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Default I joined the gym..

I joined the gym today..
I am so scared..I hate the gym I have no idea why I joined.
The only time I have to exercise is in the afternoons..

You know when all the skinny people are there..
I know I have to JUST DO IT !
But I am stressed about it!

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Don't let the skinny people scare you, maybe they were fat once! And even if they weren't they're probably too busy obsessing about their own bodies or routines to pay too much attention to you. And if they do they're as likely to be cheering you on for doing something about your health than mentally putting you down.

Joining a gym is the best thing I ever did, just make sure you stick with it for long enough to get used to it rather than deciding you hate it after a few sessions and not going back.
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Helen is absolutely correct. Don't let other people put you off. If you are enjoying yourself and doing something good for yourself, who cares what they think? You can do this.
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I know how you feel because I felt EXACTLY the same way the first day I walked into the gym. I weighed 265 pounds and felt huge. In fact, the day I did my free orientation with the trainer I couldn't eat then almost passed out from a very non-strenous workout ( ). But I promised myself I would go at least once a day for one week to try it out, and you know what -- even the first day I realized nobody really cared what I was doing there. I honestly think most people feel a little self-conscious at the gym, so everyone seems to give everyone else a lot of space.

Like Helen, I am certain joining a gym is the best thing I've ever done for myself. I know some people are able to work out at home, but I've never been able to keep up anything consistently there. I love having a where I can go, work up a sweat, then leave.

Good luck and hang in there. Try out lots of different types of machines and see what you enjoy! Feel free to ask if you have other questions.
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That first time is a bit scary, but as others have said, you'll soon realize that nobody cares about your workout because they're focussed on their own. I was over 250 lbs. when I joined, and a bit nervous, too, but it's been a wonderful boost to my weight loss and fitness level. Now I go six days a week, and it's become a habit to just get up and go to the gym. Be sure and take advantage of all the freebies the gym might offer. You'll do great!
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Congrats on the big step. I hope you really enjoy it once you get into the routine.

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I started going to the gym as well. I was trying the workout room here in my building but it gets so crowded and everything is written in Korean so it makes it hard to figure out the machines.

Anyway I am happy and I just put on my IPod and walk like crazy. It kind of puts me in my own place away from other people.......does that make sense?
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The first day I went to my gym I also thought I might pass out - I was so nervous and my pulse was beating so fast. I go to a small gym, so it may not be the same experience, but I find that mostly people just mind their own business. Although, I have met several people and hit is off with several larger women who also go there.

So far, joining the gym is one of the best things I could have done. When I started I could barely walk for 15 minutes. Now I am on the treadmill for 35 minutes, 5 days a week and I am increasing the speed and/or incline every day. My stamina and energy for everyday life has increased dramatically and I feel so much better.
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I joined a gym last week - and boy did I ever jump right in!

I signed up on Tuesday, went wednesday & thursday, had my measurements <scary!> done on friday - and I have miraculously lost 6lbs! I instantly hired a trainer to keep me going! I was so excited I went back on Sunday! Then today, I had my first water aerobics class!

My advice - dive right in! Do it big or you won't do it at all - that's what works for me! I'll let you know if it keeps working!

Let us know how you make out!

- Liz
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Congrats on joining the gym. What I found, when I used to go to the gym, was that if I went on a regular basis at a regular time, I saw the same people. And these people bacame part of my encouragement to keep working off the weight. Enjoy your time while you there, who knows, you might just end up being the encouagement to someone else down the road.
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I promise you that if you ask yourself in 7 days if you regret joining the gym you will absolutly scream NO. You will feel better, stronger and more confident. I promise you.
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Yup - we all go through the initial paranoia when joining a gym. And then there are the ones with a pool where you're afraid to go out in a bathing suit. Seriously - nobody cares.

Also, seeing all those mirrors makes you think that everyone is looking at your butt (not just you), but they're not. Even now when I see someone "large" come in to the gym, I just think, "Good for you - first step." It disappoints me when I never see them again, because it feels like a little part of me failed... except I'm still there, and getting smaller every week. But the ones who keep coming back, I privately cheer on.

As one of the "larger" people who joined my gym, a few people have noticed me, but not in terms of being larger, but as an "approachable" newbie who's been dilligently coming 3 times a week for the last 2 months. Think about it - even the soccer-mom who starts up at the gym thinks everyone's looking at her cottage-cheese thighs (which don't exist) and is just looking for someone who's more approachable than the perky 25 year old personal trainer. They tell me they'll look for me, because it helps motivate them to keep coming, too, if they spot a "friend."

And even that's nothing. I wouldn't say they're "friends" who are watching me to see how big my butt is, or if I was "bad" and missed a week - they're just wave-across-the-room friends, or talking between sets friends, or someone to spot me when I'm doing bench-presses or something. But for the most part, the unspoken rule of gyms are, "focus on you." Don't let paranoia and self-consciousness stand in your way of success. Get out there and do it!

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Gym = RECESS!!! YAY!!! Seriously, who cares what everyone else is doing? You get to go have playtime.
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Good for you for making that commitment! You rock!
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Hi, I just joined a gym last week as well ,and I was so selfconscious at first too, but it's so true what the others have said about nobody really caring about what your doing. I've been six times so far, doing cardio and some group classes (pilates and swiss ball) and had my second appointment with the personal trainer last night. I did some strength training for the first time and I just loved it. Looking forward to tomorrow to do some more strength and cardio.
Keep up the great work everyone!
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