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First of all, don't stress. I know it's hard, but stress can keep you from losing weight. Secondly, you've lost a lot of weight, so I know you can do this! You can lose it. Perhaps you should add something in to your exercise regiment like a walk or something more calming than a cardio workout. Just to calm your nerves as well as lose weight.

And don't beat yourself up, you can do it.
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Drink more water definitely- specially if you are going to up the fiber- if you don't you'll get more constipated!
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If you only gained 2lbs over 3 days it could be anything...remember scales measure EVERYTHING in your body, not just fat.

As an example: I went down to 116.6 and then back up to 119.5 recently. It WAS disconcerting, but I KNEW it could not be fat because I would have had to consume thousands of extra calories over my needs into order to put on fat, which I didn't do. I looked into my nutrition record on Fitday and realized I was low-carbing (not on purpose) and then began to eat lots of carbs again right before my weight jumped. Well, when your body replenishes its glycogen stores, it also stores more water, which can result in a "magic" 3 lbs or more gain! Sucks, but it's helpful to know the facts and not get discouraged.

Remember, if you are tracking everything, and you know you aren't taking in more calories than you are burning, then it's physiologically impossible (barring other medical complications) to gain fat.

Hang in there
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Usually the symptoms with lactose intolerance include things like diarrhea and gas, abdominal bloating, abdominal pain, and nausea. It doesn't typically cause constipation. I think as long as you take in more fiber and water you'll be fine!!
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