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Let's do this!
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Originally Posted by UrsusMaritimus View Post
Not true. You will be the the fit, fabulous girl with a smile on the outside that reflects all the self-love you feel on the inside. And some wonderful guy is going to see that and be absolutely smitten.

Hang in there!
That's right!

I'm so sorry that happened. What a sh***y thing to do.

Aren't you glad you didn't start dating someone that would stand a girl up, though?
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SUCH a similar thing happened to me once!! I sat around (in public, I might add) for 2 HOURS waiting for this guy to show up. I hadn't seen him in probably a year and I was so so excited...........and he didn't even call. I called him probably 15 times at first because I was worried...then annoyed....then SO angry!!!

2 years later he apologized and said he was so nervous to see me again that he couldn't even pick up the phone. Whatever. Loser.

And I DEFINITELY agree with what Ursus said....she basically said exactly what I was going to but in a better way!! Pshhhh that guy doesn't even KNOW what he's missing out on!
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Originally Posted by UrsusMaritimus View Post
Oh, and f*** that a**h***.
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Being stood up definitely feels terrible. I'm so sorry you had to go through that. I remember getting stood up. Eventually the guy told me he had intimacy issues. I didn't believe him because a) we were just going to hang out, nothing sexual and b) he had no problems getting personal with a few friends of mine!
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I don't want to play Devil's Advocate... but you never know what happened. A family member might have gotten into an accident and he didn't have time to call. I just think it's good to give him the benefit of the doubt until you find out why he stood you up. Remember that one Sex and the City when Miranda got stood up and it turns out the guy died of a heart attack? We're all quick to get mad, but you never know what happened.
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