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Default Digital vs. Analog

So as SGirl stated in an earlier thread... she hates her scale.

I have an analog scale. I don't personally like analog scales very much, but I was wondering what your opinions are.

Which is better? For the digital scales that calculate body fat, close to being accurate are they?


Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!
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I really enjoy having a digital scale so i can see the tens of a pound,lol. I know it sounds dumb but for me if I was 227.4 and now I'm 221.6 it gives me a better idea of how much i really lost.
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I have a digital scale that measures to the 0.5 lb and also measures body fat. I like it pretty well, but it does get stuck sometimes. It's pretty right-on with the fat analysis, though. (Compared to my gym's fat analyzer.) The brand name is Taylor and it's the Susan G. Komen edition. I don't know that I would recommend buying this particular one, but I do love digital scales. Analog scales are sometimes hard to read and I've found that they can become inaccurate after only a few weigh-ins and then you have to recalibrate them.

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I love our digital scale. I pretty much ignore the body fat and other features, but I like the fact that the weight is spelled right out, and I don't have a chance to "interpret" it. Plus, if you just drop .6lbs between weighings, you can still see it. The only problem I have with it is that if you don't step on to it carefully it will turn itself off (probably wouldn't do that if I was smaller, lol!).
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I finally got a ditigal scale after not having any scale in my home for years. I like it, it keeps track of my weight progress and I think it is pretty accurate, but I have no clue what my doctor has me as weighing. Although my boyfriend and son have got on it and it seemed spot on with their weights. The only thing is I always weight myself like 5 times in a row, because for some reason sometimes I can step on and off and get a slightly different reading, I don't know why that is. I mean it is not by much (less than a pound or so), but I don't know if my scale stinks or it is just the way I am stepping on it. So I will get on and off it until I get the same reading three times in a row, weird huh?
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I have a regular plain old Weight Watchers digital scale that measures weight to one decimal place. I love it. With my old analog scale, it was too easy to "fudge" the numbers... if I didn't have glasses on, if my eyes were fuzzy, etc etc etc...

Now I have a big 'ol red number staring up at me and there's no way to fudge it.

My scale can be fussy with cracks in the floor, so I make sure it's in the EXACT same place everytime (I line it up with markings on my floor). If I drag it over to teh spot, it gets fussy too. So I have to pick it up and gently place it down. I also weigh myself at least three times, letting it recalibrate at least once. If I get a number three times in a row, I take that as my weight. (I take only one official weight per week, too... wednesday mornings)

Hope that helps!
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I have almost the exact same weighting habbits as jen. I have to do it so that I get the same number at least 2x. It will throw wild numbers at me if you don't have your feet in the exact same place too. But I like digital. The number is the number, no guessing of fudging, and I get a tenths place!
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I have a digital and I love it. So much easier than having to figure out just what the analog one was saying. I spent far too much time trying to figure out my "exact" weight on the analog.
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So THAT's why my digi appears to have a scale poltergeist sometimes with the multiple readings... never realized it was because of the tiles on the floor and that I was moving it each time I weighed in.

I still like it more than analog for the same reason as everyone else - the reading is clear with no excuses.
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I personally use an analog scale, always have...probably always will. I wouldn't trust the body fat readings on those scales too much though, they say they're generally off by about 4-8% in either direction depedning on the scale. Also, how much water you have in your system can either make you read higher or lower than your actual body fat percentage. I'd say get someone experienced with calipers to measure your body fat or, if you can afford it, seek out a university and get a hydrostatic body fat test done...they're like $35-40 I think
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I use a weight watchers digital (got it at walmart). I know its silly, but I love seeing that .2 or whatever it is that I lose. also, its not always accurate. sometimes it gives me some number that I know is not accurate--you really have to stand on the right spot, and on flat ground
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Thanks for the advice. I get paid on Wednesday. Guess what I'm buying!

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I had a digital scale and HATED it! After the first time I changed the battery it stopped working well. Regardless of it being in the same place it's go up and down dramatically (weighing-stepping off-weighing=40lb difference!) I suspect that with digital scales you get what you pay for, so I wouldn't go cheap if you go digital.

I've since bought an analog scale and I love it. I really don't care if my weight fluctuates by .2 of a lb, so the analog is prefect for me.
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I have a Tanita digital scale with body fat percentage...I bought it after using a WW official scale at meetings and after visiting my doctor and using the scale in the drs office...the three seemed to agree pretty well, so I take that mean my new Tanita is fairly accurate. With digital, I agree that multiple readings are a good never hurts to double-check these things! I like the body fat percentage on mine...I had my % professionally measured at the university I went to, and it is fairly close to the measurement on my scale...and my % has stayed the same from day to day (which, I don't like because it means I still have WAY to much body fat, but I haven't lost much weight lately either so it makes sense that it would stay close to the same). But, it does matter what time of day you weigh/measure body fat, how much hydration your body has had, etc. That's why I do measurements throughout the week, at different times...these are all unofficial measurements, of course. My official weigh-in day is Thursday before 7am. But I take lots of unofficial measurements throughout the week, just to learn about my body's patterns and see how different things affect my weight.
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I have an analogue scale and I love it. For me, seeing the .5 or .10 of a pound would be too much temptation to a.) weigh myself every day, constantly, and b.) get bummed out if it read 220.7 instead of 220.4 like it did that morning. I also love never having to replace a battery or anything. I'm an old-fashioned scale girl, I think I always will be.
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