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Well nothing new has happened, it's 2 days after the fact and no call or anything. I'll keep you guys updated. After a week or so I'm going to hang out with our mutual friend and have a gab fest with her and find out what he said. We did it on her balcony semi-in frount of her, so I'm sure by this point she'll have said something to him about it.

Right now I have a strong feeling that he will not call. I've just re-run the whole thing through my head calmly and I'm leaning strongly toward he was looking to get laid. He might claim to be a nice guy looking for a girlfriend, but I think he was just looking for some fun this night. A handful of things that happened during our 2-3 month "flirtation" stage left me scratching my head. He saw me after a few months and figured it's worth a try.

Also now that I've re-evaluated the kiss it did kind of seem like a means to an end for him. He wasn't kissing me like all he wanted to do was kiss (or maybe he was just THAT bad at it). Who knows.

If this is the case it's probably a good thing. I would now KNOW for sure that he is an a-hole. I know he's a bad kisser and I'll be very able to get over him. Actually I'm already over him. If he doesn't contact me within a week maybe 2 I'll be VERY skeptical if he tries after that. It would probably just mean he's looking again and wants to try with me again.

I'll know alot more in a week when I chat with our friend. I also think the fact that I hadn't seen him in awhile and had been thinking about him for awhile screwed me up. I might had idealized him and come up with a version of him that wasn't necessarily realistic. I'll keep you guys updated.
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