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Question What creative ways do you do your exercises???

There are so many "free" moments where you can squeeze in an exercise of some type...what creative ways have you found or COULD you find to do your exercises?

Mine: I do leg building exercises while I am doing my hair and make up. I do squats , march in place, and I build up muscles in my calves by going up and down on my tippie toes. It's 45 minutes of exercise that I get extra a day and it does not take out any time from my day!

I would love to find more creative uses of my time while I am doing other things, so if you have any ideas, please share
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When I'm getting water from the spigot in the refrigerator, I do leg lifts and when I talk on the phone.

I dance around the house when I dust.

I have to take my dogs out to potty on a leash (we haven't built a fence yet) about every two hours (they're old) and I often walk around my yard after the dogs are done. One dog only potties after a walk up the street so I walk up the street and back at least three times a day in addition to my regular exercise (my DH does the other three or four times). Not sure if that's creative--I call it a pain in the rear actually, especially when it's raining!
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Whenever I stand in line I do subtle plies. Up on my toes, then slowly lower down to stretch my achilles. Or ankle circles to build up ankle strength. Stretching of any sort.

At my desk, I do a few ab contractions and LOTS of Kegel exercises (girls, it totally is great for your sex life).
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S/C/G: 261/158/below 160

Height: 5'8" (Dang, I shrank an inch!)


As I was cooking my Trader Joe's potstickers for lunch--yum!--I noticed I was doing leg lifts whiile I was waiting for them to cook. It's weird how I do things like that now without even realizing I'm doing it.
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good heavens!!! i had no idea!!!! does my habit of doing ankle circles when sitting at my desk count????
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During commerical breaks I do pushups against the wall and stretch out and stuff..... also, whenever I'm on the phone, I try to walk around my house and up and down the stairs. (You guys remember how much teenagers talk on the phone!!) LOL. -Apryl
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Apryl, do I EVER! My mom used to put me on an egg timer...but then she'd leave and forget about it and I'd keep resetting it.

If it weren't for IM, I'm sure my 14 year old would be on the phone 24/7!
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