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Default Things You Do Now That You Didn't Do Before

Kind of on the flip side of why you want to lose weight, I'm curious what other people do differently now that they've lost some weight, other than eating better and exercising more.

I let people take my photo.

I actually enjoy shopping for clothes.

I am more comfortable in social situations because I'm not the biggest person in the room.

I'm more concerned about my appearance.

It doesn't bother me to be naked in the shower at the Y.

I don't mind going to "sit-down" restaurants because I don't feel like people are watching what I eat.

I don't put a bunch of vegetables in the grocery cart when I buy a carton of ice cream to "hide" the fact that I'm buying ice cream. (Although I only buy ice cream when my kids are coming to visit--really!)
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I make make more eye contact with people now rather than just hoping nobody will notice me at all.

I smile more and I'm more outgoing and comfortable in public.

At a buffet I scope out the foods that are best for me rather than what looks the best and how much if it I can fit on the plate.

I've finally stopped worrying if I'll fit different places. This one took a while, it was just so automatic. And even now, it still catches me by surprise sometimes, the amount of space I actually take up.

I don't hide from the camera anymore.

I actually play with my DD rather than just watch her play.

I put myself first more often, because I know that I have to take care of me if I'm going to be able to take care of everyone else too.

Great thread Sheila, thanks for making me think about the positive changes I've seen in myself.

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and Cody too!
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Hmmm, I haven't lost that much, but I have noticed that I am not afraid as much of getting my picture taken. I need those "during" pics anyway, lol.

I used to wear t-shirts everyday. Either blue or black Hanes. I haven't worn one in quite some time. I think I am going to throw those ugly things away.

I care a lot more about my appearance than I used to. Even though I still have frizzy curly hair I try to make it look nice. Before I just loaded it with gel and pulled it back.

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Good thread, Sheila. Yep, all of those.I will add .....

1) No more excusses to the Doc .

2) No more hiding at home.

3) Confidence to want to try new things. If I can do this I should be able to do just about anything.

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Default Thank you!

I needed that today. You're all an inspiration!
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I don't even touch regular pop anymore.

I get rid of my clothes as they get too big for me, either by packing away for a garage sale this summer or giving to coworkers.

I'm always looking at the nutrition of everything I eat now and trying to focus more on eating a balanced diet rather than eating x amount of calories. Of course I must stress the word "trying".

I can easily carry around both children for a few minutes. Lilly weighs 30 pounds and William 24. Before I couldn't lift both of them for more than a few seconds and they both weighed less

I walk more to basic places-the pharmacy, grocery store, library and such as long as it isn't blistering cold or raining.

If I go somewhere that has an elevator, I find the stairs instead.
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I am getting over feeling like I am going to break a chair if I sit in it.

I actually take my kids places and play with them!

I go swimming without feeling like I need a shirt to cover my swimsuit.

If someone turns and watches me walk by I dont automatically think they are thinking mean things.

And thats just a few!!
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Great thread, thanks Sheila. I'm half way through my journey, and I am finding it quite hard to answer this question......I think its because I have got so used to my new body, that I've forgotten the old one! Anyway......

I enjoy shopping for clothes, and I enjoy getting dressed up to go out, and I take more care over my appearance

I am much more comfortable discussing my eating habits, my lifestyle and my weight with is no longer a 'no go' area

I have a lot more energy
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