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Default Do you work out while on TOM?

Ok, so For the past three days I've been having really bad symptoms of TOM. The usual.

And Im starting to feel bad because I haven't workout out in those few days bc the cramps and such are just SO bad.

I was wondering, and I being a pansy or does anyone else work out while they're on there's??
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Not me. I have the same thing with cramps. I just sit out the two days that I have cramps, but by the third day, I'm feeling better to work out. You know your body, but I don't think you're being a pansy.
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I try to do something like a short walk if possible, just for the psychological boost of knowing I exercised. It's definitely hard with those really bad cramps, though! Though sometimes exercise actually makes cramps feel better...
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I don't on the first day but after that even if I have cramps (they are not as bad as the first day) I will go. I will pop 2 advil and head out!

And you aren't being a pansy ( i had to lol at that because I havent heard that word in such a long time) if your cramps really set you back. I know I have had a couple of TOMs where they were so bad I would have to call in sick to work.

If you think you can do some walkig on the treadmill and some weights, go for it. but if you feel the pain will be too much, listen to your body =]
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i def try to workout for me it makes the cramps less painful and usually they go away. and i had really bad cramps.
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I take advil and workout even harder. I feel I have to in order to combat the water retention. Also working out has been known to alleviate cramps and make you feel better!
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Everyone's body is different throughout the month. You have to listen to yourself. If you think getting out and working out will make your cramps and general period blahness feel better go work out. If you're too miserable to do it, take a day or three off while you're miserable.

Just be honest with yourself. Are you getting out and working out while it's not your TOM? Or is this an excuse you're making now, and you have more excuses at other times. At least that's what I'm telling myself while I'm feeling too crappy on what is always the worst day of my period. (Day 2. Ugh!)
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I do Bikram yoga, and its in a heated room of 110 degrees, and although it takes a LOT of effort to push myself to go and do the poses. I feel SOOOOOO much better when I come out because its basically like putting a heating pad on your whole body for 90 minutes. So although its hard for me to push myself to go because im in so much pain, but once i do its SO worth it.
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I try to do SOMETHING, even if it's not at the normal intensity I go with the other weeks of the month. I'm having that issue right now....and me and the 30DS aren't getting along very well. I got through strength training, circuit one, and first jump of cardio decided it wasn't gonna go. So I got on the bike instead, and will finish with weights and the elliptical later on today.
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Always! I try and keep in mind that for most people, me included, it is not a debilitating ailment. Women all over the world have to deal with it, they work, the run, Olympians included. So for me, most definitely. A hard workout eases my cramps and my nasty mood fuels me to keep going (when I'm pissed, that just happens). I was also once told that working out during your period burns more calories, and even if that is not true working out and burning any is better than me using my TOM as an excuse to sit and burn none (when women all over the world.... blah blah blah). My partner does as well, however, my friend refuses to exercise 7 days out of the month because she feels "squishy..." and you can probably guess how I feel about that.
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If I work out while TOM is here I notice that my symptoms are less and its not as heavy. Sometimes I will skip it on the first day but after that it is ON!
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First and sometimes second day i wont.. just because i kinda feel grossed out by it
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Thanks to the Pill i don't have cramps...I find that I am usually on an 'emotional' rollercoaster during TOM and I find that working out helps me work out some of that energy and just makes me feel better overall both mentally and physically. So yes I do work out..same as I always would.

If i did have cramps I'd do what someone mentioned above..take 2 Advil and get to it.
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Well, I have read somewhere that cramps get better if you exercize, that isn't true for me. My cramps are short, they only come one hour before I start bleeding and are on the first day only, but on that day I cannot exercize, I just cannot move. But from the second day I restart everything.
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This is not a test.
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i work through it usually, but since ive been on the pill my cramps are nothing to write home about. They used to be really bad, and if they were that bad now then I probably wouldnt/couldnt work out with them. So i dont think you are being a pansy, i would take those days off and just focus on eating well and getting plenty of water
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