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Thanks Tonic...I will post pictures of me in the dress. I was at about 165 October when I got married and then cooking for 2 and eating when he ate instead of when I was hungry resulted in me gaining a lot quickly!! Besides when I lived alone I spent a lot of time exercising and walking!!! So, I am paying for it now...

If I were you I would do the Fall 2004 or Summer 2005. Don't try to plan anything while your still in school and depending on how much your FI wants to help you may want to wait until he's done too... if you have any questions with planning let me know. My mother-in-law and a few of us do a rental wedding thing so we help lots of people plan low-budget weddings. Unless you have a lots of money to spend...then just have fun!! :-)

I am hoping the weight loss will go better SOON!!! But it's a great start I realize I don't have that much to lose really, I just have to consistently lose and exercise more...

You've done great...You are where I really want to be so hope I will be joining you soon. How did you lose your weight???
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First, exercise update: I worked out last night! I got in 45+ minutes of cardio and did 100 situps. No weights though.

Golfergirl - I totally understand how easy it is to gain weight. So much easier to gain then lose

My fiancee and I talked about it last night and decided there is no good time for us to get married We worked out a list of pros and cons for each of the possible wedding dates and are leaning towards August 28, 2004. Thats 4 weeks after I finish school.. and before he is done. Reasons to do it then are mainly because we have had big plans to go backpacking in europe after we graduate.. and I would rather not do that before our wedding and I dont really think thats the kinda honeymoon I want. Plus other reasons. But I really wasnt sure I wanted to plan this thing remotely or while I was in school.. but even when I do graduate in August 2004, I still will be writing some papers for conferences... so its never really ends

I will probably hit you up with my wedding questions You might be sorry you offered! heheh.. just kidding

So to answer your question on how I lost the weight.. I think it was a combination of things. First, you have to really be ready to lose the weight and realize that you are in total control and you have the power to lose. It sounds like you have already discovered this... so you are doing really well!

So once I figured that out and realized how great it felt to be in control, I started exercising 5 days a week for about 45 minutes run/walk on the treadmill and lifting weights and doing situps.

I also changed my diet. I switched to diet coke (that made a big change) and also did low carb for awhile. I lost the most doing low carb (induction), but I am not a meat lover so it became hard really fast for me. I also love bread. So I would do low carb for awhile.. then do low fat.. then switch back. So thats pretty much all I did. Oh, and I also kept track of my exercise.. I never counted calories really.

If I recall.. you are doing low carb. I hope you have success with it. I think it depends on your body chemistry if it works for you or not. Thats why some have success and some don't. Let me know how it goes though
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