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I echo those who said they look for a friendly smile from the workers at the gym. Plus, you get a free membership? Go for it!
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One thing that I really like about my gym is that there are average-looking, REAL people who work there...and they are friendly....and they have a sweet dog who hangs out at the gym too

when I first walked in years ago to assess whether I wanted to go there, the first thought I had was that any gym that lets their dog be a part of it, is a good gym to go to lol

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I think I would feel more at ease working out around plus sized women and women more like myself. I actually just returned to the gym last night for the first time in a year or more and I distinctly remember noticing how fit everyone was who worked there; the management clearly values attractiveness in its employees... I found it a little discomforting. There was nothing wrong with anyone who worked there, don't get me wrong, it just stood out to me.

I say go for it and walk in confident with a smile on your face.

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This may come as a shock to you, but everybody in the gym is so preoccupied with themselves, that nobody will even pay attention to you. Seriously. If I ever saw a fat girl in the gym, I never thought anything special of her, even back in the days when I had no weight problems myself.

It's not a stage, you know.
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I'm a little late into this conversation, but I hope you got the job!

I weigh over 300 lbs. and I'm the manager of a fitness studio. I am not tooting my own horn here, but everyone loves seeing me there. I am easily the largest person at the studio, and I workout there twice a day, right next to the tiny, fit women, and I feel completely at home there.

My boss is a huge part of my commitment to my health. She's one of my biggest supporters. She convinced me to become a fitness trainer as well, and I'm studying for this now.

Let's break this stereotype! Lots of fat people exercise and lots of fat people need to be seen in the fitness industry.
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Look at it this're getting paid, you have a free membership, and you can work out too! All pluses in my book!
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I totally get your concerns.

And I can only speak for myself, but being someone who is STILL intimidated at the gym, I only care if the employees with whom I interact are friendly.
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I think you're probably overestimating how fit and skinny everyone else is going to be. Every member of a gym isn't shredded and running 5 minute miles. A few of the girls at the front desk at my gym are a bigger, but I'd never really thought anything of it…
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I am far less bothered by overweight gym desk workers than I am by overweight doctors who tell me I need to lose weight. In fact, it wouldn't even bother me.

I think its great, gyms arent just for the thin. How else would we get smaller? Good luck.

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I wouldn't even think about the negatives! I've worked at a gym when I was fat and I've seen other fat people working at gyms. I think most people can respect if a fat person is working at a gym they are at least working on being active and living a better life than they were before. Also, for a lot of people it's way better to see a friendly overweight person at first rather than an intimidating body builder at the front desk. Don't be self-conscious, think of yourself as the person who helps people feel welcome!
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I understand your concerns, but I also think it is great motivation. You could always become a spokesmodel for the gym showing how you can get healthy and in shape
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I think it would be a great thing! I find gyms soooo intimidating because everyone is so fit and i feel like they are judging me. It would certainly make me more comfortable joining/going to a gym where there were employees who were on a weight loss journey too...
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