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Making myself fat-free.
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The crunchy cheetos. No matter how good I am being on my diet, I can't stop craving those things.. At least I now stick to the individual sized bags. It's called progress, people.
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Originally Posted by sontaikle View Post
I know we all have foods that we have trouble turning down, but what's the ONE food/treat/whatever that you simply CAN'T give up when it's thrown in your face?

I'm lucky. Mine only comes around once a year. It's...

Don't ask me why! There are a million better tasting things that I love, but I can refuse those easily (peanut butter cups are something I have a love affair with, but I haven't had one in months).

I cannot in a million years pass by these suckers! They managed to find their way into the house today (thanks, mom) and I couldn't pass them up...but I'm happy to report I only ate three!

I think I can survive eating two or three a day without it messing me up!

What's your weakness, 3FC?

OMG. These are my weakness too. ESPECIALLY the pumpkin ones. My mom buys bags upon bags and puts them in a candy dish on the coffee table every fall. A big handful of those and a glass of milk...MMMMMM

I also love Heath Bars. You know, the toffee covered in milk chocolate, yum. I actually eat them pretty regularly. At 210 a bar I'll have one as an extra special dessert if I am really far under my calories for the day or i'll cut one in half and have a 105 calorie dessert.
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I have a serious weakness for bread and salty carb loaded snacks.

Did someone say Panera??!?!?! YES PLEASE!
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Mini Goal 1- 199
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Basically anything that isn't considered "good for you." For some reason, the "good for you" foods are never a weakness for me, for some reason.

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Sugary treats! This means anything ranging from Tim Tams (Dark chocolate rum and raisin are to die for) to grapes (I've eaten 2 BOWLFULS in one sitting before).

Last time I bought a packet of Tim Tams I put it in the fridge and took one, then went back for another, then another, then I just took the whole packet and polished it off. And that wasn't the first time I've done that...
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Not Giving Up
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OMG I am a sucker for candy corn as well. I look at it every time I go to the store, pick it up, walk away 4-5 isles then go and put the bag back.
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French fries!
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Chocolate, all the chocolate
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I have a few weaknesses, although I'm now getting to the point where I don't get that many cravings and i can easily say no to them.

1) Wine-I love a really good glass of red wine
2) Chocolate-I love Cadburys and I like it when its been in the freezer for a bit.
3) Pastry-Sweet, savoury, It doesn't matter I love it all (Apple pie, mince pies, chocolate croissants etc etc)
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Originally Posted by shellofself View Post
Weakness: Cheesy foods. Specifically, I love homemade cheese enchiladas.
I don't know what plan you're on, but This Recipe is so cheesy and delicious.

Alcohol. I love a crisp vodka and club soda with a little lime on a summer day...or a winter day...and spring and fall aren't immune to it either...
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I forgot one of my MAJOR weaknesses... FETA CHEESE. I could eat it by the spoonful... it's like a crumbly, white, cheesy, delicious food of the Gods!
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My mother's hashbrown casserole, fried chicken, mashed potatoes whipped with heavy whipping cream and sour cream, pasta with lots of meat sauce or cheese creamy sauce and bread. anything covered in cheese.

......I might have a problem :-D
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back to square 1(70)
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Desserts... all varieties really, I just feel like a meal isn't complete til I've had something sweet. It's going to be the death of me.
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my weakness is boredom! not a food i know but when im bored i think too much and to stop thinking i eat.
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I'm new here but Panacea, we might be related! My mom loves to tell this story about when I was younger over and over! She tells me I used to steal butter from the counter or fridge and crawl under the table. I would just sit there eating the damn stick like it was a candy bar! Some seriously bad habits, no?

Thankfully, now I've taught myself to loathe butter! However, my one weakness, which will probably remain my weakness until the day I die, is Dark Chocolate. I cannot give it up. I wouldn't even try. I find that it is cheaper (for waistline and my wallet) to buy one of those Ghiradelli 60% cacao baking bars every six months and have only one square a day than to deprive myself and binge on something stupid that I don't even want. Plus, it gives me some "Me" time when I sit down with my one square as if it were a whole meal. "DON'T BUG ME, I'm eating my chocolate!" :3
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