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Default I need help with bingeing!!

I have a problem: I can't stop bingeing! I've indulged here and there in the past but this is BAD! I have been cramming myself with fatty, sugary and unhealthy foods all day long for last two weeks and I can't seem to stop. I tell myself that that's it and I'm changing but I keep doing it. I've gained 5 pounds in the last two weeks but that hasn't deterred me so far. I was hoping that maybe someone has had the same experience and could offer me some advice or support. I'm at the end of my rope...
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Every time i wanted to binge id grab an apple and a bottle of water and it helped a whole lot.
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I want the fully monty..
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I go for tea. It takes time to prepare and when you finally get to it, the craving is gone and you get a nice calorie free treat anyways
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Take the rest of your trigger foods and throw them away. If you know a small piece of chocolate may trigger a binge, get rid of the chocolate.. Keep a small package of sugar-free low cal cocoa in the kitchen Then when the urge strikes, turn it into a treat. Warm up some skim or soy milk, savor the vanilla-y scent... mix the chocolate with it.. and then enjoy! Sit back in your comfiest chair and feel good for that accomplishment
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Distractions are a great help - things that get one out of the house are usually what work best for me if I'm risking having a bingey sort of day.
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I tend to binge less when I'm doing something that involves my hands. Sketching. Knitting. Etc. Also, I agree, getting out of the house is a good call as well.

The best way to STOP a binge-fest (I've found) is to will-power your way through a day or two.. and the cravings go away. Nothing gives you cravings for salty, fried or sugary foods... more than salty, fried and sugary foods. You're training your body to crave those foods right now, and that makes it ROUGH.

I find that a decent way of making sure I don't junk out on garbage is to completely FILL myself with healthy foods. Always make sure that when you walk away from a good meal, you feel full. If all you're craving for dinner is chicken, and.. I d'nno, rice... make yourself a big pile of steamed vegetables on top of that. Low calorie, but it makes sure you're full, and not still in the mood for dessert/snacks later on, ya know?

I also stuff myself with diet pop. I know it's not good for me... but it's calorie-free, and it keeps me from snacking on garbage, so... !

Don't be too hard on yourself, we all have bad days/weeks/months. The point is that you're here... you WANT to change the behaviour, and I truly believe that you can. Just take it a step at a time. Get through each meal and in between period filling yourself with healthy foods, and tell yourself that you just need to get through that one day... day by day, the cravings'll be easier to handle.

Good luck darling, let us know how you're doing!!!
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This is not a test.
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Originally Posted by Jelbb View Post
I also stuff myself with diet pop. I know it's not good for me... but it's calorie-free, and it keeps me from snacking on garbage, so... !
Im guilty of this too >.< But i find that tea can sometimes do the same thing
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I drink green or black tea (no sugars) and get out of the kitchen!

Sometimes it's so bad I have to physically throw myself out of the house. But hey, if you have a dog, he/she can certainly make you forget about your craving pretty quick when you're laughing at how excited they get about an impromptu walk.
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Thanks for all the encouragement! Things have just been really hard for me lately. I've moved to a new city and I've have trouble making friends so I'm by myself all day long. I might be using food to give me something to do to fill the loneliness. I haven't really figured out what's really driving my eating but it's good to have some tips to help me while I figure it out!
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There is a forum called chicks in control. In this forum there is a thread for bingers.... Basically you set the goal of not binging THIS WEEK. There is no mention of food so as not to set off a binge but lots of support from others like us. I was thinking about posting there again too...Ive been terrible about binging lately.
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*insert inspiration here*
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I've discovered suckers (caramel apple) keeps something in my mouth for a long time...and when it's done I'm no longer in a binging mood...
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What works for me, is physically saying, "Okay, Stop. What are you doing?"

Or, drawing up a hot, bubbly bath and soaking.
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I'm in the same boat as you. I've been doing great with my workouts and I hardly eat during the day (I eat, just not a whole lot like I used to) but by the time 7 or 8 o clock rolls around at night, I feel like if I don't stuff my face with everything in the house I'm not going to be happy.

I read that a craving only lasts for 10 minutes. So, normally what I do is find something to do, like fold laundry, do my make up, brush my hair, etc for at least 5-6 minutes and normally when I'm done doing something, I don't feel hungry anymore and the craving is gone.
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I was never really a binge eater, until I started this diet! Now I find that if I don't eat enough all day, I go home and all I want to do is eat! It's horrible! Everytime I feel it come on though, I think about my goal. I think about how good I'll feel, how good I'll look, how accomplished I will feel when I reach my goal. I think of my daughter & how I don't want her to grow up with a "fat mommy". I try to think of all the positive things that can come out of NOT BINGING! That usually helps me put it back down! If you can't do that, try binging on something that is good. Bing on celery & peanut butter which isn't too bad or fruit or anything that is better then what you currently bing on, eventually you'll over come it and won't do it anymore.
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You can DOOO IT!
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I'm a seriously bad binge eater. I try many of the different things listed. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. I keep hot tea for sweet cravings and chicken broth for salty cravings. Also crunchy things like apples and carrots help, because they require a lot of work to eat so you're tricking yourself into thinking you're eating more. Also, it's a good idea like Jelbb said, to stay busy. If you sit and eat or get bored, it's BAD BAD BAD. Read a book, take a walk, play with the dog. Do SOMETHING!
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