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Default How often do you weigh yourself and why?

Just wondering how often you all weigh yourselves. I was weighing everyday (I just started 2 weeks ago this wed.) and I found it was frustrating me so I've decided to try just weighing once a week. Same day each week and same time in the morning. I can't say if it's good or bad for me yet because I just decided to do it. I weighed in originally and wrote it down last wed., 3/9, so I will weigh again on 3/16. What do you all do and if you don't mind can you tell me why you do it that way (how it helps you to do it that way)?


btw...I know I'm asking a lot of questions but I have got to not only lose weight but learn to change my thinking.
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I weigh everyday - it's a PITA sometimes, especially during stalls but I just feel like I need to know plus it's a good way to gauge what's working and what isn't.
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I only count my Sunday weigh-ins because I like to know my progress and monitor it consistently. I can't weigh just once a month because I am too impatient, so weekly seems to be a good balance for me.

I occasionally take a peek at the scales during the week just to see what they say and help keep me in check, but I don't change my ticker or anything until Sunday.
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Every single day. I record it and keep a moving average. It has been hugely helpful for me in terms of keeping on track and monitoring how my body reacts to different things - like salty meals, my period, new medications, etc. I don't see a lower number every time I get on the scale, but over time I see a consistent downward trajectory of weight.
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Yup, every single day.
Get up. Pee. Feed the dogs. Feed me. Go bathroom. Take my clothes off. Weigh.
It helps me see patterns, and by persisting I've learnt not to get too spooked by sudden, unexplained blips.
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I weigh myself every single day. It helps keep me on track and mindful of what my goals are. But my 'official' weigh ins are on Saturday and that is what I track.
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i weigh myself every morning!!! but never through unless i go to ww!!! i say the morning is the best time before u eat,but my ww lady says u should once a week!!
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i'm bipolar when it comes to the scale, sometimes it's everyday 4 or 5 times a day and sometimes it's once a month or sometimes i just don't get on it because i know no matter what it is i 'm never going to be happy.

i'm trying to stay off of it til i go on vacation april 16th!
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Daily and it stopped my obsessions! Heck, most of the time I weigh evening and morning and sometimes in the middle of the afternoon!

Daily weighing will keep me in maintenance, I have very little doubt because I will be unable to bury my head in the sand.
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Once a week. Too much fluctuation with water retention and sodium and such
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Where do you find the weight loss ticker meter things, they are awesome!

I have only been back on the wagon for two weeks and finding it hard not to weigh myself everyday, I try for once a week so I am more likely to see a drop, however when I don't it's discouraging.
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I weigh everyday because it keeps me accountable. I know once I stop weighing daily I'm starting down a slippery slope because I most likely am scared of the numbers.

Also, it's frustrating at first but you get numb to the fluctuations. instead of seeing a fluctuation ONE day a week when it "counts" I see them all week long and I don't stress cuz I know that's what it is and it's not that important if I"m on plan if I"m bloated, etc, it doesn't matter. seeing it every day for about two months numbed me out to it.
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I rarely weigh because the mini gains are so discouraging. Once a month, every 3-5 weeks or so has always shown a LOSS, which is what I want to see.

Example. FOUR WEEKS: weight week one- down three pounds; week two - up 1.5 pounds, week three, down two pounds, week four, up a half pound.............OH, HOW DISCOURAGING!!

But,if you only weighed yourself once a month, you would be down the same three pounds without the frustration of up/down/up/down!!!

BUT, if you weighed once a month,
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I weigh any time I walk past the scale. Typically, I weigh in the morning when I wake up, then after my morning exercise, once more after lunch, then sometime before bed. I am comforted by seeing how activity, salt, digestion and the passing of the hours affects the scale. It chills me out so on the days I have a bigger appetite, I know what to expect whenever the caloric effects have worn off.
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I weigh myself every morning after using the bathroom and taking all my clothes off. I had tried to weigh in once a week but I find that to be too frustrating. I know weight can fluctuate from day to day and I wouldn't want my weekly weigh in to be on an off day. I record my daily weight in an excel program so I can judge how much I have lost each month. Another reason I don't weigh in once a week is because I feel I would lose focus only weighing myself every seven days. Daily weigh-ins keep me motivated. I have a digtal scale that shows pounds and kilograms. When I feel I am focusing too much on the pounds I switch it to the KG's since I don't know off hand the conversion. I just watch for the numbers to go down. This week I have been on the KG's since I have been obsessing lately.
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