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wanting to be thin
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Default Whats your one weakness???

Its always hard for me to resist my fav foods but pizza is something I just cant pass and darn I was doin so good today but my sister brought home a stuffed crust from pizza hut now I only had one slice but one to many, ahh so mad and becuz i ate that I had 3 bags of chips and chocolate I went crazy, how do you keep urself off the bad foods???
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Chocolate Cake is my biggest weakness. I just can't have it at all. If I do have a slice, then I pig out on all kinds of junk. I guess once my body gets that sugar it makes the cravings just too hard for me to control.
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Ilene the Bean
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Some gals I know get so angry that they throw the food in the garbage and drizzle it with dish soap... Maybe that would work... I've never done this myself yet, but I think it's a dang good idea!
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Walking by faith
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I've tried the dish soap idea with some favorite binge foods. Desparate situations call for desparate measures!
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Yeah, If there is a food around that I know is going to trigger me then I will throw it out. I know its a horrible waste but I have to be ruthless - i'd rather it feed my cat then feed my hips.

Leftovers of most any kind are my weakness. If I know they're in the fridge I HAVE to have them - I freeze a lot these days.

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I guess for me it is salty things....though at certain times of the month I do crave chocolate and and tall salted ceaser or a corona.

I try to watch portions and don't make anything off limits...I try to keep healthy stuff around and keep chips etc out of the house.....still too lazy to go drive and get it......

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Chocolate and kettle chips.... OY !!
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My weakness is cheese, and it's the only food I allow to exist outside of my strict eating. I would rather be fat than live without cheese.

As far as other food weaknesses, I use substitions. If I want ice cream, I'll go grab some yogurt; if I want pizza, I'll make one with pita bread and healthy toppings; if I want potato chips, I'll have tortilla chips, popcorn, or a small bag of low-cal chips.

The key is having suitable alternatives stocked. I used to think, if I didn't have trigger foods in the house, I would be ok. However, pizza is always just a phone call away. So, I can indulge in a slightly less bad form of what I want. Sometimes you just have to compromise with yourself.

But if I'm craving cheese and end up eating a whole block in one sitting (8 servings), I just try not to stress about it. The important question is always: "was it worth it?" The worst is when I eat something bad and then afterwards, upon further reflection, I realize that I really didn't enjoy it. With cheese though, I always enjoy it and, for me, it's worth the minor calorie setback.
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Default My biggest weakness

My biggest weakness is anything with sugar. Pound cake is my favorite.
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a good gourmet cheeseburger
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There are a lot of foods I love. Fried foods are an indulgence I rarely submit to. Chocolate and other sweets are hard for me to avoid. Cheesecake there is no denying.

I would have to say it's not the food that's the weakness, but my emotions. Whether it's boredom, sadness or happiness, food seems to fit every occasion. There is always a reason to eat something and none if it has to do with being hungry.
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Pasta, glorious pasta! I let myself indulge once a week though - I couldn't live without it!
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Wine. Red wine, white wine. Just wine

I have found however, that if I drink at least four glasses of water during the day, that I don't crave the wine at night time. As drinking water is difficult for me, it's probably more a hydration thing than a REAL wine thing. Although, I don't think I'd ever say no to a good red, even if I'd had twenty glasses of water that day.


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One Day At A Time
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Ahhhh lewelaine!!! I would have said a good cheeseburger too!!!

PS Pyschophat, do you like spaghetti squash? I use it in place of pasta and even my husband and kids (very picky eaters) like it....no it's not like the real thing, but I could do it once a week easlily!

Pizza does it for me too, full fat cheese dipped in mustard (the kind from a cheese house or Amish country, not so much the stuff I can get at the grocery store), Blizzards from DQ, and mmmm...banana flips by Nickles I believe, they're like spongecake filled with a thick layer of banana frosting... omg!!!
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