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Default whatzup?

DS has moved back home. He is despondent, heartbroken and depressed. He brought a puppy with him. Anyone looking for a sweet little puppy? She's a Staffordshire terrier. AKA Pitbull, although our other dog is half pitbull and she is the sweetest doggie ever so don't believe the pitbull horror stories. I think I'm a little on the depressed side too. It's so hard to watch your kid go through the first love breakup.

Any new Christmas displays? My hairstylist gave me a beautiful wreath she made. Wasn't that nice?

Kiwi, I always get that "I'm soooo busy" thing from my DH too. And he's famous for not putting the trash out on garbage day. I don't think it qualifies for grounds for divorce, although it may be grounds for cutting them off. How is the meals on wheels delivery going?

Did I scare everyone off?

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