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Smile June Challenge!!!

OK everyone I haven't been on 3FC for that long but I feel like we need a June Challenge. If you are participating in any other challenges, feel free to join us here. If you participated in last month's challenge then re-evaluate your goals and list them here; if you are new list whatever you would like to accomplish by 30.

Good Luck to All....

I'll go first:
1) Eat atleast 26 and no more than 30pts a day
Eat atleast 5 servings of veggies and 3 of fruit each day
Only refined sugar comes from my 1/2 skinny cow a day

2) Three liters of water minimum each day

3) At the very least; 60 minutes of tae bo, 60 minutes of my
elliptical machine every day(db paid too much for it to waste it);
and abs and glutes tape atleast 2x a week

4) Not sure about weight goal...I'll just see what happens on June 30th
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Ok June is a hectic month for me. I have 30 days to lose any last pounds before my big trip to Norway. But I am also going to be swamped with work and school because of my upcoming vacation. Plus parents are visiting. Insane. Oh and I think I gained another roommate (could be temp.. he is deciding if he wants to rent out our room or not)

So here are my goals:

1) Get to 145. I really really want to meet this goal. Its 3 1/2 pounds.. I can do this!
2) Exercise 5 days a week. I want 100% success on this.
3) Drink more water. Just in general.
4) Eat less carbs.

Ok. I *really* want this to be a successful month. So I am going to work hard and aim for 100% on these goals since I havent beaten a challenge in a few months.
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I've committed myself to do a Sprint Triathlon. I started training for it yesterday.

But my goals for June are:

1. Keep a training log for the Tri
2. Drink at least 64 oz of water each day
3. Exercise 5-6 days a week

As far as weight loss goes, I'm not setting a goal for that this month, just waiting to see what happens.

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My June Goals are pretty much the same as May's, I just want to focus on completeing all of them 100% this time!

1. Walk 5x a week
2. Do AM strength training 6x
3. Do AM back exercises 7x
4. Take my vitamin 7x
5. Drink 8+ 16oz. bottles of water 7x
6. Do AM strength training 6x
7. Do PM back exercises 7x
8. Stick to Food Mover eating plan 6x

Two new Goals:

9. Bike 5 minutes, 5x a week (I really wanted a recumbant bike for Christmas because I heard they were good for lower back problems. But every time I've tried to go longer than 10 minutes, my back hurts. I'm hoping this goal will 1) get me in the habit and 2) get my back accustomed to the movement)

10. NO sugar/dessert-type food by itself. Must be consumed as real dessert after full meal.

I've been reading a bit and taking notice of how sugar affects my body. I noticed that it only really throws me off if I eat sweets as snacks or meal-replacements. It sends me down that craving, sugar high/low road where I just keep eating more and more because the "high" never lasts.

Well, that's it for now! Keep up the good work everyone!
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Talking June Goals

Okay so I didn't do so well on my May goals but it's a new month soooo I can start over

June Goals:

1. Drink 64 ounces of water each day

2. Get in 15 miles each week (no excuses)

3. Stay away from sweets (unless it's low-fat or non-fat)!!!!

4. Stretch at nightime

5. And the biggest of them all is to lose 5.5 pounds! I can do it!!!
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Default Killer week, nice capris!

This is a horrible week for me, and next week is not looking any kinder.

But the good news is I have stuck to my plan 100% and am determined to keep at it.

The scale said 137.5 this morning, but my new capris are speaking louder than any numbers, they're loose!

OK, "loose" might not be the word I want. How about, "breathable"?

I bought these a few months ago, and even though the size 12 felt a little tight (I was an 8 at Lerner's just a 1/2 hour before buying this pair!?!), I was going for a more polished look than my usual 3x too big fashion statement.

I have been very worried about buying clothes in the horror of putting the weight back on. But today I saw the other side of it - having a form fitting pair of pants makes it obvious to even a sleep-drugged early riser like me that, not matter what the scale says, I am smaller!

My compiler it glaring at me, so I must go work. I hope everyone has a great day!
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Thumbs down June Challenge

yay! I am back in the challenge!

I am psyched. here are my goals for June:

1. Exercise 5-6 times per week-been slacking off lately due to injured foot. cardio & weights!

2. Drink 8 glasses of water per day, every day.

3. Cut back on sugary drinks, no more than one per day (preferably none!)

hopefully i will lose some weight this month.

i went to the gym this morning. i think i am going to start exercising in the mornings. it seems like if i wait til the evenings i find any excuse not to go! and with my foot problem it is has been even worse. the doc said i shouldn't do any running, treadmill, elliptical, aerobics. basically the only cardio i am doing right now is the bike and spinning. but i could up my weight workout, i just haven't been. i am doing it this month!

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Enjoying Life!
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Alright, I am ready for the June Challenge! Even though I didn't feel that I did too well in the May Challenge I actually lost the weight I said I would! YEAH!!!

I definitely need to get back on the ball. I have been gone for over a week and have probably gained a bunch of pounds. I met a bunch of my Italian relatives and was constantly instructed to, "eat more." Urgh...fortunately, we also did a lot of walking.

So, my goals for June:
*Drink more WATER!! I have such a hard time doing this. This is the number one priority on my list of goals.
* Starting tomorrow I am going to be more strict with my WW diet...that means journaling!!
*Go to boxing 2x's a week, this includes lifting weights after the class. If possible go on Sat. also
*Rugby on Tues & Thur.
*Touch rugby on Wed.

Right now I weight 186. I would like to lose another six pounds and get down to 180! My class reunion is coming up in August so I must stick to my goals!

Good Job Frisco'sMom!!! That is the best feeling in the world when a pair of pants that were tight are now loose. Keep up the great work!

Everyone have a great week!!!
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FM - That is awesome about the pants being loose.. soon they will be falling off!!

Jenn, Rugby - Welcome to the challenge!

Jenn - So will your foot problem go away or is it something you have to live with?

Rugby - Congrats on losing 6 pounds! That is awesome! You have a couple months to go before your Reunion.. so you could lose another 8 pounds! You are going to look great!
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That's funny -- because I am Jenn and I too have a foot problem that is hindering my excerise.

My goals [I don't know why I am making them since I never stick to them but here goes]:

1. Drink at least 1 liter of water a day [which is a huge jump since I drink none now]

2. walk twice a week, once my foot heals

3. bike with kiki's bike 2x a week

4. get down to the local Y and check out membership costs and the place itself

5. keep eating well! And not beat myself up when I binge [because it's inevitable that I will do it from time to time] -- but rather, try to figure out why so I won't do it again.

Here's to hoping I can adhere to some!
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Hello all,

Jumping in a bit late...but I'm here none-the-less.

Here are my goals for June 2003:

1 - Continue to walk 45 minutes to 1 hour per day
2 - Limit stress eating (there is probably going to be a lot of stress this this one is key!)
3 - Plan lunches (saves $$ and calories)
4 - Exercise 3X per week minimum
5 - loose 3 pounds this month

So far, so good...I am heading to the gym after work today for exercise day #3 this week, so that keeps me on plan for that section.

FM - I agree...I think that the pant-o-metre is a better measurement than the scale, anyday! Congratulations!

Rugby - you and I are at the same weight now, with a similar end goal in mind! You sound like you are pretty physically active...this is where I fall down...I really prefer more sedentary activities like knitting, reading and watching movies. I'm working on developing some more "active" hobbies though - I just joined an Ultimate team.

Good luck to everyone with their June challenge!

Sounds like this is going to be a great month for us all!


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Default I'm In!!

Hi...I am new to this whole board, but thought I would give it a try hoping that some support will help me lose the weight!! I think the challenge would be a great start in my motivation!!

My Goal...
1.) Walk at least 30 minutes a day. EVERY DAY!!!
2.) By the end of the month be Running at least 30 minutes, every day..
3.) Stop Snacking!! Nore more handfulls of M&M's, jelly beans, only healthy snacks!!
4.) Lose 10lbs.

I am 180lbs and only 5'4", though size wise I am only a 12...but I have gained 10-20lbs every year since I have finished college...where I was really active! I need to lose 40 lbs... I am in a wedding in October and ordered a dress 2 sizes too small to MAKE me lose the weight!!

I definately need the push and the support!!
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Glad to see everyone joining in. Welcome Golfer, Jenne, and lastly Kris is back!!!

So far so good on my goals except the stretching. I have to admit that I haven't done it once yet. Also, for some reason my water intake seems to only be 1/2 or 3/4 of the daily recommended amount. I need to bump that up to 64 ounces. I can do it!!!!

Will try and exercise today (3 miles hopefully). I really want to reach my goal of five pounds this month.

Talk to you later girls!
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Well. I am old and still 148.5. Nuff said.
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doing good the exercise part and sugar-need to up the water level. yesterday i only drank about 4 glasses!

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