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Unhappy What do you do with food you hate?

Hi everyone,

Occasionally, I like to break out of my eating routine and try something new to eat. Sometimes though, I end up getting a food, and after the first few bites, I think "bleecukkk!! It's so gross!" What do you guys do with food you don't like?

The other day, I bought some snapper (the fish)... and the taste/texture just makes me sick! I'm trying to eat more fish because it's healthy, but when I come across a fish I don't like (like snapper and basa), it makes me never want to eat seafood again... I ended up eating all the snapper though, and I don't think I want any seafood near me for a while. It kinda ruins your appetite....

I also tried watercress recently (sooo bitter... I threw it out), and I got this salad mix which has coriander (which I now pick out of the salad).... maybe I should just play it safe for the next while and stick to foods I actually like
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Don't stop trying new things....buy the smallest amount you can and find recommendations for recipes using that new food. If you don't like it don't eat it! You don't want to ruin other foods for yourself.
Jewelie in CO

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if you don't like it don't eat it! Calories are like money in the bank. Would you waste your money on something you didn't really want. I bet not. You came you tried and you disliked. You will know better next time.
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If you don't like the food you purchased don't force yourself to eat it. Stick to the fish that you like and try others one at a time. Buy the smallest piece of fish next time and try, you can always give it to the cat or dog, they'll appreciate it
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If it is something new that I want to develop a taste for, I eat a few bites. Other than than that, I don't eat anything that I don't like. Calories are too precious to waste on food that I can't enjoy!

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:P I remember to give my egg yolks to my dogs, but somehow forgot to give fish I don't like to my dogs... haha, I'll have to remember to do that next time. I tried giving them a few coriander leaves and they wouldn't eat that... (I was hoping it would freshen their breaths)
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I am cautious and try to only buy food that I know I will enjoy. If for some reason a recipe doesn't work out, my faithful German Shephard is always near by to help me out! lol.......


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Yeah I won't eat it- I bought some new fish I'd never tried before and I was like omg GROSS and tossed it- and I LOVE seafood.
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I throw it away. If I lived near more of my family I would ask if they want it but we don't so I just throw it away.
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I let it age gracefully in the back of my fridge and then when I'm cleaning and I find it all moldy and gross I have to throw it away. It's spoiled. I have a problem with throwing good food out but once it's nasty I have no problems. Sad isn't it?
Sarah in MD
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Food that I don't like? I don't know if there is actually such a thing!!! LOL
Well, I don't know what to say. I usually don't have such strong reactions to anything. If I absolutely could not stomach it, I would either toss it out or give to my dogs (providing it is something they can have without getting an upset stomach and a big D as a result). Otherwise, I try to "test drive" new stuff all the time. Just this week, I courageously picked an avocado although I really don't like raw avocado (I have no objections to guacamole though) and I will try to incorporate it (in tiny pieces) into my salad because it is good for me.

And when it comes to coriander - actually it would be correct to say cilantro - I can just nibble on the bunch as I absolutely love the taste.
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I'm really hesitant to buy a food that I'm not familiar with just in case I don't like it. Usually I'll try new things at restaurants only. I guess I'm just not that adventurous.
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Originally Posted by Tomato View Post
Just this week, I courageously picked an avocado although I really don't like raw avocado (I have no objections to guacamole though) and I will try to incorporate it (in tiny pieces) into my salad because it is good for me..
You know guacamole is raw don't you?

What do you cook avocado in??
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There have been a few meals I've prepared that have been awful (not the individual ingrediants per say, but the meal as a whole) and when that happens, I dump it. Not worth the calories! Eat what you enjoy. However, if I'm make a veggie that I really don't like, I'll force it down since it is so good for me.
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I've always been a food adventurer, pretty much even as a kid. I'd rather have a bad food experience than a boring one. However, I have met very few foods I didn't like (which has surely contributed to my weight problem).

If I find the taste of a food absolutely disgusting, I generally don't finish it, and may never try it again (or may wait months or years to try it again).

If I find the taste odd and don't know if I like it or not, or mildly dislike it, I may eat a little bit or try it again later, maybe in a different way.

Texture usually wiggs me out before flavor. I absolutely cannot eat mushy or mealy fruit, for example. Applesauce is my most-hated food EVER (yes, I know that's weird for a person who found out she likes tilapia eyeballs).

If I strongly dislike a food because of taste AND texture, it's unlikely that I'll take a second bite and I may then avoid that food like the plague. I may try the food again eventually (I often give hated foods a second chance, because I find sometimes that my tastes have changed, or the one I tasted was a "bad" one).

I also agree in asking yourself what it's worth to you. There really is no value in continuing in any pursuit that doesn't have it's rewards. Even for me, the "reward" for eating unusual foods is the thrill of the hunt/experience. One bite of a new food that turns out to be horrible is still an adventure, but the second bite is just self-punishment and a third is pointless. I do sometimes find myself tasting a second bite, just to see if it's as horrible as I thought it was in the first bite. Every once in a while I find a food that seems horrible in the first bite, that I liked when I tried the second bite - more because it tasted nothing like anything I'd ever had before and the surprise was more unpleasant than the actual food - these have mostly been foods that people say are an aquired taste or a tast that will "grow on you" like blue cheeses and organ meats.

I would definitely say that if the experience is turning you off from all foods in that group, it's definitely not worth it to continue to eat it after the first bite. Even I'm not into that kind of food experience.
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