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Default Changing my Goal?

I am thinking of changing my weight loss goal to a clothing size, apposed to a weight, because I was thinking about this, I have been a size 20-22 since I was in 6th grade, but I have gained like 60 pounds since I don't really know whats going on...? If you all have any thoughts about that, I would be glad to hear it...but I guess I would like to concentrate on a goal size clothing, I will keep track of my weight as well, but I would love to buy a pair of jeans and have those be my goal, and then what ever weight I am when I can where normal comfortable clothes would be my goal...I have never worn normal clothes, in my whole being able to buy a normal size would be amazing...Is this a good idea? Or should I be concentrating on weight? Would like a size 10 be completely ridiculous for me to achieve...I am fairly tall, but I have big little sister only weighs 130 and wheres a 10-12...because she has large hips and thighs...which dosent bother me, I just want normal clothes and I think I could loose the weight, and where the same size as she has, I just think I am going to weigh more?...I just don't understand how I am able to where the same clothes from like 6th grade, there are even some T-shirts I still where from 5th grade...? Please help!! Sorry to be so long winded...
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I think that having a clothing size based goal is possibly not the best idea, if only because clothing sizes vary from store to store and in some cases from garment to garment. I'm in the same boat as you where I've been a size 12-14 for about 10 years, but I've gained about 60 lbs during that time. I just think the sizes are unreliable, and weight or measurements are better predictors of your progress.

Why don't you focus on body measurements instead of the scale number?
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I think that choosing a size might prove more difficult because depending on where you shop you may be very disappointed. I have found happiness setting my sites on small goals measured in pounds...and then rewarding myself by buying an outfit when I have reached that goal...whatever size that happens to be at the time, then so be it!!
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I personally like that goal - so long as you have 1 pair of pants that are your goal - cuz like everyone said; all sizes are different. I wear between a 8 and a 10 depending on the brand, it's really annoying!
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I'm experimenting with other ways of setting my goal as well. One of my considerations is my boobs-- goal "weight" would be as small as I can be AND keep my c-cups (without surgery). On the way up, I switched from a b to a c around 150-155; on the way down however, I'm at about 147 and my boobs have barely shrunk...they're still comfortably in my VS 36c bras.

The other measure I'm considering using is figuring out how much I like to eat a day, and just do that till I'm at the weight that that amt of calories will maintain. So I won't actually know my goal weight till I get there. You might think, well isn't that what got you overweight in the first place? Well yeah, but that was before I knew the calorie counts of foods I was putting in my mouth, so it's different but I can't really articulate it succinctly enough for this thread wo going really OT.

So yeah, I think there are lots of ways you can measure your progress, and you'll probably end up looking at a combination of things, like your weight, the size you buy at your favorite store, your measurements, how you feel, etc etc.
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I have a goal weight and a goal size to kind of focus me, but I honestly dont care what weight I am when I get to a size 6 (i know how sizes run in my favorite brands...a size 8 in theory and in jcrew are vastly different so i can adjust accordingly) but based on my own history i figure ill be a comfortable 6 in the smallest 6s at 130 bc when i was 145 i could just squeeze into jcrew 6s (runs big) so thats kind of how i see it, a careful balance of both goals to aim for where i really want to be.
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I'm kind of in the same boat as you. I would encourage you to think of your goal as a marker, but not as the absolute end of where you HAVE to be. I was so far away from a normal size that I don't actually know what weight should be my goal weight. Currently I've picked a # close to the top of my healthy BMI. I'm pretty evenly balanced and figure that at that point I might be a size 10 (@ 210 I'm currently a 14/16). When I get there I'll have to make more decisions about whether I'd like to go further, or maybe even whether it's too much compromise to maintain at that weight (doubt it ).
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Thank you all so very much!! I think I am going to keep checking my weight, and take my measurements...I believe that might more accurately give me my progress..I am still going to go and buy a goal outfit! Thank you very much!!
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Sizes vary not only by store but the same manufacturer will have confusing sizes. I am at goal and wear sizes 6 - 8 and I also have small. medium and large and they all fit.
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just keep in mind no 2 size 12's are the same. if youre goal is to fit into size 12 jeans, and you buy a pair, you might never like the way you look in them, because your body shape is going to change, but you wont know how til you get there.

im speaking from experience here. ive worn a size 12 for the last 3 years. i have a pair of size 12 jeans that a bought on accident about a year ago and didnt fit. ive lost almost 20 pounds since then and my current size 12's are hanging off of me, so i thought, hey! i have these small 12's theyll look great now...well, not a chance, still cant pull them over my hips and butt *curse*

just something to keep in mind. if you lose x number of pounds and still cant fit into a dream pair of jeans, or dress, or whatever, you cant beat yourself up over it and think you failed, because you lost weight! just promise to praise the success and not obsess over the 'failures'. (note: not really a failure, so dont think of it that way)
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Originally Posted by sharpie89 View Post
I have been a size 20-22 since I was in 6th grade, but I have gained like 60 pounds since I don't really know whats going on...? If you all have any thoughts about that, I would be glad to hear it....
As far as what you said above... It doesn't take a whole lot more calories to add up to extra weight. An extra 100 calories a day will have you gain over 10 lbs a year. 100 extra is such a small snack! Imagine if you had an extra slice of cake a day or whatever. Over time it adds up. I suggest tracking calories to get a handle on what your intake is and what you can do to burn some of that off via exercise... anyway on to your main question...

I don't think picking a size is a problem as long as you realize you're likely going to wear a range of sizes because clothing makers make everything different. Right now I'm mostly in 16s but I can wear 14-20 depending on cloth type, cut, etc etc.

If you feel going by sizes is more motivating all the power to you. However for me it would be a discouraging way to track progress especially at my higher weights I seemed to change sizes so slowly. You might need to lose 30lbs to change a size where at smaller sizes it seems to be less for more people. Tracking weight might help you see the progress a little more closely... if your at all impatient.

Having a goal piece of clothing is fine though a lot of us do that. As long as you pick a size that is in line with your bone structure. A size 12 should be fine for most of us... so your expectations sound realistic.
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I have a pair of jeans that I want to fit into as part of my goal. They are a UK size 10 (US size 6) and I know that when I am at or near goal, I will be able to fit into them. I bought them purposly small so I had something to aim for. I am currently a UK size 12, but the size 10 jeans are very, very tight! I plan to wear them to a U2 concert in September and it is really helping to motivate me.
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Buy something in the size that you want to be and make that your goal. Sizes are so different even from the same brands. I do this alot as I'm losing weight
(I go to Goodwill and buy something that I want to fit into and make it my next goal).
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