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User Name: Mickey
Real Name: Mickey

Married~to my best friend~ almost 47 yrs. Age: ? (but you can see I am over 21!) But I believe that age is a state of mind, and I am not ready to settle down and get old.
Two children, Two grandchildren, one dog (don't let her hear me call her that) and an Africian Grey Parrot.

Occupation: I think I finally have retirement down! This is my third attempt! I was a Paralegal, then worked for the school district in the Special Education Dept. Before those, I sold real estate. I now do volunteer work one day a week at the school (middle school). I love that age kids!

TOPS: I joined TOPS in the late 80's. Was a KOPS and am now working on being one again. I have held every office and enjoyed each one, some more than others. My chapter meets on Thursday nights. I love going to Area Recognition Days and State Recognitation Days, and have been to a couple of IRD's. I have also attended Retreats. (I would encourage everyone to consider attending a retreat. You get so much out of them, it is a real motivator!)

Weight: 175/ goal 160/ plan to get 7 under to 153!!!!!

Location: North Central TEXAS!

Hobbies: I love to read, do yard work, some needle work, I also volunteer at a nursing home where my mother-in-law is a resident. And I love doing things with my grandsons. We attend ball games, trap shooting, theater, school functions. We stay so busy sometime we just run away to the lake, where it is quiet and there are no phones!
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