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12 pounds lost in 2006
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So my June goals that I started out with didn't go so well. However, I changed my goals towards the end of the month to lose just .84 of a pound a week. So far I've accomplished that goal. So here is my break down for the month of June:

1. Drink 64 ounces of water each day - 50% I did well at the beginning and then I don't know what happened

2. Get in 15 miles each week (no excuses) - 15% I know, I know that totally sucked. Actually I think my percentage was worse then that but I decided that I didn't want to be that big of a loser

3. Stay away from sweets (unless it's low-fat or non-fat)!!!! - 60% I did eat some sweets but not nearly as much as I normally do. I have to say that I did pretty good on this one.

4. Stretch at nightime - 0% - Yep, notta one time

5. And the biggest of them all is to lose 5.5 pounds! I can do it!!! - 0% I actually gained about 3 pounds but then I lost it all so I'm pretty much exactly where I was at the beginning of the month. Pretty funny huh


5 and a half. Lose .84 pounds a week - 100% I accomplished this for the last two weeks (the start of this new goal).

So what did I learn from this month:

1. I need to drink more water or my skin is going to dry up and I'm going to look like Spongebob when he's in Sandy's globe thing

2. I need to get off my lazy a** and stop making excuses like "I'm too tired" or "that walk from the parking lot up the stairs to my cubicle counts as my exercise for the day."

3. Stay out of Safeway and Albertson's because ice cream that's on sale is just too tempting for me.

4. Stretching is a good thing it can help tremendously with flexibility and ease with exercising and that other thing that my bf likes

5. And lastly, I'm doing this for me and only me! I want to be healthy and happy and I'm going to do it with reasonable goals. Like my loss of .84 pounds a week!
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Hi everyone. I know I didnt meet my June Goals... and its depressing, but this month has been very busy. I did do better than the month of May, but I still need to improve.

With that said.. I also wanted to say goodbye. I am off on vacation starting Thursday. I am spending 17 glorious days in Norway. I am very excited. I will watch what I eat but not stress out about it.

So I hope you guys have a great July challenge and I will talk to you all when I get back! I expect you all to meet your goals!
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Default I did alright!!

My Goal...
1.) Walk at least 30 minutes a day. EVERY DAY!!! .OK went at least 3 days per week
2.) By the end of the month be Running at least 30 minutes, every day.. Doubled my running time, ended up running most of the time but not the whole 30 minutes.
3.) Stop Snacking!! Nore more handfulls of M&M's, jelly beans, only healthy snacks!! Not so hot here...for a couple weeks was alright but those M&M's got to me in the end.
4.) Lose 10lbs Lost 7lbs...

All in all not too bad... Since then I decided to revamp what I am doing. I counted the carbs that me and my husband consumed in a normal day and was shocked so we have since thrown out everything in the house with carbs and are on the Atkins diet!! We'll see how that goes...
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As far as my June goals go....

I did really well with the keeping the Training log for my Tri. I did that 100% of the time. When I exercised in the log it went. Yay!

As far as the water goes (to drink 64oz daily) , I would say I met that 70% of the time. I'm going try for more on that this month.

The exercise goal to exercise 5-6 times a week increased greatly for me this month. I never managed to exercise 5 times a week. The best I did was 4. But despite the exercising waxing and waning it did pick up some.

So all in all...I did decent in June. Now on to July!!
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Losing 1/2 of Myself
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Talking did it again!

Well June was a great month for me once again! I'm not too ashamed to say that I'm proud of myself!

I made the board for the 2nd month in a row at my CURVES location! I've only been a member for 2 months, and for both I've lost the most pound/inches combination! Yea for me!

This month my total was 12lbs and 6 1/2 inches. WHEW!

so, since May 1, 2003 I've lost 23 pounds and 15 inches. My clothes are too big, and I can fit into shorts I haven't looked at in a really long time! I can definatly keep this up (or should I say down?!), I AM going to be reaching goals I have only dreamed of.

Great job to all... keep up the good work!

320 / 297 / 275 / 160
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