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wants to look good naked
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well according to jelbb's amazing post i'm a vase.
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Originally Posted by caliyah View Post
i guess that ectomorph mesomorph endomorph stuff doesnt apply anymore?
I don't think that was so much about shape as about muscle and fat. Although it seems like for each (ectomorph, etc), certain body shapes would be more common.
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Haha well thx to Jelbb's awesome pics I think I consider myself a Brick (or apple)
even when I was skinny during my teens my extra weight was always weirdly in my stomach area mostly! My face isnt very round and only certain parts of my body seem to be like big others are tiny, my wrists and forearms are tiny i dont get it lol. I wish I was ANOTHER shape, lol.
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I was an hourglass before I started losing weight, now I'm more of a pear! This is because I lost more boobs than butt. I do have a tiny waist (compared to my bust and hips, anyway), so I may still qualify as an hourglass.

I do try to incorporate more squats and lunges to attempt to get some inches off of these hips, but so far, not much luck.
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getting back to healthy
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I think I'm a Cello or a Pear...? I'm not really sure. I don't look quite like any of those pictures. My current problem areas are definitely my stomach, inner thighs and upper arms. I have small boobs and proportionately broad shoulders, but I definitely have a butt as well.
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I guess I'm a cello? I thought I was an hour glass 38-30-39. My upper body is skinny and you can see my ribs, but I have a bigger bust. But I also carry a lot of weight in my butt/thighs. My thighs are where a lot of my excess weight is. So am I a cello, hourglass, or pear?
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I think I'm supposed to be an hourglass, but when I gained weight I became a pear because I packed more onto my thighs than onto my arms...the weirdest thing is that now that I'm losing, it came off my waist first! What the heck! When I started I was 36-29-38, now I'm 36-28-38. I'd *like* to get to 36-27-36, but if my thighs decide to be stubborn I don't know how far I'll get...not sure where the weight will come from!
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I don't know, I'm confused... Looking at Jelbb's post, the hourglass seems closest. The clothes they describe are what flatter me the most, which I guess is what counts... But I don't have big boobs. I'm a b cup, with a relatively bigger round booty. I also carry excess baggage in my gut, which previously made me think I was an apple... but the description doesn't really seem to fit me as much.

I just think I need to flatter myself with fitted clothes, a cinched waist, and to bare my relatively slender thighs, which is all I need to know I suppose.
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Pear! 34-25-38? I think... Sometimes I love it sometimes I hate it! I envy the legs of apples...
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Right now my measurements are 40-33-42 so I guess I'm something like a slightly pearish cello/hourglass. My shoulders are too broad and my chest is too big to be a real pear but I'm also somewhat more bottom heavy than top heavy.

BTW, what's the difference between an hourglass and a cello? They sound like they're the same to me.
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I'm a PEAR definitely...I am small torso, hips, big butt, thick legs and somehow I still have big boobs... when I get down to goal I'm probably still going to be a pear
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I'm a Goblet/Brick! lol
I have this broad upper body, large breasts, and No butt!!!
ahhh lol
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I'm definitely a pear. I have the hips and booty to prove it. What makes it worse is that I'm only 5'2 so shopping is TERRIBLE at times and when I gain weight, it seems to settle there lol.

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I have NOO idea!!! When I get to my goal weight, I'll post body pics here and maybe you all can tell me? (Unless it is beach ball, please don't tell me that! haha) right now I have a big gut
But when I am skinny, I have a cinched-in waist, which is my fav feature, I don't think its that common. My legs are kinda sausagey proportionally-my thighs AND knees are equally thick (I do not love that, jealous that most people put weight in their thighs and less in their knees-so I have to be in good shape to pull off jeans!) My hips and bust are even in measurement and there is a 10 inch difference between my hips-waist-bust, but I do not look especially curvy, so I'd call myself a straight-glass.
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Hourglass, looking at that wonderful post. Kinda proud of that, even if I'm more a full-day timer at the moment than an hour, lol.
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