!
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I like rewards to be I'll buy a new pair of shorts or a top to keep me motivated. If you're looking at a budget, maybe buy a few songs online to add to an mp3 player, or a new cd. Or even a cushy pair of socks would do it!
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Oohh socks! I just bought some for my new shoes and I love them!! How about a night out? Go check out a movie or get a new book from the library.
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curling up with a good book, read a motivating fitness magazine, try a new healthy recipie you cooked in your kitchen, have a craft date with youself- find your creative streak or invest more of yourself into a current project (i.e. painting, cross-stitch, sopa making, candle making etc,) call a far away friend or family member, trying a new hot tea flavor, prepare a healthy picninc for you, SO/family/friend or all & go to a local park to eat. If you get to a point where motivation is needed, treat yourself to a personal trainer for 1 or 2 sessions at a local gym. Try a yoga or pilates session, or again, try to have a private/semi private session with a yoga/pilates instructor (yes these can be high, that's why I only recommend it once you have met previous fitness goals and might want to add something else to your workout or have hit a plateu, but they are so wll worth it- if even just once you can go.) Curl up with a good movie and cup of hot tea (or coffee) and relax for the evening. Go shopping for a new shirt/pant/skirt/dress/sweatre etc., Window shop, have a girls night out, treat yourself to a movie, small drink and if you mus a small popcorn with no added butter.)
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Maybe a fitness magazine subscription? Most of them are only around $15 or so, and it would be a monthly reminder of your success, not to mention new ideas to keep you motivated!

I'm actually trying to save money so that when I get to my 10% goal, I hope to get a massage (for all the new muscles!)
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Thanks everyone! These are all great ideas! I'll have plenty of rewards now, and I'm sure it'll be VERY motivating!
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One of my biggest rewards that I have is when I go down a size in clothes. I try on my smaller clothes and see how close I am to fitting. When they fit- well that puts a huge boost in my weight loss challenge. That does not cost anything and it leaves you feeling so good-for days!

Good luck.
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