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i can relate! i do the grocery shopping at my house for my mom and myself, so when it's not here, i'm boyfriend has quite a bit of unhealthy food at his house (his mom does the shopping) so when i go over there, i can't help but eat my favorite chips! i can't wait until the day i don't do this anymore!
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I'm usually really good, it's not the junk food that get's me it's just regular food and pop. I have my own little cupboard off to the side where I throw all my junk food in. It kind of helps because I hardly ever go in there unless it's TOM time and I crave.
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I can't have junk in my house; I just don't have the willpower to resist it yet. I even have trouble with foods that aren't *total* junk... Fibre1 bars were on sale at Costco, so I bought a huge box, and I keep telling myself that eating more than one would be okay since there are so many. Gahh!
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Nope! I still don't have any willpower so this means that hubby is not allowed to bring junk food into the house!
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say what?
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For me it totally depends, it's an issue when I am eating bad already - because then I will just fill myself with junk when it's there and I can't stop. Which is hard, because I live with my moms and she cooks/bakes and has candy all over the place.

When I am really on track, it is easier to not grab the stuff. But it's definately hard. I lost like 15lbs in a short time last summer when I loed on my own, now I am back and forth between these lbs for 3months already. It's sooooo hard.

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I'm glad you are moving forward. I choose not to have junk food where I live, because it's too much of a temptation for me. And there's already too much temptation OUTSIDE. My home is my sanctuary. When I have company over; I choose healthy foods we can all enjoy along with activities that aren't centered on food.
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Default Yes

Yes, I can do it....BUT it has to be out of sight. If I buy junk for my husband it has to go in his cupboard. If it has to be refrigerated, I don't buy it because I'll see it. I don't even think about the stuff behind the door
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If the package is closed, I am really good. For instance, right now there are 3 unopened boxes of Girl Scout Cookies. The boxes are still closed, so they're not bothering me. However, the minute one of them gets opened, it will be a free for all
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yes - there's a bag of cheezy-poufs on the kitchen counter been there for about a week and a half now; and TONS of candies and chocolates for my daughter's birthday party that was supposed to be this wkend but will now be next wkend.

it's the fruit i have to watch out for - i wouldn't hesitate to knock back pounds of berries or watermelon or grapes or whatnot.
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Originally Posted by WannabeNurse View Post
for me, it depends on my mood. completely!
Same. I've always been a comfort eater, and I've found it easier to just not have things in the house in case of those bad days.

Now, if I come to the end of the day and I still have 200-300 calories left over, I am absolutely allowed to drive out and buy myself a sweet snack within my calorie goal. But half the time, I don't even want to make the effort to get in the car.
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I do the grocery shopping, so I pretty much control what ends up in the kitchen. But sometimes my husband wants to eat McDonald's while I'm eating the healthy lunch or dinner. And I am amazed that I want nothing to do with it! To me fast food smells gross (Thank God) and then I get to thinking how many calories it probably has in it! Ha just not worth it to cave in.
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Around Christmas I began accumulating a lot of goodies sent from my mother and family so started keeping a "treat box" of stuff like granola bars, granola, beef jerky, a small bit of candy (Christmas and Valentine gifts from my mom! :P), etc. I keep the box out of sight.

I pull out a few granola bars or a small bit of jerky each month so I don't overdo it and don't torture myself looking at the packages each time I open the cabinet for something healthy.

It works well for me and I don't waste food by throwing it out, but by eating it in moderation.

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