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Arrow For those of you who have lost at least 30lbs?

Are you seeing results in your target areas? I havent lost more than 20lbs yet my target areas are my arms, stomach, butt. I am just curious as to what your target areas are and what exersize do you do for your target area and is it working?
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Sometimes it's hard to see a difference right away. I know that I didn't see any difference until I saw pictures of myself.

Do you have any before pictures that you can compare to how you look now? If not, take some picutures now to compare to later!

Sometimes it takes a while for our mind to catch up. I'm still convinced that my size 5 pants won't fit up past my thighs everytime I put them on.
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I will do this.
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I have not lost 30 pounds but I have researched weight loss and methods until my fingers were raw from typing.

What I have found is not you cannot "target" certain areas as much as we all would like. 100 crunches a day will not get you abs you want right away and doing the bike for hours will not get the legs you desire.

Weight loss happens all over with usually the places you want to loose coming last. I lost 8 inches in the month of June all over. 3 in just one leg, 3 in my right arm...etc. I would have loved to loose it all in tummy, but this is not possible.

I do suggest that a combination of weight training (to build to the muscle under the fat) and cardio (to burn the fat on the muscle) are the best ways to work out and the fastest ways to see results in all areas.

Your "target" areas will loose the weight, I promise! However, focusing on all around health and an all around workout for the whole body will get you the desired results you want, it just takes time.

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Right now I'm concentrating on just losing mass in general... I have a lot to lose, so 30 pounds really isn't too much compared to the 100+ I have to get gone...

As long as I shrink in general right now, I'm happy. Once I get closer I'll start worrying about specific areas--- right now I'm not worried about, say, my BUTT when ALL of me is too big for approval!
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I am just smaller all around: I've lost weight pretty proportionately in all areas.

I'm still shaped the same. There's just less of me now.

I know that my actual body shape will change the closer I get to goal weight, but not until then.

This means my hips, thighs, and tummy poodge will get significantly smaller and I'll eventually lose the bowling pin look. But I know from experience that this will not happen until the end.

I'm not doing anything to target those particluar areas, since there is no way to lose weight from just the places I want: it comes off your body from all over the place and you can't control where. For instance, if I could save my boobs from weight loss, and focus on it coming off mostly my hips and thighs, I would do it! (I think most women would, in fact. )

Instead, I am just doing a combo of cardio and weights, which has been proven to be an effective way to burn fat.

Once I get closer to goal and my body shape does start to change, then I will focus more on toning areas like my thighs.
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I luv my curves
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When I look at pictures of myself I see a big difference and so does other people. In a lot of my pictures it looks like I lost more weight then I actually did. I am like others also trying to lose weight all around but at the same time as I get closer to my goal weight I would like to see changes in the areas of my body I dislike most. Like for instance I can already see my shape coming out more I am pair shaped so I do see a difference in my waste and stomach area but I am not surprised because whenever I do lose weight it always seems to come off in my mid section first.
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I've lost all over... I'm going to second the 'cant target' areas.. but I still try with arm exercises and the pilates circle thing. I swear it makes me feel better about the problem stuff.
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I luv my curves
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I actually walk up six flights of steps when I get to work each day instead of taking the elevator. I can tell its working wonders. At first I was so tired and didnt think I could even do it. Now I am so use to it. I was just curious though. Just wondering if the parts of your body that you disliked most have changed enough to the point that you like them now....LOL just plan curiousity questions.

I do know that I cant really stand my stomach since having a c section with my second child. ITs not that bad though but I know its getting smaller as I shead lbs!!!

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I have lost all over, definitely. I am down 31.2 lbs as of today and I noticed that i did lose in some of my concern areas, like my stomach and chest, but i have lost overall, so its not that it was spot reduction but just areas where i had more to lose i guess.
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At one point, I'd lost ab 90 lbs and while of course all of me shrunk quite a bit, my target areas do still give me trouble -- my abdomen, my love-handle area and my thighs. My love-handle area isnt actually THAT big, but I just *HATE THEM* so they're exaggerated in my mind.
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I've lost 30lbs, and when I look in the mirror I still think i look the same as I always did, but a couple of months ago i seen the pic that I have in my avatar, and the difference in me from some pics I have from a few months before that is amazing, so check that out!!
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I had lost 80 lbs. Shamefully Ive put some back on. I didnt lose in any specific place. I wanted to lose my belly and back fat. I have lost some of it over time, but I dont think you can lose in target areas. If you can.. I havent figured it out. I just try to work on those areas more to build muscle.
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I've lost 45 pounds. I've seen weight loss everywhere but my thighs, though relatively slimmer, are still flabby. I've seen something called the Malibu Pilates chair advertised on an infomercial. Susan Lucci (Erica Kane, AMC) was demonstrating it and she still looks as good as she did in 1969! I work two counties away and spend a lot of time driving. It looks like it provides an intense, targeted workout. $300 bucks, though....
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I still had a little belly and love handles when I weighed around 150, after starting around 175. I lost that and some boobage by losing another 15 pounds. I look noticeably slimmer at 135 or so than I did at 150.
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I think we all judge ourselves harsher than other people do. I look at myself and see things that I want to change and everyone tells me that I look great, so there's that aspect of it. Also, you can't target areas, your body is just going to take fat from where it wants to...not really anything you can do about that. Just keep pushing, it'll come off eventually
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