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Question Just a question...

Hey I was just wondering what everyone's lowest weight was? Sorry if it's nosey... but I was just wondering because I don't really remember my lowest weight. I've never been skinny... EVER... well at least all my school mates didn't think so... anyways, I think that last lowest weight that I can remember was like 180... and that was a LONG time ago.....
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if only she'd lose weight
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S/C/G: 360/see ticker/180

Height: 5'7


My lowest weight ever? That would be birth. 4 pounds, 15 ounces.

My lowest adult weight? Prolly 230.
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I remember weighing in 7th grade at 110 lbs. I was already 5 ft 7 inches tall but was humiliated weighing in front of everyone at school. I felt then as much as now like I was big fat cow. Dont I wish I could be that fat now..LOL Anyway, I just remember that my 2 best friends were both under 5 ft 2 and weighed under 100 lbs so I felt like an Amazon woman. If I had only known then what I know now...looking back, 110 lbs was ridiculous for my height. I'm at 204 now striving for 160. Have lost 38 lbs since joining 3FC the last week of Oct..Hooray! I love the support I get from everyone here. ( Oh, btw...hope ya'll dont mind that I posted...I'm a member of another thread but love popping into others too occasionally)
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Future marathon runner
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S/C/G: 310/185/Where my body takes me

Height: 5'8"


My lowest adult weight would be 203 which I was a few months ago. Before that, it would have been 238lbs when I was 19.
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My lowest was 135 in 1994. Then, I had a bad month (boyfriend dumped me, my apartment was robbed, and I was in a major car accident) and it's been up up up ever since.
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S/C/G: 261/158/below 160

Height: 5'8" (Dang, I shrank an inch!)


My lowest weight was 147. Since then the lowest I've beeni is about 180.
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My lowest adult weight ever was 130 about about 7 years ago. Before I got pregnant with my son.
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WW on-line since 1/1/2009
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S/C/G: see ticker

Height: 5'5"


My lowest adult weight was 132, back in 1988. I maintained for three months then - SURPRISE! - was pregnant with daughter. Since then, I've managed to get down to around 150, but never lower.
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Becomming a Monster
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S/C/G: 329/253/210

Height: 6'0

Default my lowest weight

well here inthe uk we don't use pounds as an everyday measure we use Stone's as stone is 14lb u should try it lol i'm 231 and it makes me just over 16st. sounds much nicer. anyway i'm now 21 and in the last few months its been the only time since iwas about 12 that my weight in stone has been lower than my age in years at my 20th bday i was 320lb which is 2lb short of 23st.

so at 12 i was 12 stone which was 168lb mind you i was 5'6 at 12 and 6'0 at 15 which is when i stopped growing upwards. at 15 iwas 18st which is 252
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My lowest adult weight was 136 pounds. I was able to wear a size 5 or a size 7 and was upset because I wanted to be 120. What I wouldn't give to be 136 now!! That was after my first 2 kids, but before the last 4.
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I weighed 135 between 7th and 9th grade. I had actually lost weight in the 5th and 6th grade to get to that weight. I've never been that low since
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Losing Again!
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I was 98 pounds in 6th grade, and my mom thought that was a big crisis. By the time I graduated from high school, I was probably around 235, I was wearing a size 20 and it was tight.

My high school reunion is next June, and I should be getting close to my goal by then. But I'm not doing this for th reunion, I'm doing it for me, my health and my happiness.

I am now 4.8 pounds away from telling the truth on my drivers license, but hopefully I'll be lying again before too long.
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My lowest adult weight was about 115lbs. around 14 years ago. I had a size 24 waist and I still thought "if only I could lose a few more pounds.....". Now I would be happy with my goal of 145. It is amazing how your perspective changes.

Starting weight: 205 (January, 2003)
Current weight: 191.5
Goad weight: 145 by December 2003
Plan: plus exercise
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Height: 5'6


I was 175 when I met my husband about 15 years ago. I was 215 when we married 4 years later. It's been up..up..up ever since. In my weight loss efforts over the years, I got down to the 260's but that was it.
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S/C/G: 325 / see ticker / 150

Height: 5'4"


I don't even know what my lowest adult weight was...I am thinking maybe around 220 ish(this is what I was when I just became pregnant with my daughter which was back in the summer of 1996)
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