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Finally Losing Myself
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Default The Arm Aftermath

Since today has been my face my fears day I thought I would expose my Arm Aftermath issues from weight loss.

It totally amazes me how our bodies are all unique and how we gain and lose differently. Also how our skin sometimes goes back and sometimes it does not recover so well. Another reason I love looking at before and after pictures!!

At my largest weight my upper arms were very large. I had to have the large size bp cuff at the doctor's office the last few years before the start of my journey. I had these weird creases in my fat above my elbows that I hated badly. I did not wear sleeveless things much at all and preferred 3/4th length sleeves if I had a choice.

Right now my arms are much smaller but the skin in the upper arm is pretty bad. I lovingly refer to them as my wings. I have a pretty decent muscle but with the hanging skin its hard to tell.

I do alot of arm workouts every week. I am pretty strong and I like to feel/flex the muscles I have worked for. I always like seeing on Biggest Loser how their bodies handle all the muscle building and quick fat loss. I am currently saving money for an Arm lift that should happen in the Fall. I know it is the only way to get rid of the hanging skin. I have accepted it but I still work hard. I hate being so self conscious of it too! Us girls can be our biggest critics .

This is why I am always blown away with Eliana's arms they look so Awesome!! I thought someone may find this interesting to see some pictures of it now. Maybe you can feel proud that your arms are toning up so nicely or maybe you can feel like your not alone dealing with your "wings" too.
Photo 286.jpg

Photo 285.jpg

Photo 287.jpg
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Well, I know you were trying to show us your "wings", but all I can think is "Look at her guns!" You have some serious muscles, girlfriend!
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Thanks so much for sharing those picture Nikki. Sharing those pictures is a perfect example of why I LOVE this forum so much. The honesty is simply amazing!

I do agree with Girly though. I'm sure those wings drive you crazy, but I covet those guns Nikki!

“Do you choose to simply know the path, or do you choose to walk it? “

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One for every 5 lbs lost. So long suckers!!!

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You definitely have some loose skin, sure, but your muscle tone is amazing! The difference between your flexed and unflexed shots really shows off how much building muscle can make a difference in our body shape.

Your arms are just fine. Losing that much weight is bound to leave a few marks, but it in no way detracts from how lovely you are
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Nikki, your arms look great and you should be so proud of your progress. You are an inspiration to many.

I also have been lifting weights and toning my arms and have the same "bat wings." I am just going to live with them and who knows maybe they might come in handy some day in case I need to fly up a tree to rescue my grandson's kite..... Ha Ha
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Wow, your muscles look great! I'm so jealous.

I get what you're saying about the bat wings. I have a a bit but there's still enough fat on there to not say it's just hanging skin. My stomach is the worse, though, and DH and I have talked about me having a tummy tuck once I'm done with having kids and have been maintaining for awhile.
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Lovin that fire power! You look amazing!
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Hi From Canada, eh?
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I say WELCOME TO THE GUN SHOW!!! but you're right, we all have areas that are a problem, and some are more/less than what we thought - my arms firmed up no problem, but my inner thigh is not what I want it to be.... would i rather have it all plump and filled out?? NO!! Also, I always looked younger than I was because of a plump face, but now I look every second of my age LOL Beats the alternative!!
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Your muscles are huge! I wouldn't worry about that itty bitty bit of skin. Anyone who comments you can just punch with your giant muscular arms.
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You look great! I am concerned about my upper arms as well, but I am doing lots of arm workouts and we'll see what happens. I am pleased with the progress so far.....
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Thanks for sharing...I have been contemplating an arm lift in my future, too. Your muscles are amazing!!
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Just Me
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How long has it been since you've been at your highest weight? All I have to say is that with time, it'll improve a little bit. I'm about 6 years out from my high weight and my loose skin has gotten better.

A funny/sad story is that I was trying to use an epilady type device on my underarms where you pull the hair out with an electric device. While I was doing that, some of my arm skin accidentally got pulled into the device. Luckily the device stopped instead of kept churning. I was horrified but was able to free the skin and it only stung, mostly my pride
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I had 3 very overweight aunts all in their 70's. They all started dieting together, and in a couple of years they all got really thin.
And yes, all 3 had 'wings'. In 4 years time their arms looked normal.
All of my aunts lived into their late 80's. They ended up being petite tiny ladies...really cute to see them together and having fun dancing at all the family get-togethers.

Give yourself some time and see if the wings go away on their own.
Just wear longer sleeved blouses for awhile if it bothers you.

You look great, and I bet you feel a lot better now also.

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Why can't you?
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You know, if my arms look that good when I'm done, I won't bother with the slice & dice.

Thanks for sharing.
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"Do you have your tickets?"
"To what?"

"I had to take my pythons to the vet."
"What? Why?"

Seriously, maybe this was supposed to be an informative post but all I saw was FREAKING AWESOME muscles!
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