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Default Depressed by the mountain!

I find myself a little depressed by how much weight I need to lose. My family has a past of diabetes, and so my losing weight is more than just a want, its a necessity. I have realized that it isn't that I am "going on a diet" it's "I am changing my habits." But it is so intimidating and so many paths to can be overwhelming!!
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I know what you mean. It's hard to look at the total & aim for it. You HAVE to make smaller goals so that it doesn't seem so daunting. And treat yourself at every goal - it will be your incentive to get there. But it is doable! When you find yourself feeling like it's not, go look at the Goal Albums & it will energize you to get back to it. Another thing for me is that I think that I have the time & energy to do this now. It'll be harder later on, so now is the best time.

Good luck, girl! You can totally do this.
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I know where you're coming from! Six months ago I weighed 288lb. My highest weight ever. I have never been a "dieter." I lost 30 pounds once at 250lb, 10 years ago! And I lost 20 pounds at 260lb about 5 years ago. I tell you this so you know I'm not someone who has a background of losing weight, it isn't in my mindset, I always just gained and gained some more. I felt pretty hopeless. Today I weigh 237 pounds. Not thin and not done, but I'm in a much better position than 6 months ago. I think the trick for me was to realize that each pound lost put me in a better position. I've been bouncing around 240 for about 6 weeks, feeling stuck. But I never got super upset about it -- I feel like losing 50lb puts me in a better position even if I never lose anymore weight! I felt like that at 15lb and 25lb and 40lb... The other deciding factor for me was one you already addressed. I decided to work on "being healthy" not on "losing weight." I was focused on making lifestyle changes that ulimately result in weight loss, but losing weight isn't 100% of my focus. I think having this long-term focus helps me feel okay about the slow process. I'm not on a diet. I'm making permanent changes to my habits and it's not like I'm never going to eat another cupcake! (for reals!) So, if I was at a party, I ate a cupcake -- but I didn't eat 3!. If it slowed my weight loss that week, oh well! I just ate my healthy meals the next day like normal. The mindset of weight loss is 50% of the process for me. I know I'm going to mess up occasionally, eat stuff I shouldn't and my weight will stall or gain. It doesn't negate the work I have done and it doesn't mean I'm a failure and should give up. My advice is to stick it out for a few weeks, even if you're miserable. It starts to feel WAY easier and as you start to see success you'll be more agreeable to making the changes in habit! It'll seem worth it to make the right choices once you start seeing the results! Look around the boards here -- you'll get tons of good tips and you'll realize you aren't alone! The hardest part is getting started!
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I agree with Madison. take small steps! we're here for your support!
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It's me, Ashleyyy!
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Yeah, the mini goals are TOTALLY the way to go. It makes it so much more attainable and realistic, and not so much like a drop in a very deep bucket. Good Luck!
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It is so overwhelming. In fact, I posted a few months ago about this very problem! The advice I was given was great-focus not on the long and hard road ahead of you but break it up into mini goals. Focus on those mini goals and GIVE YOURSELF CREDIT for reaching them.
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Working it out!
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I know EXACTLY how you feel! Getting started is the hardest hardest part in my opinion. At least it was FOR ME. Once I was started and you see that weight dropping off and you make small mini goals, you get SO excited and motivated. Seriously!

We are around the same height and I only started off about 20lbs less then your starting weight. Seriously, in four months my entire body has changed! You CAN do this, just get started! Check out the goal before and after picture forums. That seriously gave me some real motivation.

Imagine your life a year from now. Stay accountable and follow through. We are all here to cheer you on!
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Losing Weight As I Work
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I was in the same boat a month ago.
Lost 15, and it seems so much more possible!
I just keep working, the first 5 pounds are awesome.
The first ten is just more motivating.
The hardest part is just starting!
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Brighter than the moon!
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I agree with the "small steps" comments.

What I've found most helpful is just telling myself that I can do it.

Sounds silly, but that's exactly when I started succeeding - when I stopped saying "this is impossible!!!"

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Wow, such great advice, the only thing I can think of to add is: Mohommad didn't move the mountain in a day. So pick up one rock at a time and move it. Yes, it's going to take time and you're going to be carrying that rock and trip or step in a hole or drop it on your foot, but you pick yourself up, brush yourself off and pick up that dang rock and keep moving it.

I started 3 months ago and what I did was while I was being a couch potato watching mindless TV I waited for the commercials and when they came on I would just stand up and walk/march in place, (better than hitting the ice cream, cookies or chips. Then I progressed from there . . . The women (and men) here are absolutely so supportive. I wish you luck, just do something and if you stumble or fall we are here to help you back up . . .
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I know exactly what you mean. Look at my starting weight and my height. I was the same as you last year on Feb. 20. If I can do it so can you. My first 46 lbs I lost between Feb. 20 and July 4. After that life got in the way so I had to just maintain. BUT...when I first started out, I couldn't even walk around the block. I made just small steps at first...lowering fat, lowering calories, no junk food at all, more vegetables (I've learned to like some veg, but not all yet...still working on it, though), when I have carbs, I make them complex and whole grain whenver possible. I think for at least the first month, maybe closer to two, I could only just get around one single block. I eventually started riding my bicycle because I could exercise a little longer...and little by little, I worked my way up on exercise and down on weight.

It doesn't have to be an all or nothing proposition. I am proof of that. Do what YOU can do. Once you get comfortable with that, do a little more, or eat a little less. One small step at a time, the mountain can be the Chinese water small drop of water is nothing. Lots of them over and over will drive a person insane.

Start now and decide to do just one small thing to improve your life/health/fitness. Let me know what you decide to do, And keep coming back here to check in. If you make progress, share. If you stumble, let us help you get back on track. When you need ideas for the next step, or if you think you can't stand one more ounce of spinach instead of chocolate...just keep moving forward.

You can do it!

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Thank you so much for the advice! I am doing well so far. I get so anxious about my weekly weigh ins...I have to see every little success for what it is..progress!
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The weightloss monster
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start little by little. Don't look at the bigger picture focus on the small things like loosing 5lb a week. Don't stress you weight entirely or you'll loose confidence (I did) but now I'm back.
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yup. baby steps. mini-goals and reward. i find that having a ticker helps cuz it's hugely fun when you get to update it and it shows you how much you've lost and i get to go "hey! i've lost 24lbs!" i mean, i don't even have as much weight to lose as you do, or some other people on here, but the big goal still seems so far away!! but when i say "i'm aiming for 160", well at 166, that seems fairly more do-able than saying i wanna be 130!!

you can do it though, and good luck! plus, this place is amazing. i am a chronic dieter and i do believe that i have lasted this long this time around because of all the awesome girlies on here who cheer me up and keep me accountable
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