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I think I won't hide the fact that I was heavy if people ask, but I remember feeling pretty embarassed about people seeing pics of me while I was at my heaviest. Knowing that pictures of me that big are out there is pretty unnerving. I tore up all pictures of me, save one, which I have posted on my fridge as a constant reminder. It was my college graduation day. I should have been elated, but I remember feeling so awful because I was at my heaviest. i looked like a balloon in my cap and gown. I don't think I will ever NOT be embarassed about how out of control I'd become, so I don't anticipate that I'd never not hide that "rock-bottom" phase of my life at 215 lbs.
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Thank you for the kind words, Beautifulone. I guess we are all own worse critics and perhaps it didn't even cross her mind..i can't help but feel bad because of how much better I feel about pictures of myself now (even though i'm nowhere near goal!)
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I guess it would depend...

I have no problem telling eveyone I was 220 in college and got down to 160 last summer.... But I do have a problem telling people that I slipped and was 177 when I got pregnant, tipped the scales at 215 at the end of my pregnancy, and am now 190-ish.....

My DH knows I was a big girl in college, thats where we met.

He saw me at my worst, and married me at my best, and now I'm somewhere in the middle, and I HATE it.
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Originally Posted by missella32 View Post
I don't show prom pics and have deleted all facebook pics of me at my highest. I don't know why....it just embarrasses me. I wonder if I'll hide my current pics when I finally hit my goal? lol.
Yeah, being part of the generation that uses Facebook for EVERYTHING, I cringe to think of the sheer massiveness of the amount of pictures that have already been posted of me. I wouldn't want to delete all of the good memories and such, plus I think it'd look a little fishy if I suddenly deleted (or detagged) every picture where I looked fat--I think it'd be a little obvious what the REAL intentions of my actions were, heh. I considered something similar when I got my braces off (I got them on WAY later than most people my age, so I didn't get them off until right before I started college). It was a little embarrassing to have all of those pictures still up, but I thought it seemed silly to take everything down. However, when I lose weight I feel like I might at least go through and delete some of the REALLY bad pictures. I usually detag unflattering pictures as a rule, anyways, heh.
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I'm getting a new photo taken for my green card soon (you have to do it when you renew) and I have to admit, I'm very excited to be down 40 lbs from the last photo. Anytime anyone sees that photo, the FIRST thing they say is "wow. You've lost a lot of weight since then"

it's a good feeling.

Don't live in the past, live in the now and look to the future! You should be proud of what you've accomplished!
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