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Angry New bio.Updated as of June 10,2001

If you find any mistakes in info let me know.I just tried to put them all together as some were at the end plus I kept bringing it to the top.Anyone can copy and paste and put it on a word document.Hopefully new people will post their bio's here.This seemed like a good idea at the time. When you do put your bio's if you don't mind it is nice if you put your age and what state you are from.We are all a little curious

User name- Christian Real name- Christie
Location- Missouri Occupation- cashier at a Dollar Mart
Kids- 2 girls, Megan 4 and Marissa age 7
Married- 6 years to a wonderful guy (Jason)
When I started Tops- May of 2000
Weight when started- 155 weight now- 142 Goal weight- 135
Anything else- I started dieting in May of 1999 at 184 pounds and a size 18-20, I found out about Tops and knew it would help me to stay on track , I used the sugar busters program and prayer to get where I am today and the companionship of all my wonderful Tops Pals has kept me motivated to reach the goal I have set 184/142/135

User Name - lady06498 Real Name - Sherri
Location - NY
Occupation - I clean houses for people on my own. I have a total of 6 houses that I clean.
Kids - 1 daughter megan 2 1/2 years old
Married - I was married July 2000 to a wonderful man (John). We had been together 12 years before we were married.
When I started TOPS - November 16, 2000
Weight When Started - 168 1/4 lbs. Weight Now - 163 3/4 lbs. Goal Weight - 140

Anything Else - When I started to do different diets to lose weight I was at my highest weight ever. I was 193lbs. after having my daughter and stayed there or about 3 lbs lighter for the next 1 1/2 years. I got serious last jan. and started the ww123 plan at home on my own. With the help of the internet and the boards. I was in a size 18 1 year ago and now I am in a size 14. So I have dropped 2 sizes in one year. I joined tops because I wanted the weekly weigh ins and I felt that if I reported to a bunch of people every week that it would help me stay on track better, and it has. Tops was what I needed to stay motivated. I get the most support here though to be honest with you. Thank you all for that.

User name: Summer8386 Name: Summer Location: Mountains of Colorado
Birthdate: 4/10 Age: 46
Status: Married Children: 2 wonderful girls, 17 and 14
Starting weight: 230 ¾ Present weight: 169 ¼
Goal weight: 170 (want to lower goal 10#'s)
Date joining TOPS : 10/92 - 8 years !!
Hobbies: TOPS, walking, driving, helping others by involvement in volunteer organizatons

Real name:Eleni*Mom*Grandma
I live in Tarpon Springs Fl.In fact I was born here and am among the few native Floridian's.
Age:54 Will be 55 on March 08,2001
Marital Status:Married for 2nd time.But I got it right this time.I have a wonderful husband who is always supportive of me in whatever I do.He has been such a good father to my children that they always tell people he is their Dad.
Never step-Dad.
Children/Agesogether we have 8 children from 27 years old to 37 years old.3 boys and 5 girls.We also have 9 grandchildren
{ 1 yr olds to 12 years old} 4 boys and 5 girls.Holidays are very noisy
Occupation:I did work in a power plant and I made electricity.I retired early on Feb 2001.But will have to get another job as retirement isn't enough to pay the bills.But will be able to be home everynight ,weekends and holidays.Something I haven't done in over 20 years Did not quite get exactly what I wanted.I am now a security officer for Wackenhut.I do work only days and get at least one weekend day off.My daughter told me I looked more relaxed than they could ever remember.
Pets:A very spoiled cat named Simon
Hobbies/Interests:I enjoy the computer and wish I knew more.Someday I want to make a web site.I also like reading,movies,watching TV. I am easily amused.
I joined TOPS in January of 1998.I starting gaining weight in 1990.Up until then I had always been thin.TOPS has helped more than anything.I have held several positions in TOPS.Secretary to Leader to Co-leader and I am now weight recorder.I fill in where needed and am sort of a jack of all trades.
Starting Weight:315 + Present Weight:282 (I have regained 20# since October}
Goal Weight:150
Biggest hurdle to overcome in weightloss:Staying focused.Portion control and keeping exercising going.Same hurdles as everyone else. Do have some health problems with heart which are posing quite a hurdle.
My main plan is to eat healthy and work on portion control and exercising.
TOPS has been a great support for me and this site has also been a great help.
Feel free to e-mail me anytime. [email protected]
I really enjoy getting e-mail from other TOPS telling how they are doing.

User name- Dimples Real name- Marie
Location- Alberta, Canada Occupation- Customer Service Rep
Kids- 20 year old stepdaughter, 2 dogs and 2 cats Married- 16 years to Kevin
When I started Tops- November of 2000
Weight when started- 288 (highest) 265.5 when started TOPS
weight now- 240 Goal weight- 165
Anything else- I have always struggled with my weight but have done a lot better since joining TOPS.

Name: Tamara Username: icewoman Birthdate: July 1 Age: 26
Marital Status: Married 2 1/2 years. Children: 6 yr old girl and 3 year old boy
Location: North Dakota
Starting Weight: 303 pounds--Feb. 1999 Present Weight: 297 pounds
Goal Weight: 150 pounds
When did you join TOPS: Feb of 1999
Hobbies: cross-stitching, walking, reading,listening to the music (country mostly), playing with the kids
E-Mail Address: [email protected]

username – topsgirl name – kathy birthdate - 10/6 age - 35
single children - my dog, molly 6yrs old
location - corning, ny
occupation: deburr technician (fancy name for a laborer, lol)
years in tops - 5(i think)
interests - walking, nutrition, reading, computers,dancing
starting weight this year - 242.5 present weight - 214.5 goal weight - 160
tops starting date: 2-26-96 anything else: i would like to say that 5 years in tops is a long time to only lose 27 lbs, BUT if it weren't for my tops pals at my meeting and on this board i would have been gaining all this time. thanks for being there!!!

User name: Mompen Real Name: Penny
Location: Louisiana
Occupation: You name it, (we own a business, so inventory, sales, bookkeeping, etc.)
Kids: 2 boys, Hunter,15 mo. and Nicholas,3 mo. Married: 1 1/2 years to Brad
When I started Tops: August 1998
Weight when starting: 174 Weight now: 187 Goal weight: 140
Anything else: Since I have had my two kids, I have put on weight. I have 13 pounds to go before I get to where I was before I had kids, and then another 34 pounds! I love this place!

Name: Donna User Name: donna p
Birthdate: Mar.11 Age: 55 (soon to be 56)
Maritial Status: married 33 yrs to my best friend.
Children - Colleen (32) Craig (29)
(both married to wonderful people who are like my own kids)
Grandkids - 2 (Taylor 7-boy, Jordan 7 mos-girl)
Pets - 2 very large dogs and 4 magnificient cats
Location: Surrey, BC , Canada
Start weight - 1 yr ago – 273 Present weight – 256 Goal - 150
When did you join TOPS. not yet but will be in the first week of March
Job: Accountant - work from home/own business
Hobbies: hanging out with friends and or family, crafts, partying, volunteer work (right now I am going into the womens prison)
music, sun tanning, etc. etc.
email: [email protected]

User name:dharma
Real Name:Julia Birthday March 17 40 this year
Location:Oakville, Ontario, Canada
Occupation: admin assistant
Kids: none, I'm allergic
Married: 6 months (lived together for 15)
When I started Tops: Fall 2000
Weight now: 211
Goal weight: 140

User Name: Hockeychic Real Name: Kim
Location: Ontario, Canada Occupation: Insurance Broker
Kids: Son 11 and Daughter 8
Married: Since 1987 dated 6 years before that.
When I started Tops: Jan 2001
Starting Weight: 177 Current Weight: 177 Goal Weight 135
Anything else: I am famous for starting a diet every Monday and by Monday afternoon stopping at McD's. This time I am going to do it. Not for my hubby or my kids but for me. I want to look and feel good for me. With all your support I will get there.

User name: Equinet Real Name: Alannah
Location: Nova Scotia, Canada
Occupation: sessional teaching at a university
Kids: 0 (not having any either)
Married: not yet - but with same person for 11.5 years now
When I started Tops: March 2000
Weight when starting: 231
Weight now: 222 (was 219 but gained over xmas)
Goal weight: doctor set 160 for now but will change to 140 when I get close
Anything else: since I don't have any children of the human persuasion - I have 2 dogs and a horse instead (2 girls and a boy). They are my children. The two dogs are 11.5 years and 8 months and the horse is 19.

Real Name = Sara
Hometown = Mesa, AZ
Single (never married)
Children = 0 of my own do childcare on weekends
Hobbies = Cross Stitching, Surfing the WEB, TOPS
Like to ride stationary bike for main form of exercise
Joined TOPS June 22, 2000
Weight Recorder for Chapter

User Name-hinchley
Real Name-Lori birthday 2-9-64 36 yrs old
Location-Janesville Wisconsin Kids-Haley 12,Seth 7 Divorced
When I Started-275 Weight Now-246 Goal Weight-175
Anything Else-Have found I have gained alot of encouragement from going to my Tops meetings every week to weigh in and many new friends as well.
[email protected]

Name: Stephanie
Username: stephnms (a.k.a. Steph In Mississippi)
Birthdate: August 5th Age: 29
Marital Status: Married 6 yrs to Shawn. Children: 3 yr old son named Matthew
Location: Central Mississippi
Starting Weight: 250 pounds--May 1999 Present Weight: 220 pounds
Goal Weight: 150 pounds
When did you join TOPS: June 2nd, 2000
Hobbies: dancing, writing, reading and being with my family
E-Mail Address: [email protected]

real name-Suzie username Redhen
Married to Stevie for 25 years-my best friend, now and forever!
4 daughters, 19, 15, 12, 9
I am a Mom, but returned to college after being home 18 years-so also a student-history major. I live in Southern Calif.
I just went to my first TOPS meeting last night-so they didn't really weigh me yet, that will come next week-but i think about 215 lbs
goal is 150
I lost almost 100 lbs on my own, but when i began to regain (only 20lbs) i decided i needed some more support-so i joined TOPS
Pets-is there room for all of this?-lets see-2 crazy cats, 1 big shaggy dog, a bird, a bunny, a pet rat, some goldfish, and an aquarium full of tropical fish

[email protected]

User Name joe anne Name Joanne
I am 35 years old, married to Cameron 17 years, I have a boy 17, girl 13, boy 5, I currently work as a Cashier/Hostess in a resturant in a casino, here in Arizona.
My starting weight for TOPS was 294 3/4, my current is 279 which took about 7 months to get to.
My e-mail is [email protected]

Name: Nijuana Username: WeLoveTheChiefs
(a.k.a. Incredibly Huge Kansas City Chiefs Football Fan)
Birthdate: April 5th Age: 33
Marital Status: Married 1 year to Todd.
Children: 16 yr old son named Kenny, 14 yr old son named Michael Kristopher, 13 yr old daughter named Nijuana Brittni-Day, and 2 yr old foster son named BJ
Location: Kansas City, Missouri
Starting Weight: 276 pounds--January 2000
Present Weight: 210 pounds Goal Weight: 130 pounds
When did you join TOPS: 1993
Hobbies: weightloss, reading, playing with the baby, attempting to convince my 3 teenagers that I'm a lot smarter than they think I am, spending cozy romantic evenings with my truly wonderful husband, fixing up our new place that we just bought at the lake!!!
E-Mail Address: [email protected]

User Name TkMagic Name Tami
I am 36 years old, been married for 16 1/2 years, have 2 daughters (14 and 15), and own my own pet store business, which keeps me very busy and usually very stressed. Along with my daughter, my mother and sister-in-law come to our meetings also

User Name Magirl36 Name Dawn Single From Mass. 181.5/180/145

Name: Deb Username: deb130
Birthdate: January 4th Age: 28
Marital Status: Married 8 yrs (Oct.) to William.
Children: 7 yr old son named Winston
Location: Southeast Texas
Starting Weight: 260 pounds--January 2000 Present Weight: 209 pounds
Goal Weight: 130-150 pounds
When did you join TOPS: May 16, 2000
Hobbies: fitness and nutrition, family, reading, crafts
E-Mail Address: [email protected]

E MAIL ME AT [email protected]

Name: Sarah User name: kalasmom
Birthdate: July 10 Age: 21
Marital Status: 9 months Children: Micaela age 3
Location: Ventura, California
Starting Weight: 270 pounds Present Weight: 262 pounds
Goal Weight: 160 pounds
Hobbies: I enjoy quite walks in the park and playing with my daughter and her daddy.
When did you join TOPS: July 22, 1999 E-mail: [email protected]

Name: Joyce Username: Joyce W
Birthdate: November 18 Age: 40
Marital Status: Married 14 yrs to a great guy.
Children: 19 yr old daughter
Location: Rural area near San Antonio, TX
Starting Weight: 223 Present Weight: 222 Goal Weight: 135
When did you join TOPS: First 4/98 Rejoined 7/26/00
Hobbies: Reading, Camping, Gardening, Internet
E-Mail Address: [email protected]

Name: Claire Username: Waterbaby Age: 47
Birthday: Halloween
Married: Jeff -- my soulmate and Kyle Petty lookalike.
Date joined TOPS: 10/9/00
Highest weight: 262.75 Present weight: 257
Goal weight: 119 (I have small bones on a lanky frame)
Location: Columbia, TN
email: [email protected]
Work: database analyst, voiceover actor Also a trained operatic mezzo-soprano.
Hobbies: needlework, interior design, reading, laughing. Also NASCAR.

Name: Elisa Username: Elisann
Birthdate: August 31st Age: 29
Marital Status: Married almost 2 yrs to Marc
Children: 3 daughters, Myranda 10, Bobbi 8, Madeline 3
Location: Washington
Starting Weight: 347lbs—September 2000
Present Weight: 339 lbs-October 2000
Goal Weight: 175 pounds
When did you join TOPS: September 26, 2000
Hobbies: reading and spending time with my family, making a few crafts (not much time for this), searching the web for TOPS friends and motivation
E-Mail Address: [email protected]

Name: Christine Username: Snookems Age: 26 Birthday: January 27
Married: Engaged
Date joined TOPS: Jan.19/99
Highest weight: 231 Present weight: 226 Goal weight: 150
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
email: [email protected]
Work: Administrative Assistant Hobbies: reading, travelling, walking

Name: Joan Username: Blossom58 Birthdate: 4/21 Age: 58
Marital Status: Married 39yrs. to a great man.
Children: Boy and girl, both married. 1 grandaughter and another on the way (June) Location: Central Maine
Starting Weight: 152# Summer of 1969
Present Weight: 175 1/4# Goal Weight: 150 Gem Weight: 160#
When did you join TOPS? Summer of 1969.
Hobbies: Golf, Gardening, Fishing,& Crafts
Work: Retired
E-Mail: [email protected]

name...Vicky Trent username..angelsglitter
age..43 birthday..Sept 3,married 24 years
date joined..Nov 2000 highest wt.279 present wt.262 goal wt..175 or 190
location..Arkansas [email protected]
Hobbies..internet,,studying the bible, swimming,shopping,make blankets,

Name- Jessica Username- flutterbychic
Birthday- January 12 Age 13
Marital Status- single
Children- 0 Location- missouri
Present weight- 132 Goal weight- 120
Joined Tops in July 2000
Weight when joined Tops- 144
Hobbies- cheerleading,T.V, and scrapbooks
E-mail address [email protected]

User name- pantsrtight Real name- Julie
Location- Seattle-Occupation-at home mom
Kids- a son, 12 months
Married- 2 years
When I started Tops- March 2001
Starting weight- 172
Goal weight - 150
present weight- 1st weigh-in tonight...
Anything else- I am so happy to have found this site! Good luck to all of you, and keep your fingers x'd for me re: tonight's 1st weigh-in!

username wrbedell realname- Wendy
children one son, Brandon 2
Location: Onondaga, Michigan
age 37 birthday 10/21
joined TOPS 3/12/01
Weight 232
Goal Weight 128
hobbies: cooking, reading, internet, family
new hobbies: biking, exercising
anything else- Back to the weight I was in highschool, with the same feeling. (I didn't see myself as fat, I could see other people as fat, but not myself).
I want to lose weight for myself, than my husband and son. I want to change my old habits, so they don't become his new ones.
I want something better for him than the feelings I have about myself.

User Name: Yertle the Turtle, Name: Marilyn
Mother of one girl, age 6.
age 39
Location:Rhode Island.
Goals: be healthier,a good example for my daughter.
Rejoined TOPS: 2/26/01.
My goal at the moment is 220--which will move me from the extremely obese to the severely obese. I am 10 1/2 lbs away from this first goal.
I am using a limited calorie version of the Mediterranean diet.

Username coolcajun
real name Becky
DoB 8/25 age 31
Children: 2 boys Jacob 4 and Nathan 2
Married to Steve for 5 1/2 years
start weight was 294 1/2 Nov. 2000 Weight now 234 1/2 Goal weight is 180
I dont have a group close to me to be able to go to so I depend online support and friends.
I love music and to dance.

User Name: Flgal
Real Name: Nita
Age: 59 (My 81 year old friend tells me that a lady that tells her age will tell anything.)
Location: Titusville, FL
Spouse: Jim (We've been married 42 years)
Children: Michael and Jeffrey, both adults. 3 grandchildren.
Started Tops Jan. 16, 1995.
Highest weight was 232, present weight 192.25, goal weight 150. I am 5'5". I have been yo-yoing, but have been able to keep my weight down a lot better since I joined tops.
Pets: 2 spoiled cats. Ginger, a brown and white long hair and Zorro, a large black and white cat.
Exercise: I walk 2 miles at least 4, usually 5 times a week.
Hobbies and Interest: I love Tops and the friends that I have made there. There are 45 members in our chapter, and they are all great gals. I like working with the computer and have done my share of crafts, but don't do much of that anymore. Genealogy is another hobby that my husband and I both enjoy.

User Name: Midian
Real Name: Suzanne
Age: 39
Location: China Grove, North Carolina
Spouse: Scott (married 4 years - together for 8 years)
Children: Lee (19) - he is in college, and on his own
2 girls - Shelby (4) and Kaleigh (3) (pronounced Kal-le)
Pets: One black and white cat Scully - the 4th child
Joined TOPS: January 18, 2001
Starting weight: 403.25 (also my highest weight)
Present weight: 373.50
Goal weight: 180
Exercise: Just started walking 7/10ths a mile everyday last week.
Anything Else: I really enjoy my TOPS group. Just got back from our SRD two weeks ago. And if it wasnt for our Budding Butterfly (Divisions 1 and 7) group I probably would not still be attending.
Hobbies: crafts, needlepoint, crocheting, cooking (especially Healthy Exchanges recipes), Genealogy, and Reading

Name: Amy Elizabeth (same as my screen name!!)
Age: 29
Location: Massachusetts
Spouse: Rick of a mere 7 months!
Children: None yet but will be trying in September
Pets: none
Joined Tops: 4/95
Start Wt: 167 Current wt: 171 Goal wt: 135
Exercise: walk every day! more for mental than physical.
Anything else: Had a crazy year last year. Bought a house, gutted house, got married, went back to night school, got laid off in Dec and started new job in Feb.

**I guess you could say I was stress eater**
Hobbies: Trying to learns the ins and outs of being a wife, school (Boston College!!!), and trying to stay in control.

Hi! This is the first time I've posted to this list. My name is Connie and I'm from Oklahoma. I've been a TOPS member for a little over 2 years, starting weight 300, present weight 295, goal weight 150.... As you can see, I haven't done well, but keep hanging in there! I think that the extra support of a message board like this on a daily basis will help me stay on track. I am co-leader of our group for the second year in a row.
I am married to John for 13 years and we have a 10 1/2 year old son, Jonathon. We both also have adult children (a girl and boy each) and combined 13 grandchildren...
For pets we have two dogs, Lady and Lucky, and a very spoiled cat, Tigger...
I enjoy crafts, sewing, quilting, reading, writing, garage sales, my flowers outside, and just country living in general.
Look forward to getting to know you gals!
TOPS hugs,

My user name is Lambo, and my real name is Laurie.

I live in Central New York
I am a stay-at-home mom with 3 children. My 2 girls are 8 and 6, my son is 4.
I have been married to my best friend, Dale, for 10 years.
I started TOPS in Sept. of 2000.
My starting weight was 249, I am now 219, and my goal is 170.
I am a volunteer person. I am treasurer in my TOPS chapter, a Sunday school teacher to 1st and 2nd graders, and I am a Brownie co-leader. I am always in and out of the elementary school helping with one thing or another. I also do home daycare.

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Default My update

User name- Dimples
Real name- Marie
Birthday-October 6, 1960
Location- Alberta, Canada
Occupation- Customer Service Rep
Kids- 21 year old stepdaughter, 2 dogs and 2 cats
Married- 17 years (in September) to Kevin
When I started Tops- November of 2000
Weight when started- 288 (highest) 265.5 when started TOPS
weight now- 209.25 Goal weight- 165
Anything else- I have always struggled with my weight but have done a lot better since joining TOPS.
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Thumbs down First Time here...


This is my first post but what better one than to introduce myself. I have enjoyed reading all of your bios and hope that we get to know each other better...

User Name: CuthberL
Real Name: Lisa
Age: 37
Location: Clifton, Arizona (southeastern corner)
Spouse: George (married 11 years - together for 13 years)
Children: John (6) and Ryan (almost 4)
Pets: OLD mutt, Cabo (we love him!)
Joined TOPS: April, 1998
KOPS: October, 1998
Starting weight: 175 (TOPS), 195 (pre-TOPS, August, 1997)
Present weight: 148
Goal weight: 148
Exercise: Walk 3-4 days a week for 2-3 miles, water aerobics once a week.
Anything Else: I credit TOPS with my weight loss success. Without this great group of friends, I don't know if I would have lost the weight. Would like to find other KOPS... Let me know if you are out there!
Hobbies: reading, walking, playing on the Internet, big OPRAH fan, spending time with my kids and DH, gardening (most of the time!), being outdoors, spending time with friends, horseback riding

PS Being that I am new, would really like to know if there is a KOPS/Weight Maintenance thread, board, chatroom, or something! Someone please help me!!!

I'll see more of you!
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Location-We've called England home for the past 5 years! We are here for another 3!
Originally from Michigan
Married to my high school sweetheart, Scott
Kids-Zachary-6 years old and Nicole-2 years old
When I started TOPS-June 4, 2001
Beginning weight (March) 257lbs. TOPS-246lbs.
Current weight-239
My goal weight has varied but at the moment it's 180lbs.
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Just want to keep it on front page
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Arrow New person jumping in!

Username: VioletRose
Real Name: Violet
Location: New York
Age: 36
Occupation: SAHM
Married 10 years, with 2 boys, ages 3 and 6
Joined TOPS: 10/20/99 -- going on my 2nd year as TOPS Leader
Height: 5', 11"
Starting Weight: 412
Heaviest Weight: 430 (after son Dylan, in 1998)
Current Weight: 327
Goal: somewhere around 195 -- right now I'd be happy to see 250!
Exercise: Tae Bo, Richard Simmons Videos, XL Glider (similar to Gazelle), Ab-doer, Body Flex -- I try to vary it so I don't get bored!

I'm happy to see so many TOPS people over here! I try to get active on all the TOPS boards/loops, etc...helps me to stay focused and I need it! Been struggling for a while, and I still have a long way to go, but I figure so long as I can maintain it, I will start losing again someday! I've been overweight my whole life and once I reach my goal, I plan to keep it for the rest of my life! My boys deserve a healthy and happy Mom! Looking forward to getting to know everyone here!

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Default Profile

I feel left out...
Glad I checked todays postings. I was inspired by all the success and motivation of each profile.Well here goes.
Location:Southern Calif.
Occupation: Nanny Granny
Marital Status:widowed
Weight beginning:403.50
Now 360.
first goal 349.

I am so happy to be a part of the Tops board. It is inspiring to
read of others who are working day by day to reach their goals.

Your Tops Pal
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Angry New Bio

Hi Everyone, I'm new to the boards but wanted to introduce myself rather than just staying as a lurker.

User Name: Lara H
Real Name: Lara
Age: 30
Location: Chandler AZ (Phoenix area)
Spouse: Brad Married Valentines day '98
Children: none yet
Pets: Xena, 4 yr old doberman tennessee walker hound cross; Rinny, 8 yr old all american mix; approx 60 tropical fish
Occupation: Montessori Preschool Teacher
Joined TOPS: July 11 2000
Starting weight: 237 1/2 (down from my high of 241 1/2)
Present weight: 223 1/2
Goal weight: 150 (I'll reset it with my Dr when I get there)
Exercise: Total Gym, walking, swimming when I get the chance.
Anything Else: I don't do the exchange program, rather, I have just recommitted to somersizing with an emphasis on lower carbs. I really find the food combining and lower carbs work for me I just have to stick to it.

Well, I guess that's it...


mail me
my web site
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Default New

Hi Lara and CBabe! Nice to see other new people here beside me!

Lara, I went to your web site. I LOVED the prayer! Hope you don't mind if I reprint it here -- I wanted other people to see it! It's great!!


So far today, I've done alright. I haven't gossiped and I haven't lost my temper. I haven't been grumpy, nasty or selfish.

BUT in a few minutes, GOD, I'm going to get out of bed, and that is when I'm going to need a lot of help.


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S/C/G: 330/325/170

Talking BIO update

Hey ladies!

It's nice to be part of the group again! I'm updating a few things but I will be back to offically update everything after my baby gets here in a few weeks.

Name: Stephanie
Username: stephnms (a.k.a. Steph in Mississippi)
Age: 30 (will be 31 in four weeks)
Birthdate: August 5th (Same day my baby boy is due!)
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Light Brown
Height: 5'4"
Weight: I'll update this when I rejoin TOPS in a few weeks.
Marital Status: Married to Shawn for seven and a half wonderful years.
Children: Matthew (just turned four on June 13th) and Jacob Dylan will be here in a few short weeks.
Location: Central Mississippi
Hobbies: playing with Matthew, reading, writing, watching QVC , listening to music and being with my husband.
E-Mail: [email protected]
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Default bio -new

Hi i am fit4me - cindy I live in Nova Scotia Canada and am 44 birthday is dec 31, 56 married for 24 years this july, son christopher 23, daughter lisa 21. we just sold our house and bought a new one but don't move until end aug. Been with this tops group 1011 Dartmouth for 7 months and was with a diff one in ON two years ago.
Hobbies are x stitching, rubber stamping, love to read, and walk.
and like to interior dec. so told hubby that must be why we needed a new house i was finished with this one!LOl

hope all are doing well better than I - ahven't been loosing was due to health problem but that has cleared itself up for awhile, so now there is now excuse. so here i go again!!!!
now best go get dinner started!! cya
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bringing up
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Default About me.....

USERNAME.... Raincloud12000
REALNAME.... Cathy
LOCATION.... Ontario,Canada
Birthday...February 16th
Tops..... joined in November2000
MARRIED....17 years
KIDS.... 2... boy13, girl 12
WEIGHT TO DATE.... 190...yes..5 lbs to goal, but I think I will lower my goal weight to about 160
JOB... haveing been doing home daycare for the last 15 years, and I am kidded out. I am looking for something new...Any ideas??
Loves.. .. to cook, to spend time on puter, to spend time with my family, to travel,to interact with different people....
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Finally out of the 160's!
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User name- Motivation 2001

Real name- Not telling! It's a common name, though.

Age- Early 20's. Very early 20's, lol. Will it stay that way?

Location- Canada, near the ocean

Occupation- web design / animal care

Married- Commonlaw, together since 1998

When I started Tops- July 2001!

Weight when started- 169

Weight now- 168

Goal weight- 120; TOPS goal is 125 (I am 5'2)

Anything else- I'm feeling shy so I edited this part out.

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just bringing it to top
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