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I'm in "define the relationship" limbo and so my supposed Valentine has been a dbag. However, it IS Chinese New Year so I'll be spending time catching up with relatives, helping to cook, and playing some mah jong. Nothing beats gambling on V-Day!

But yeah, Valentine's Day is nice when you get flowers and what not but it is REALLY expensive and I never think it's worth it (when I wasn't single). I'd rather have a homemade meal than go out to a restaurant and spend 100 bucks and leave not even satisfied.

OH, in case you girls want to splurge on yourselves: is having sales on Steve Madden and Steven shoes. Check it out. Some cute stuff.
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See, last Valentine's Day, I had a boyfriend, but I spent the day feeling miserable ANYWAY because it was a bad relationship. Thinking of that helps me remember that a) having a significant other doesn't necessarily mean you're happy, and b) I'm WAY better off now, being single, than I was this time last year! That feels really good!

I've spent the day working out, cleaning, and listening to Blue Man Group, and it feels great. Later I plan to take a book and a notebook to a coffeeshop and sit and read and write.

Hugs to all you other single ladies.
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Not single, but my fiancee is working, so a huge group of my co-workers (we are all really close) and their so's if available all went out to eat for a big lunch. It was fun. I'm spending the rest of the evening dog sitting at a different house, so I won't even get to be with anyone either. Which is fine though, because I've never been a fan of Valentine's Day.

If he wanted to say he loved me, he shouldn't have to say it or show it on the same day that everyone else is and on the day that hallmark wants you buying someone else's love notes on a piece of paper. If he wants to tell me or show me, I'd love for it to be random and unexpected, not on a day where other's expect it. It's just another day to me.
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I had a V-Day ride during spin class.... lol, fun and hard work! Then I did my own workout for a bit. Had some chocolate, popcorn, and bought 4 movies (in 2 dual DVD sets). Having a lazy relaxing Sunday!
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I'm usually bitter on V-Day - its a fake holiday and I feel like its seen as more of a showing off thing than an I actual care about someone thing...

But this year I'm not bitter. I went to the gym then breakfast with my best friend, then went shopping with her and my little sister. I just basically spent it with people I care about, and screw all the girls at work on Tuesday who are going to have pissing contests about what flowers they got.
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Thanks for the support, ladies! It actually wasn't all bad. I'm usually completely cool with being single. Recently a friends new-ish boyfriend accidentally called her his wife. I freaked out when she told me the story, like "you can't get married! we're too young! LIVE!" and she just thought it was funny. My roommate is currently in some weird fight with her boyfriend (who is now in the dog house for forgetting valentine's day,) and I'm always thinking, jeeze, I'm glad I'm single. It's valentine's day that makes me feel like some kind of freak for being single and actually wanting to be single.

I studied for several hours for a big exam later this week, then went to see Valentine's Day with some girlfriends. Two of whom have boyfriends. I did end up eating more candy than I wanted to, but fate intervened and I dropped half my chocolate bar in the middle of the movie, lol.
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Originally Posted by bronte155 View Post
I'm having a Jane Austen marathon and cleaning my apartment, which may sound pathetic to some but is actually pretty appealing--I've been pretty busy lately so taking a day for myself is nice!
Now that sounds like it would have been fun--well, the Austen marathon at least lol!

I worked 11 hours and came home and talked to one of my guy friends who always cheers me up. My bf and I aren't talking right now. You think he could have grown up and swallowed his pride to say something to me yesterday, but no. Even though I did tell him Happy Vday.
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