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Default Temptation

This morning I walked into my office to find 3 boxes of girl scout cookies on my desk. 2 months ago I ordered them and they arrived in today. I sat and stared all them all morning, just thinking about eating some. I knew if I opened a box of them I'd eat the entire box. I glanced over the calories 4 thin mints.. 170 calories.. 2 peanut butter ones 150 calories.. I got back to work and thought about the other things I could have for that many calories. I went home for lunch and took with. I thought about having some after my lunch (a ham & colby on wheat and fat free cottage cheese) and thought about how I deserved it for how good I've been over the past two weeks. Instead I went over to the cabinet and grabbed a bag of Chips Ahoy 100 calories thin crisps. Now i'm sitting here at work feeling content and full. My parents are coming over for dinner tonight and I'll be giving them all 3 boxes.

The old me would have eaten an entire box of cookies and lied to my husband and told him I shared them with coworkers or gave them away. I never realized how much I lied about my bad eating habits.

What temptations have you resisted today?
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Good for (the new) you! That's a tough one, and you made great choices!
I was down to 199, but got back up to 280. Know what? No matter what my emotions, hormones and taste buds say, I won't ever give up!

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That is so great. It's hard to turn away from things like that. Each victory will make you stronger.

I know what you mean about food lies. I did not always lie but what she did not know would not hurt right? Wrong!
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That is terrific. I never ordered girl scout cookies and had been avoiding the little booths outside the stores for 3 weeks. Friday I caved in and bought 2 boxes GRRRRRR. Haven't eaten them all yet but did some damage. BAD BABY!!!!

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent - Eleanor Roosevelt
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Good job avoiding temptation. I've had a pretty good day today eating only what I planned to and not giving into the cookie jar calling my name!
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Girl scouts are satan's minions, all innocent and fresh-faced with their little uniforms and cookies...

Just kidding, y'all!
I was down to 199, but got back up to 280. Know what? No matter what my emotions, hormones and taste buds say, I won't ever give up!

My blog, my fella & my fella's blog.

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Default GS Cookie Alert..

So we're walking out of walmart last night and my innocent bf says "ooo girl scout cookies" and before I even had time to look at the boxes he bought 2 boxes of Thin Mints (my favorite) and one box of Samoas (called Caramel deLites here but let me tell you there is NOTHING *LITE* about them)!!!

The boxes are sitting behind me AS WE SPEAK. I'm twitching to open one, but I know its just BAD if I do. I won't want to stop at 4 cookies. I love thin mints and I love eating them when they have been in the freezer.. and guess what guys? They now make ICE CREAM in girl scout cookie flavors.. mmm

So I'm bargaining with myself now that as long as I eat whats on my plan today and no more/less..I can have 2 thin mints with my fat free TCBY white chocolate macadamia froz yogurt. Moderation right? ::twitch::
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WTG on avoiding the temptation. I ordered mine back in December when I was off the wagon so when they came in in January I just divied me up some in single size servings, handed out the really high calorie ones to coworkers, gave the peanut butter ones to the kids and that was that on my cookies.

Halloween Goal

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I got one..bitter-sweet.

As some of you may know, i use the drugstore's calibrated medical scale to weight myslef. It is located at the very bottom of an alley. The products placed on the shelves of that particular alley are seasonal promotions.

And as Easter approaching, the shelves are packed only and only with chocolate stuff: Chocolate bunnies, chocolate eggs, chocolate cookies chocolate Simpsons, etc.....

See the picture?...to get to the scale we have to pass by all these tempting high calories high sugar products that appeal to us....
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<did you know that if you 'hide' the thin mints in the freezer, they taste even better, but they're harder to find?>
Start your day with a smile, and get it over with.
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Eating for two!
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As much as I LOVE Girl Scout Cookies (the peanut butter ones covered in chocolate and the thin mints), I resisted the temptation to buy any. I know if I have them around, I will eat them all, so I don't have them around! I have to do that with a lot of things. When grocery shopping with the BF, he'll ask if I can buy some ____ (fill in the blank with pretty much anything that isn't fruit, vegetable, or meat), and I tell him no because I know he won't eat ALL of it, and then the leftovers are in my house all week until he comes back the next Friday. Knowing all too well that if it is in the house, I will eat it, I refuse to buy a LOT of things. Hopefully, by the time I live with someone (him?? ), I will be able to control myself so they can have what they want, too.
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Luckily girl scouts aren't brave enough to sell cookies in Brooklyn or else I'd be 30 lbs heavier!

Yesterday I was having a major chocolate craving. Did cave to one piece, but no more! I've been sticking to the program pretty well since Friday, and doing well with the exercise.

Hey, around Christmas our office supplies company offered a special where you get free Mrs. Field's chocolate bars (white and milk chocolate bars with bits of crushed mint on top). Yes, I caved and got them. I'm happy to report more than half the tin is sitting there (180 calories per bar, ). Those little office freebies can be evil.

I reach for chocolate after Rob's out of the house (like it doesn't count if he doesn't see it!). Lately, I confess to him if I do that, I'm trying to get that habit out of my system. It's not like he yells at me if I eat it, I just feel guiltier if he knows... ha.
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I have been very tough this year...I normally buy the evil things from my god-daughter...but this year I said no. Those samoas tempt me far too much to have them in the house. Although, my DH did buy me the big Reese's easter eggs. I love those so...I did end up having one last week. I have them crammed in the back of the freezer behind all the veggies = ) for safe keeping of course.
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You know, I am making a conscious effort to get better about associating holidays and other special occasions with food (your Reese's thing reminded me of this because I am **** on wheels with anything peanut butter-related). I was trying to think of something to get for my mom's birthday and my husband suggested these amazing chocolates called Wilbur Buds (the original Hershey's kisses, only better, if that's possible). I honestly considered it, but decided I'd rather get her something different. My whole family has weird relationships with food, and I'd just rather not give into the whole food = love thing. I've been trying to model good habits when we visit, and the chocolates would definitely send the wrong message.

Ugh, it's so difficult trying to rewire the brain!
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WTG! on the girl scout cookies - somehow I avoided all the orders!

Funny you should say that about food = love. My mom is the perfect case. We get together by ourselves every Thursday. Lately I have been getting some tough love from her regarding this whole losing weight thing. Which I am actually very grateful for (she does it well). But what kills me, is in the same breath she is saying how she wants junky food when we get together. Last week I finally said that we didn't have to eat the same thing. **UHHH**

Since I have been trying to be more consistent this year, I find that I hide more of my eating than I did before and it bothers me. I hate that.

Today I convinced myself to come back to the office and eat the healthy lunch that I had brought instead of grabbing Fast Food!!

The Secret is: CONSISTENCY
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