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Question I'm stuck

I've been posting in journals for about a month, but this is my first time here, I think. I have about 130 lbs. to lose or more and have already lost about 35 since March, but I can't seem to budge past this point-I've been stuck here for about a month, if you don't count the mysterious 8 lbs. I gained and was able to relose in a few weeks.

Has anyone here ever had this problem? Is this just another plateau-I had one 10 lbs ago. I read last night that really obese people will stall after they lose about 10% of their body weight (which fits me now) because their bodies think they are starving and the metabolism slows down to prevent starvation. Well, I have a L---O---N---G way to go before starvation is an issue here!

I've been loosely following South Beach and thinking I should go back to phase 1, where I lost 11 lbs. in 2 weeks-mostly water weight I'm sure. But I get bored with foods, easily it seems. Like the idea of a salad just about turns my stomach now.

I've gotten my exercise routine established-I do weights and aerobics 3-4 times a week.

If anybody has any advice, comments or encouragement, I sue could use some now! Thank you!
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Merryterry, I think I've come across your journal. I'm glad you're posting! Welcome.

As for the plateau.. I haven't really been at it for long enough, so I'm not sure what to say you. I *do* know there's a lot of trial and error involved. So experiment if you can stand it, and just keep truckin'. It'll come off!
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if only she'd lose weight
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Welcome to the forum!!!
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Welcome & Enjoy!
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Ugh! I feel your pain! I've been stuck a good 3 weeks now. It is so frustrating. I wish I knew the answer!!! If it last time I got stuck it was about 4 weeks and then I lost 9 pounds out of nowhere. Bodies are crazy things. Just keep doing the "right thing" according to whatever plan or diet you are on and I think you will budge soon. You may also be gaining muscle. Good Luck To YOU!!!
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Hi there and welcome. Well, I'm the queen of plateaus and I've learned a couple of things. First is DON'T GIVE UP, it can't last forever (my longest was 12 weeks of no loss while on plan before my body agreed to co-operate again).

I belong to Weight Watchers and was provided with a sheet to help combat plateaus. Here's a few highlights:

1. Confuse your body - many times when we've been at this for a long time we tend to eat the same foods at the same times because we become comfortable with the routine and if it's worked in the past we want to use a tried and true method. The problem is that your body catches on and adjusts itself to the routine also, so you have to confuse it by changing the makeup of your meals. For example, if you've been having a carb breakfast such as fibre cereal, skim milk and fruit, and a protein based meal in the afternoon/evening, switch them around and have your protein in the morning (mmm, eggs) and eat your carbs later in the day such as a nice caesar salad with lots of crisp romaine, fat-free dressing (cut the croutons and bacon bits), and whole-wheat garlic toast.

2. If you've been eating 3 meals a day, eat 5-6 times a day (smaller portions naturally).

3. Increase your water intake.

4. Boost your metabolism by moving more (needn't be much - i.e. adding two 15 minute daily walks to your regular exercise routine).

I repeat, DON'T GIVE UP! You may not be losing, but try to think of it as maintenance training and believe me, when the damn finally breaks it usually does with a really nice loss that gives you a great boost! Good luck.

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Merry Terry.. Listen to Jill shes knows her stuff. All I can add is that I my body is on vacation in plateau city for about 3 weeks now. I've been trying to confuse my bod and upping exercise and overall switching gears a bit. Jill- I love the reference to maintenance training. I was just telling Sarah that I felt like this is what maintenance was going to be like.

I actually feel ok about this plateau period. I thought I would be more upset and disappointed about it but I lost a good amount of weight before I hit this first plateau so I can't complain. I keep movin forward because as Jill said, it won't last forever --and thank goodness for that!

Keep your eye on the goal merryterry.. I'm with you on the plateau and so we can go through this together ok? Keep your chin up and think positive.. It works like a charm.
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Firstly, welcome to the 100lb club Merryterry and CONGRATULATIONS on your great weight loss so far!

I must say I really sympathise with you because like you say, you don't really expect to plateau when you still have a lot to lose - we always think plateaus are for people who are close to goal don't we? Not so - i think that our bodies are so clever - they adapt to new diets really quickly, whatever our weight, and we constantly have to 'fool' them and keep them guessing.

I agree with the excellent advice Jill has given - try to shake things up a bit, but most importantly don't give up - you will get there in the end if you just keep on going!

All the best

Love Amanda x
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Thanks for your encouraging responses. I have to admit yesterday was not a good day, but I did work out. So at least that is good.

I have to find a picture or something like you guys all have. When I have time.

Thanks for being here!
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Just wanted to welcome to our group!!

Sounds like you have gotten some great advice regarding the plateau. Just stick with it!!!
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Welcome aboard. Congrats on the loss so far. I ditto the don't give up. I've been through a stair step loss this time (lose 3 pounds one week, gain 2 the next, lose 4 the week after, gain 3, etc.) but I've lost 30 pounds since Feb. so I'm going to take my losses any way I can get them. I'm sure this plateau will pass just ride it out.
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