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I will do this.
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Default Birthday dinner guilt...

So my birthday is July 10th and I made a promise to myself.

Since June 20th my eating and working out has been spot on. Not going over my calories, watching my sodium, not drinking diet coke every day, I have made it to the gym 4 times a week for 3 weeks, focusing on fruit and veggies...and it has paid off. 8 inches gone since June 2nd

I said, ok...if you can make it to the 10th (which includes no sweets on the 4th) you can have you favorite dish for dinner. Chinese food and then drinks at the piano bar.

I am going to see my trainer that day and stick to my daily breakfast and lunch as to not ruin the whole day (maybe throw a birthday skinny vanilla latte in there)

But I have been playing with this "cheat" meal in my head for the last few days.

I don't is kind of like I am afraid of it or something. Like when I eat it I will be letting myself down if I go thru with it.

Any thoughts on how I can enjoy myself and my birthday dinner without beating myself up?
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Just DO it. IF it's worth it to you, that is.

I have been having a good time enjoying just a bite of things that I used to eat a LOT of. It's working and I am enjoying it, so for me, having large, full portions isn't a temptation.

Happy birthday, either way!
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Birthday celebrations don't have to be about food. If you think you are going to feel guilty about it, then maybe think of something else to do besides have a bad dinner. Is there anthing else that you could maybe go do that you have always wanted to? That is not food related? just a thought!! I know that part of my weight loss journey is breaking my relationship with food and stop rewarding myself with food. It's hard, but it's something that I struggle with too.
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It seems like you've convinced yourself that you really really want this meal. If you go out and still have the same mindset then I would just choose something else. If you're going to think about how many calories are in each bite, then I don't think it's worth it.

You've earned the meal, but the point of a birthday is to have fun.

Guilt=No fun.
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Yes, you should have this meal and you should enjoy yourself. I know how diligent you have been, you've really earned this meal. Savor every bite of it and think to yourself "when I get to goal, I'm going to be able to incorporate this into my diet more often, because I've mastered moderation." I really admire how disciplined you are, I've never had two weeks straight of getting it all right, and unfortunately my cheat meals tend to be rather spur of the moment!
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I will do this.
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Or maybe I can enjoy 1/2 of it instead of stuffing my face? I do want to go out and enjoy this meal. I kind of look at it as apart of the relationship with food I need. I want to be able to go out and enjoy some of the foods I like....(not everyday, week or month, however, but once in awhile)

I want to be able to take my time eating it, actually cut the food into chewable bites, enjoy the taste, make conversation with those around me...and not focus on the food before me.

I just don't want to feel guilty. But maybe I should. Maybe that's a good sign...

I never knew chinese food would ever be this confusing for me.
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My advice: just go out and enjoy it thoroughly. It's only ONE meal, right? In the long run, it won't even make a dent. Just as long as you get back to things as usual the next day, I don't think one meal is cause for so much anxiety.

For example, last week I went out of town where I had reservations at a swanky french restaurant. I've never, ever, eaten at someplace so fancy, and I was not about to ruin my whole evening by worrying about portions, fat, calories, etc. After all, it was just ONE meal.

So, I went ahead and had a luxurious 5-course dinner, with wine pairings of course, and a sumptuous dessert. It was all completely decadent, and I savored every last bite.

I don't regret one forkful of all that rich food, or any sip of the perfectly paired wines! Heck, I don't even regret the bill which came out to hundreds of dollars.

It was a rare treat for me, and worth throwing caution to the wind for one glorious night!
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Just enjoy it and remember that you'll be back on plan the very next day.

Something I've been dealing with is getting away from the idea of food as a reward - don't know if this is an issue for you. I have ice cream about once a week, and I've gotten to a place where I just think of it as something I choose to have every now and then, not something I get to have because I've been so good all week.

So don't think of it as, "OK, I've made it to the 10th and this is my reward." Think of it as a birthday, a special occasion, and something that will be part of your life once in a while, just not all the time.

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I will do this.
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I am stopping food as a reward, too. Like yesterday when I learned I has lost 8 inches. I went to the store, bought one of those little face masks, some flowery lotion and a new razor blade and gave myself a mini spa.

I am sort of making the 10th as a reward, but being my birthday I thought it was a little different.

I just need enjoy my birthday and get back on the plan the following day. It will be hard because I leave on a camping trip at 5am in the next day where my fiancee and my dad will eat pancakes, steak and beer...but I have planned out my menu for the trip and I am going to stick to my regular diet with smores one night and I am going to allow 2 rum and diet cokes a night. (oh, a PLENTY of water and hikes)
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i think you are going about this in exactly the right way! just enjoy your day (my birthday was last week and i had Indian food and ice cream and it was glorious). Chinese food is delicious! and rum and diet cokes are tasty.

if you think about calories too much, you'll never enjoy anything! *hugs* and happy birthday!
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I agree sometimes you just need to go OP. It happens. But you can still stragitize what to do. You want chinese try ordering it healthy.
* Asked for steamed meat and veggies instead of fried.
* Ask for sauce on the side instead or in it that way you can control how much is on it.
* Get white or brown rice instead of fried rice.
* If you like eggrolls (my personal favorite) just eat the inside not the fried outside.
* Box half of it up before you start.
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Choosing with every bite.
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Because you've been eating so well and because you're planning to savor it, you probably will choose not to eat all of it. You'll be eating slowly enough that you'll realize you're full. You've gotten used to recognizing full and won't want to feel stuffed. You'll probably have very little to feel guilty about. So don't!

PS - I read the thread title and thought it said Birthday Dinner Quilt. Couldn't wait to find out about it.

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Sounds to me like you've been working hard. I wouldn't go as far to say as you should reward yourself for it by eating your favorite Chinese dish, but it is your birthday, enjoy it and feel good about it!
Or I like the idea of going out for birthday lunch instead, splitting the meal in half and eating the other half for dinner!
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I will do this.
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Ok I am thought out my plan for my birthday dinner.

I am not going to order my beloved PuPu Platter like I had originally planned. I am going to stick to Lemon Chicken (my most favorite thing) and eat half, one cup wonton soup, and 1/2 cup brown rice. I am also going to ask for the lemon sauce on the side.

As for the drinking - well...yah it's my birthday and I gonna enjoy myself while sticking to my bacardi and diet coke. I also see my trainer that morning so the guilt shouldn't be that bad.

Then I well get right back on my plan the following morning (even though I will be camping for the next 3 nights) and my plan for that is my usual eating plus 2 diet coke and bacardi a night (got 65 a pop) and smore's one night.... I am going to stay active for the trip, hiking, jogging, fly fishing....etc...and then as soon as I get home get right back on my serious plan!
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