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if i get a craving i brush my teeth....
either that or drink some water to perish the craving....
it might sound stupid but it does help!....
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Ugh, I've been exactly the same way the past three weeks and it's driving me insane! I've been extremely stressed, though, and food has been a comfort. Plus, I haven't been going to the gym, which is a double whammy.
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eat less, move more!
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This is a great thread. Lots of good advice.

For me, the main thing to do is be aware that i want to quit. I just keep telling myself that over and over.

I think of overeating like addiction. And there are basically 2 ways to get over any addiction. Either you think you are going to die or you get disgusted with yourself.

I haven't been binging for 6 days because i got disgusted with myself.

To keep myself from going overboard this week i have been drinking a whole bottle of water or making a pot of coffee each time i got the urge. Then i get online and check out the 3FC site and write on my diet blog.

Every day i don't binge it gets easier and i get more proud of myself.
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Bingeing is my middle name. All I seem to do is lose a few pounds, get put in a position where I give into temptation, I binge, I can't stop, I gain everything back I lost, repeat.
I hate hate hate being on a cycle of bingeing.. it is like never-ending. The only way I can break the habit is to get up in the morning, work out, and have a healthy breakfast. If I can make it through one day, it breaks the cycle usually. Sometimes it takes a few days. I dont really have any good advice b/c if I did, I would be taking it and not yo-yo dieting any more like I have been for the past 7 years. If you need to message me personally, I am willing to talk! I need a lot of help too. I could really kick myself for doing this yo you dieting.

Good luck! You can do it!!!
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