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Default Losing Weight for Special Events?

I was just wondering if any of you are trying to lose weight for a special event or are being motivated by a special event.

My boyfriend's 10 year high school reunion is comming up on Labor Day weekend, and I'm hoping to be down to about 200 pounds by then. I'm not really losing weight for this event, but using it to motivate me. I've never met a lot of his high school friends, and I want to walk in feeling confidant.

I was also talking with a friend the other day about dieting, and we both had said that, although neither of us were even engaged yet, we were losing weight sorta for our weddings. I flat out refuse to get married weighing 230 pounds, and I don't wanna have to try an lose a ton of weight really quickly before my wedding. I'd like to just be able to try and lose maybe a few pounds and then alk down the aisle.

How about you? Are any of you using special events to motivate you to lose weight?
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No pain, no gain.
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My 21st birthday is on December 8th a little more than 5 months away and I want to show lots of skin and wear a sexy lil corset top out and look super hot in all of my pictures from the night. I wanna be around 185-goal by then but I'll take things as they come...I just wanna lot amazing.
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Mom to an active 1 yr old
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We plan on going to the beach in I would love to have a really tight stomach to wear a bikini...
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Let's do this!
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An impending trip to the Keys this fall is something I keep in mind. Incidentally, last year I had another fall trip to the beach to get bikini-ready for. It was great motivation to keep me focused through the end of the summer and actually helped me not slack during the winter as I was trying new things to get in shape. While I now have my routine and feel like this maintining thing is going well, it's good to have something to keep my "eye on the prize", so to speak.
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My 10-year H.S. reunion is the end of September, AND I just got a new job as a college professor that I'll start the end of August. I'm trying to lose it slowly and healthfully, but I know that month before my reunion I'm going to feel very tempted to diet like crazy! Even though it's a bit of a stretch, I hope to lose 30 lbs between now and then--that would put my at my lowest weight since 7th grade (still the same height)! I will be happy if I only lose 20 lbs more between now and then, though.
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I have a few events.... a beach vacation in August, my return to school in September, and a very long time down the road, my cousin's wedding in December
I don't have specific #s to be at by those events, I just look at them as motivation as to why I want to look good
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This tread just brought back something I hadn't thought about in awhile. Besides health (which was my biggest factor for loosing weight) one of my motivating factors is when I started last year was my sister was engaged and planning on getting married this summer. Well the guy had a drinking problem and started to get violent so she called it off and kicked his but out. But my thought was I didn't want to be fat in another set of family wedding photos. Good thing is that I didn't let the wedding being called off hinder my weight loss.
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Well.. I want to join the Peace Corps after I graduate from college. That's not for another 3 years, but I will start applying to 2 and want to be at a healthy weight so I will be able to put my best foot forward and also so I don't face problems with medical clearance. I MUST be in the 140s by that time for easy medical clearance.

In the more short term, I want to lose about 15 pounds by the end of the summer.... which might not happen but the closer I get to that, the better. I'd like to look nice at the beginning of the school year. Also, in a year, I'm leaving to work abroad for the summer then spend the entire year studying abroad, so I'd like to be 160 or less so I'll feel confident at clubs.
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Waiting for ONEDERLAND!
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its amazing how much more i pay attention to my weight when there's an event coming up. a friend of my boyfriend is getting married August 18th (and his friend's soon-to-be wife lost a ton of weight on Atkins..) so I'd like to lose.. SOMETHING by then. And then we're going to Hilton Head, SC for a Week (8/25-9/1) and I keep thinking how I have to hang out with my bf's brother's girlfriend who's a size 6 (sigh).

But my ULTIMATE goal I want to reach by my birthday next year (April 2008), but I'd also like to be 170-180 by Xmas or at least have lost something by then if I don't lose anything by August.
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There's a fireman's ball on October 27th, and I kinda want to make an impression on a certain firefighter who will be there. I've known him and kinda been friends with him for over 2 years, and I've had a crush on him the whole time. I know if I tell him how I feel he'd probably waste no time asking me out (I've been told he's wanted to ask me out for a while), but I just don't feel pretty.

I just wanna feel pretty for that one night, and let him see who I really am.
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this is my time
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my first goal is to be back down to 155 by sept 21 which is my wedding anniversary and the weight i was when we got married 5 years ago and i also want to have the rest of the weight off by the end of may 2008. i know i have a long way to go for my first goal but it averages out to 2 pounds a week. and so far so good.
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I'm married to a US Marine. They have a big ball every November to celebrate the USMC's birthday. I hated the way I looked last year (I didn't even get to wear a ballgown because the ones in my size were sooo expensive). So this year, I did the size math and ordered one in the size I should be when I lose 40 pounds. The potential waste of $270.00 is a lot of motivation!
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Going the rest of the way
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I was at my highest weight around Christmas, and there were all sorts of social/family events. I decided that I was sick of ending up on everyone's cameras with a double chin! So, for this Christmas, I want to be more comfortable with my appearance.

Also, I am aware that I will likely be getting married in the next few years (not engaged, but it will happen eventually), and I want to be happy, healthy & in shape by then.
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Back to make it to goal!
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Hey this is a great post!
I am aiming for two events, the biggest one is our 7 year anniversary!! I really have an inkling that this will be the one special Anniversary where I will finally get the ring!

And the second is going to see my mom and dad, I haven't seen them since last September so it'll be nice. Well their both special events in my mind, September is around the corner! Wow!
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Token Rooster? ;)
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Right now I'm trying to make my birthday goal (both of which are SO close I can smell it!) But that aside I really don't have a particular event to aim for -- I live close to my childhood home so I seem to be catching up with friends & family year round. Ok, maybe the winter holidays when everyone's a bit camera crazy.
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