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Default I've hit a MAJOR wall!

Hi guys!! Hope all is well.

It's been a while and I'm not feeling too great. After binging at xmas and putting on 4/5 pounds I decided to get in health kick mode! Went to the gym four times a week, eating healthy as!! Drinking loads of water, cutting out caffeine. Went great and I lost all the xmas weight in the first week but checked the scales and I have literally lost a pound more and this was 4 weeks ago!! That's it and it makes me think that going to the gym was a waste of time when I could've been studying and ideally want to lose the rest of my weight by the time I graduate (July 2013) and it just sees like I am gonna staying at 220 pounds for the rest of my life. I feel so demoralised. Please tell me I'm not the only one . Thanks guys
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Well done for your efforts. So you've lost a 1lb which may not seem like much to you but a 1lb lost is a definite step in the right direction. I know it's difficult not to get discouraged, but you have still made progress!

I know everyone says this, but do you measure yourself? Have a particular item of clothing to aspire to? If not, why not consider using these as means of measuring progress - you might be pleasantly surprised!
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Living Intuitively
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Also- have you read this article?
Your body might be filling up it's fat cells with water before deciding it's ready to let go.

It happened to me a few weeks ago- the scale didn't budge for three weeks, then whoosh!
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I'm bringing sexy back!
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Weight loss isn't always as straight forward as we would like. It's the "big picture" that matters.

Instead of looking at it as losing only one pound, think of it as not gaining any extra pounds in that same time period. Small victories add up to big victories!

Good luck with everything!
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i have the same problem as you. after almost a month on plan i haven't lost even my water weight after my binging which usually goes off in the first week on plan. i feel discouraged and dissapointed and also i could be studying a lot more than dedicating all this time to losing weight :/
lunarsongbird- how i wish that would be true and we get our big whoosh soon

wlgirl- don't give in now. have you tried calorie cycling? i'm gonna up my calories for the next few days and see if anything happens.
i hope your scale will budge in the right direction soon
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I'm feeling the same way!

I've been eating around 1200 call a day except on weekends, seeing a trainer twice a week and working great cardio the other days for 5 weeks now. I've never stuck to such a great routine...and I've lost nothing! According to my scale anyway. On Thursday I will do measurements with my trainer so I hope that helps but really I'm overweight enough I should've lost something.

I hope you get a breakthrough soon, don't give up!!!
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I'm the exact same boat so i have no helpful advice but i
Feel your pain for sure and this is definitely terrible
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Taking it 1lb at a time!
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It took me a few weeks to figure out my bodys weight loss pattern. I avg about 1lb a week-some weeks I might lose 2 or 2.5 and then the next week/2weeks I dont lose anything.

Dont give up now. It adds up it really does. I suggesting having a notebook you track your weight in as well as your measurements. Thats what I am doing and it really does help.

Just think 5lbs of fat weighs the same a 1 brick but its about 3x the size of one, and 1lb of fat is about the size of a coffee mug. So don't beat yourself up too bad over this.

Also if you are under a lot of stress with school that can effect how your body reacts to water weight amongst other things. Try to stay focused on school and stay on plan you can do it! We all have bad weeks-even months-but you got to pick yourself up and keep going. As I seem to tell myself a lot lately, Id rather my weight go down-even if its going super slow-then go up!
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I agree that this could be the whoosh effect. But I would also encourage you to find a program that will chart your weigh ins on a graph. I weigh in daily and when I put it in my calorie tracker it is added to a plot point on my graph. Seeing a bigger picture of my weights ups and downs is easier to see progress and get to know how my body is working. In my case, I often have 2 days at a weight then it might drop 1-2 lbs then in the next days it goes up again only to drop later on. If I didn't have my graph every gain I'd freak out and think I was making 0 progress!

Also, are you counting your calories closely? It's really easy to eat more without knowing.
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