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Well I'm going to be moving back to my hometown. I went to visit last September and most likely will be moving back this September. I want to hear some "wow" and "you look so good"s I've lost 30 lbs since they last saw me and would like to lose 10-15 more by then. It of course won't stop once I move
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What am I waiting for?
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Default wedding

I am in my sisters wedding in 7 weeks and I have to lose some weight for that because the dress I am going to wear is a size 18 the largest the style came in!

I am wearing a size 22/24 dress right now. I am really going to have to work it the next 7 weeks to get into it that dress!

Do you guys think is possible to do that? I have to lose 5 inches of my bust and waist the hips of the dress are flowy so that is ok down there.

I have dropped measurements already from
315+lbs 295lbs

Bust 54 49.5
Waist 44 41.5
Hips 58.5 57
Thigh 32.5 31

The size 18 dress is a 44inch bust and a 38inch waist. Am I dreaming here??
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I have less blubber!
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I wanted to be at goal by the time school starts in late August so everyone would be like "Wow you look great!" since they hadn't seen me all summer. But I don't think I will make goal
BUT I should be down in the 180s by then, which is around where I was when I graduated highschool yippeee!!

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Sockmonkey - You may not be able to reach your goal, but you will be pretty darn close!!!

I am going to be going to school starting in the middle of September and I want to look & feel great!! That is my motivation! I am also going on 28 in January and want to meet someone special!
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Hmm - I don't have a specific event coming up. But I get my Master's in December and will be looking for a new job (and possibly be moving to a new city). So I want to be at a comfortable weight by then and be able to fit into all my interview clothes I already have (actually I think I'll deserve a shopping spree when I get to my goal weight )
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I want to be in maintance by the time I head back to school and see my boyfriend again. Although I'm still not sure if I'll be happy at 120 or if I'll want to go to 115... We shall see. Either way the summer is only half over!
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I just kept thinking I'd at least like to be at 150 by my birthday (April) and then see if I should go down 20 more pounds or so then. My friend is also getting married a few days after my bday so that's something I wanna look hot for.

This post made me think of smaller goals to fight for though so I don't have that "oh, I have plenty of time" mind set.

So, I would like to be at or below 175 by my anniversary....Aug 18th. That gives me 6 weeks to lose 17 pounds. I CAN do it.

Then I'd like to be in the 160s by Christmas.

If I do these goals I should make my 150 goal by April no problem. And it's realistic. Right?
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We have a tentative trip to California in mid-January and also my 10 year high school reunion coming up next summer (if our class president gets his *** in gear and plans something...our 5 year reunion was pathetically lame). I'm trying really hard not to do the "I have plenty of time" thing, though.

I would like to see 150 by January, which would be an almost 7 pound loss each month from now through December and be at goal by the beginning of next summer. I think I would feel ok wearing a swimsuit at 5' 6" and 150, not perfect but better than 191

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Back to the beginning....
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I would like to loose the last 6 lbs by the time I leave to go to the Nascar race in August. That has been my big goal since I started. I just made smaller ones to get me there.
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Doing it.
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I'm going to Toronto later this month and would like to at least lose 5 pounds for that.

But the big one is my best bud is getting married in January and I'm the maid of honor! The dress is beautiful but would look HORRIBLE on me as I am now. I would love to lose at least 50 pounds by then. Not gonna happen, but we shall see! And also my friend will be coming to see me during that time as well. I don't want to look frumpy!
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