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Here are my goals for February:

            my non-diet goals are:
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                Okay here goes my goals for Feb... and I just got back on program so I'm hoping I can make it through the month!!

                1. Write down everything I eat and stay within my Points target!! (I am on the Weight Watchers program, and where I used to have no problem staying within my points every day-- as I hit my goal of 125, and was even thinner than that, last year-- I now cannot seem to keep with it! But I;m not giving up!!!)

                2. Get into sufficient shape to return to dance classes. I am in a very competitive dance Irish step dancing program, and I just feel miserable going there when I am overweight. It is terrible that my weight should keep me from doing what I love SO MUCH but it is true.

                3. Drink 48 oz of water a day

                4. Stay away from soda, lattes, and all sources of caffiene, with the exception of my morning cup of coffee

                5. Stop spending money on clothes... but wait that's not really a dieting-oriented goal. Hahah oh well.

                And there you have it pretty much! I am not going to venture a number of pounds that I want to lose.... I find that that can set me up for disaster. Best for me to think of the whole.

                Good luck with everything guys!
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                Shopaholic Anonymous
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                S/C/G: 180/148/127

                Height: 5'5"ish


                Oh and one more thing... I am going to try to keep coming to 3fc message boards, because they really help me stay on track.
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                Lose that Baby Weight!
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                My Goals for Febraury

                Fitness -
                • Run 3 times/week
                • No drinking my calories
                • Eat Breakfast Everyday
                • Track all food in nutridiary
                • Restaurant food only 1X/Week
                • Lose 4 lbs
                • Drink 64 oz h20 per day

                Life -
                • Take more pride in your appearance
                • Learn to keep a household
                • Develop a budget
                • Cook @ least 1 meal/week
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                I'm gettin' there
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                My Feb. 2007 goals:

                *Exercise for 1800 minutes

                *Drink 60 oz. of water per day

                *Keep tracking what I eat each day

                *Lose 7lbs

                *Stay positive, take it one day at a time
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                yoyos are toys not people
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                february goals:

                wake up before 10, even on days i don't have to work.
                move at least three days a week for 30 minutes.
                journal EVERYTHING, every day. and don't rip out the page if i don't like what i wrote down.
                lose 10lbs (but that might be lofty...i'd be happy with 8)
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                Skinny Chick in Training
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                Hope it is ok I post here I am new to the board...

                My goals for February are:

                1. Lose 10 lbs.
                2. Do my Fly Lady Chores.
                3. Keep ahead and be prepared for every day of my childrens homeschool work.
                4. Start becoming my children's consultant.
                5. Keep to my meal plan and keep tracking my calories.
                6. Calm down and get through my surgery.
                7. Take my iron everyday.
                8. Start Power 90 once I have the ok.

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                One day at a time.
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                February Goals:

                1) Journal everything that goes in my mouth.

                2) Elliptical 5 days a week. Weights 2-3 days a week.

                3) Drink 64oz of water a day.

                4) Eat more salads. Experiment with different fruits, veggies, and dressings.

                5) DON'T over eat or drink during the Superbowl or Daytona 500!!!

                6) Stay in touch at "3FC"
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                Default Hello Everyone

                I am new to the board, I just joined today and I thought that a good way to start was to post my February goals to keep me on task.

                1. Drink more water.
                2. NO MORE FAST FOOD. However, if I am out of town and fast food is neccessary, I will choose the healthiest options on the menu.
                3. Preplan my meals for the day.
                4. No more quick trips to the store to buy chocolate cookies in times of stress.
                5. Focus on my long term goals rather than immediate comfort.
                6. When I feel the desire to waver, log on to the forum and redirect my energy towards providing encouragement for others to maintain their goals instead of focusing only on myself.

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                My goals:

                * Drink more water (I really do hate water... trying to drink more tea and crystal light, which technically counts as water)
                * Continue working out every morning for an hour on the eliptical (sometimes on the weekends I really have to give myself that extra shove into the gym)
                * NO MORE BINGING (...)
                * Drink alcohol only 1-2 nights a week (doable...)
                * Look for less expensive healthy food items (the healthier I get the more I spend)
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                1) Plan and log all meals
                2) Stick to plan and try eat as little processed foods as possible
                3) Work out 4 times a week
                4) Study very hard for my first two weeks of midterms in February
                5) Be consistent!
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                back at it
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                Height: 5'8"


                -1500 minutes of exerecise
                -fit into my bridesmaid dress (March 3rd!)
                -take care of all "back burner" to do list for work, cause its stressful
                -go to the dentist
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                Monthly review time, ladies!
                Ack, I did awful on my goals......

                My goals for February:

                1) In keeping with the exercise challenge, move for 800 minutes. NOPE
                2) Lose 6 lbs (hopefully more!) -- hit 193. UM, GAINED A LB
                3) Drink 2L of water/day THIS ONE'S BEEN PRETTY CONSISTENT
                4) Stay on top of course readings ERRR... DON'T ASK!
                5) Plan my meals EVERY DAY (including weekends!!) MAYBE 85% SUCCESSFUL
                6) Keep consumption of refined sugars to a minimum! HA! RIGHT.

                So one goal was pretty much met, one goal was almost met, and the rest were trashed!

                How'd the rest of you fare?
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                1. Lose 8-10 more pounds by March 1st - HA I have maybe lost like 6 since I started in January, even though I bust my butt so I'm about ready to give up
                2. Better control my diet and try to get more protein - didn't do too bad
                3. Stop sabotaging the weekends - MUCH better
                4. Increase exercise to 60 minutes a day and continue with that - a few short days but I more than made up for it
                5. Try 2 new foods...that will be the most difficult - spinach was a failure, fiber bars worked, kashi is great cereal

                Non-exercise goals
                1. stop nagging Tim about stupid stuff (like smacking and speeding) - haha yeah...
                2. stop leaving papers on the floor beside the couch after I read them, like mail and newspapers - so they were there for 2 days...
                3. keep up with laundry better - Tim has no drawer space when ALL his clothes are clean at the same time

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                I did ok this month.

                * Continue the C25K program Did except for last week when I had a bad cough.
                * Plan my weekends Um let say I did this 50%. I did this the weekends that I did not go to my sisters for the weekend.
                * Start my outlines for my classes and stay on top of my homework. Compeleted
                * Continue doing my dishes daily so they don't get piled up (I know its a random one).Did everyday!!!
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