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Default RANT: Halloween candy

AHHHHHHHGGGRRR. There is SO much Halloween candy everywhere I go! My mom bought a huge 172 piece (or whatever) bag of miscellaneous Halloween candy and my boyfriend bought 3 smaller bags of candy, all of which are prominently displayed! It scares me that it is only the 14th of OCTOBER, which means there are another two weeks before excessive candy indulgence is over.

Don't get me started on all the candy in stores, haha. I went to Walmart yesterday to pick up some stuff with my brother and I couldn't believe how much candy they had stocked. They have candy in places other than the Halloween and candy aisle, like on a thousand different endcaps! I'm not sure how you could leave the store without intentionally or accidentally picking up a bag, haha.

I think the reason I take issue with Halloween candy is that normally I don't even eat candy. Ever. It's very rare that I go out of my way to buy and consume a chocolate bar of any variety. But when it's "snack size" and I'm just a little bit hungry, it somehow seems like a good choice. Then this "good choice" gets repeated another 6-7 times and I feel sick to my stomach.

I'm trying to think of ways to avoid eating candy this year, can somehow help with suggestions? If I put something healthy (or healthier) in the bowl WITH the candy, then I know I'll go for it. What "snack size" item can be thrown in there?
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My parents and grandparents have sent me boxes of candy and Halloween treats this week. We're going to have tons of trick-or-treaters this year, so I know at some point I'm going to have to buy candy and keep it in the house. I'm trying to put it off as long as possible. I bought a small bag of my favorite seasonal candy and put it in the freezer. I plan on getting it out when I've reached my goal, or using 1 or 2 pieces as a reward for mini-goals.

I know they make mini bags of pretzels for Halloween, as well as little graham crackers. I think those are a safer bet than the candy. You can also get some sugar free or fat free candy for yourself. That's what I plan on doing so I don't eat the whole bowl on Halloween waiting for kids to show up. Good luck!
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Nuts and dried fruit? Cheese sticks/grapes/apple slices etc (well, a bowl in the fridge for those)?

Personally, I don't handle little snacks like that very well. For me it's easier to just limit myself to an after dinner treat on occasion or bake my own desserts. If I have something to look forward to I'm way less tempted to eat anything snack size...
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those snack size pkgs of pretzyls or popcorn or even the ones specifically for dieting and stuff.. if you think you can control yourself reward yourself once a week with an actual snack size candy or choco bar.
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I love Halloween and am sad that I don't get trick or treaters...but happy because it means I don't have to have the candy in the house! For some reason, this time around, it's been pretty easy for me with staying away from candy. Here at school where we're doing the biggest loser competition, one of the teachers gives candy for rewards when we do what we're supposed to...she bought this really good crystal lite sugar free candy. Maybe you could get some of that for you!
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i find not to being hungry helps when i shop. mostly, if i am hungry i normally load up the trolley and i know no bounds haha

so i recon eat nice dinners and not have that longing for something when you shop, and if you have it around the house keep busy and stick a skinny picture of yourself beside the bowl of sweeties
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It isn't just Halloween candy... Its Halloween candy and then Thanksgiving candy and then Christmas candy and then Valentines candy and then Easter candy and then July 4th candy nowadays... did you ever see the Johnny Test episode where they created a holiday called "Kids Get Free Candy Day" to fill the void? My 6 year old was all over the idea. LOL

Take a 'no candy except on Halloween night and then only xx' tact. Decide what you can have that night only and avoid the rest. It is just one day after all...
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I make myself read the ingredients on those bad boys. Just gross. But I know that old habits die hard. Tell yourself how much better off your body will be with out all that crap.

I do feel your pain though. Working in an elementary school is like a minefield for this kind of stuff. Also, my spin instructor was saying she was going to bring us candy on Halloween. Spin instructor! Really?! I gave her the oh-no-you-didn't look.
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My family usually gives fruit snacks for Halloween.
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Candy in the house is just too tempting.
So I give out nickels, dimes and quarters.

One year I gave out little packages of Kool-Aid powder.
The kids really liked that a lot.

Once in a young lifetime one should be allowed to have
as much sweetness as one can possibly want and hold.
~Judith Olney~
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I saw a new flavored M&M's at walmart. It was candy corn white chocolate. I opened the bag to try it (with full intentions of buying) and by the time I checked out I had eaten half the bag and my son loved it so much he begged for four more bags. I think I'm going to be in trouble with these M&M's
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This is why I don't buy Halloween candy until the day of Halloween. It doesn't need to sit around my house, staring at me!

And I give away any candy that is given to me. Frankly, i'd rather have a other treats, like alcohol or *good* chocolate anyways
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I have a habit of buying the candy when it's on clearance at the beginning of November.
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Serval: I do the same thing I'm a teacher so I buy it to stock up on for my treat jar....I try to buy candy that I don't like so I won't eat it.
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Yesterday I stopped by a drugstore to buy a bit of Halloween candy for family and friends. I was sooooo tempted to buy even just one candy bar for myself but instead, I bought myself a lovely little kit with nail/cuticle cream, foot cream, and hand lotion. The best part is some of the lotion smells just like lemon meringue pie so I can 'indulge' myself!
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