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Default A strange experience this weekend.

So...It was my best girlfriend's birthday Saturday, so DF and I stopped by to surprise her. We enjoyed some cake and all that. She was totally suprirsed about how much weight I have lost. We are practically the same size. She said she is even jealous of my hands and my thin forearms. She gave me a size medium shirt she got at Target and said it is so me and to try it on. To my surprise....it was snug but fit. I was surprised a size medium would actually fit me. I have convinced myself that Old Navy's mediums are exactly an XL in disguise. She sent me a picture of me and her dog that she took and pointed out that this is why she wants my forearms. It definitely isn't what I see in person:

Then DF and I went out this weekend to get his wedding ring and I wanted to get a white 3/4 sleeve to wearing during our reception because I am so self conscience about my arms. We went into Torrid and I was all goo-goo eyed because I absolutely adore their clothes. I went through all their new clothing then hit clearance, hehe. I found a shirt I loved and gathered some other things to try on.

To my dismay I practically don't fit in their smallest size! Why to my dismay? Torrid has been my home for fashionable plus-size clothes for the last couple of years. I can't go in there for a second without leaving with some kind of new piece of clothing. And now I'm finding it hard to find things that fit from there.

I am sure this is a good thing, but inside I feel so.....sad? It's a very strange feeling and experience. Has anyone else experienced this?
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The new is always uncomfortable and scary, especially when you don't see in the mirror what everyone else says they see as far as progress, etc. I totally understand and I'm sure there are a lot of women out there who would completely agree with you and have been there before.

Consider having someone take pictures of you (naked is best, if you trust someone that much. lol.) and try to honestly look at your body. Find all of the areas where you can tell a difference and all of this things you like. I did this and it helped me see my body honestly, not through my own negative glasses. You know?

Also, try out some new stores! I can't promise that it won't be frustrating and tiring but you will probably find success in the end by way of a cute new clothing store to shop at.

Good luck and congrats on all of your success!!!!
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I just gotta say, love the script on your forearms!
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Dude, your arms are to die for because ...1)thin/strong 2)sweet tattoos...seriously, show them off!!!!!!!!!!!
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