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Hello Friend
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Hi ladies, I'm doin' fine today, back down to where I was befor last weekend. I'm going to try and add my next goal to my sig. to remind me every day.

Hi Jay, I thought we lost you , glad your back!

BB, Thanks for the encouragement & Congrats on the loss! I will have to work hard but I think I can reach my new goal by the end of August.

Robin, I checked out your blog, and your shop looks great!

Lily , Your garden sounds awesome! Fresh corn on the cob is one of my favorite things. Fresh veggies are great for filling you up with few calories.

I'm going to put some stakes on the BBQ now, Have a nice day everyone!
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Hello all. I have a new motto for wt loss. It's especially good when the losses are coming slowly. OK, here goes. Better down than up. Yep, that's it. If I stay at the same wt - at least it didn't go up. If I lost a 1/2 lb great, better down than up. Or maybe what goes up must come down - it simply must. I'll just keep repeating my "willpower willpower willpower" beetlejuice style until it works.

Lost 1 more lb. YEEHOOO. I was shocked. I thought my wishy washy dieting would stall me. It slowed it, but the loss goes on! Only 5 lbs above my last low marker. Almost there - willpower willpower willpower.

LILLY, I am so jealous of your garden! I didn't plant much - tiny little "beginner" garden that grows a little each year. I get overambitious every year then don't quite get it all done, but it grows a little more each year. I got 6 little cherry tomatoes today. 6 - gosh that's 3 for each of us!

Jay, glad to see you. Hang in there with us, we can all go a long way together.

Congrats to all the big losers in our group this week. And the little losers. Personally, I think we're all just a bunch of losers (haha). And we should be!

Keep your stick-to-it-ness up and will check in again soon!
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I need some willpower dust today. I'm mad at the darn scale. I was so proud of myself for sticking to plan on the weekend. I've been in the 1200-1401 calorie range now for quite some time. Haven't strayed. Eating healthy with mostly fruits, veggies, small quantities of lean meat. Working my butt off in the garden. Using the treadmill. What happens? I weigh this morning and up 2 lbs. So darn frustrating. My belly feels and looks flat, I thought surely I had lost a lb. or two or at least maintained. I got ripped. I'm trying to convince myself that it's just water weight and will go away quickly. I haven't eaten enough to possibly have gained fat. Heck, I'm going to bed hungry to keep from eating. I'm trying not to let this derail me and lead me to eating bad cause I'm [email protected]@ed. Somebody slap me back to reality and tell me that it is normal for wt. to fluctuate a couple of lbs. cause I need to hear it. Coming from myself it sounds like a cop out! Sorry for the rant.

Kel, I haven't gotten any cherry tomatoes yet, I planted mine late but they do have flower buds on them now, so I should be getting some soon. My big tomatoes are doing great though. I have some cute little jalapenos hanging on my plants now. I found that I love the fresh green beans so much that I planted a bunch more of them last week. They are now a couple inches high. (they grow really good in hot weather and growing much faster this time than when I planted the ones in the late spring). My bell peppers, okra, corn, pumpkins, watermelon, cucumbers, cantaloupes will all be ready to eat later. I don't know what I'll do with the pumpkins, LOL, just couldn't resist planting them. I will need recipes for fresh pumpkin use.

Next yr. I want my garden about twice as big as it is this year. I find that I really love working in it. Plus love the fresh food. This will mean a lot of work for me and DH as the spot that we will expand in has some huge rocks that are mostly buried that will have to be removed.
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Still Fighting
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Good afternoon ladies!

RobinW - thats a girl!, just get back on and keep on keepin' on. its the only way to be successful.

beachbum - sometimes a day off is just the ticket! enjoy!

lillybelle - my garden is growing like crazy too! it finally rained some this weekend and it seems like overnight i have bell peppers, squash and tomatoes..gotta love fresh veggies

punce - steaks on the grill sound so yummy...hope you have a great day!

Akel - congrats on the pound, and its true, better down!

Did my groc shopping before the temp hits the 90s some chicken thighs for 78cents a pound, i cooked a huge pack of those with some dry rub. i cooked okra and oven roasted green beans. all done cooking for now.
Im gonna surf a little more and maybe take a nap, looovvveee sundays

have a good day!!!
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Lovin' Life
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Thanks Puncezilla!! Its been long haul, but its been worth it Did you go back far enough to see the before pictures?

Im struggling with the program, Im not wanting to stay on induction. I think Im ready for ww points, w/low carb choices. Im drooling at the thought of cottage cheese w/peaches and cinnamon for lunches whodathunkit?!?!! I think once my lc quiche is done, I'll switch over.
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Hello Friend
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S/C/G: 230/205/140

Height: 5'7"


Good afternoon,

Ignore the scale Lily you couldn't posibly have gained on that few calories I'm sure its just normal fluctuations. You are making me drool with all the veggie talk, I had to put fresh green beans on my shopping list. Now I'm wishing I had put in a garden. Maybee It's not to late for green beans.

Yay for all the losers!
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