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Lightbulb What shape are you?!?

Hello Chicks! A little way into my getting healthy journey, I am just starting to notice that there are different body types - banana, apple, hourglass, pear, etc. and some people with long torsos and short legs, and vice versa, etc.

This may sound like a great big DUH! but I have been heavy (and tall!) for a while now and all of my friends and family are skinny so I am so used to looking around and just feeling like everyone is waaaaaaaaaay smaller than me. I didn't realize that they were smaller than me and also having different body types!!

Has anyone else had a similiar revelation? What shape are you?

BTW, I discovered that I am an hourglass/apple, with long legs and a short torso. I carry most of my weight in my stomach but have almost exactly equal bust and hip measurements with a 10' smaller waist. It also explains why I have almost the same inseam as my 6'4" husband!!!
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I'm somewhere between a banana and an hourglass, although lately I'm moving more towards a pear (my bust size has dropped significantly).

At my skinniest I was an hourglass but I'm not sure if that's going to happen anymore after 2 pregnancies. For the most part my weight is all packed between my butt and chest. My legs and arms aren't too bad (but I still have some good saddlebags at the moment).

On way hand it's to have my weight rather evenly distributed because I think I can get into smaller clothes sizes in general. However, it's also annoying because I don't really have one body part to try and accentuate when I'm buying clothes.
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I'd say I'm a hour glass/pear. Not that my stomach is small, my chest is just really large. My bust always was large, even when I was slim looog ago. When I first started gaining it was mostly in my lower body, but eventually filled in everywhere else as I kept gaining.
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I'm pear or spoon shape. My hips are very large (my waist to hip ratio is .68 and my waist isn't very tiny haha) and I have long legs.
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A big bag of marbles on long legs.
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Hourglass last time I checked also with long legs and short torso. I much prefer the look of a long torso and/or pear shape with narrow shoulders and managable bust
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No clue. Short torso, short legs... I think Im sweet potato shaped!
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I'm an hourglass, edging in on an inverted triangle. I carry my excess weight through my torso and have broad shoulders and a big bust, my limbs stay comparatively slender. As I lose weight, my waist and belly do the most thinning out and I lose back fat, too.
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I was an apple. I have turned into a rectangle and there are now hints of me becoming an hourglass. We shall see.
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I am round. But I guess technically I'm a pear shaped apple - smaller bust, but most of my weight is in my tummy.
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I'm probably a pear. I don't have a really large waist compared to my rear end and hips, but I also don't have a really huge bust line.
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I'm an apple with legs. Most of my weight is in my gut and bust. Maybe an inverted pear?? It's all sounds so yummy when you talk about this way!

“Do you choose to simply know the path, or do you choose to walk it? “

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One for every 5 lbs lost. So long suckers!!!
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I am definitely an apple... but my sense of humor wanted to answer "beach ball".
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I feel like I'm rectangular beanbag shaped lol I have no idea what shape I am because all I see is a big blob. For some reason no matter how many charts I look at I can't figure me out.
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Height: 5' 8"


I'm definitely an apple; most of my weight is toward the center of my body; upper legs, upper arms, and definitely my tummy. I'm just dying to have a waist that curves in instead of out.
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