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Ladies, when DS woke up today he was hurting so much he couldn't even bend to put his shoes and socks on. I tried to get him in to our family Dr. but the office was closed for vacation. So, I took Shane to the ER. The Dr. said it looked like a fiddleback spider bite. It had a 4" circumference of hot, red skin with lots of swelling and a black necrotic center. He was running a high temp. and feeling sick at his stomach. They put him on 2 different antibiotics and some pain pills, plus gave him a shot of Demerol (which made him throw up). I have to take him back on Friday to have it lanced and drained. Since it is on his right lower abdomen, he now has swelling in the right inguinal canal. My poor kiddo is miserable. The Dr. gave him a note saying that he can't do PT at Army Drill this weekend, but I don't know if the Army will heed this note or not.

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