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One day at a time!
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Smile Back to ..........

The past month has gotten me out of my routine and, I imagine that I am not the only one. I have gain about 4 pounds, but I will know the exact amount within the next couple of days when the scale settles down. I do hope that I still have maintained my 100 pound loss. Anyway, I know what to do, so now, I just have to do it. This is the time of year when we have large numbers of newbies, so I thought it might help someone if we share our plans of attack for the next week.

To get back on track, here is my plan.

* I will not beat myself up, but will treat myself just as kindly as I would one of my friends.
* This afternoon I am planning my meals for the week. I will know what to eat, when to eat it, and I will have every thing I need on hand.
* I will journal every bite that goes in my mouth.
* This afternoon I will also make my exercise plans and then I will follow through with them. I will exercise every day.
* I will be here on 3FC every day both reading and posting. On Tuesday I will change my ticker to reflect my correct weight.

What will you do this week to get started or to get back on track?
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Good on you I'm in exactly the same boat. I over-indulged over the holidays and I'm paying for it with a 1.5kg increase on the scales.
I'm jumping right back into what worked before:

~ Counting calories
~ Daily walks
~ 3 meals a day, no snacks
~ A small number of forbidden foods (sweets, chips etc)

Good luck Cheryl, keep up the excellent work! I don't doubt we will keep losing this year!
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Me too. I'm in a strange mindset at the moment - although constant grazing on worthless carbs has left me feeling permanently bilious, I can't stop!

Tomorrow I will. That's all I can promise about tomorrow but that much I do.

all round
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I did pretty well over the holidays, and saw a loss to show for it. HOWEVER, I am definitely wanting to amp things up this year. Calorie counting is going awesome, and the weight is coming off, but I am still not exercising in any way consistently...and my body is paying the price, I think I am a lot looser and jiggly than I might be, plus I feel that I am not as strong as I have been before. I must start doing intentional exercise at least 3 times weekly either via treadmill or lifting. As for today, does steam cleaning my whole house this morning count?? 'Cuz I feel it!!
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Great post. I've been slacking off as well but I'm now ready to get back on track.

My plan of attack for January:

~ Calorie counting
~ Journaling everything, everyday
~ At least 80 ounces of water daily
~ Running 3 times per week (training for a 10K in April)
~ Strength training/conditioning 3 times per week
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Back in the saddle again
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Feeling the same - just adjusted my ticker to my new higher weight *sigh*

Back on track for me includes:

- Logging my daily food choices into
- Checking in on 3FC a minimum of once a day
- No more highly-processed carbs
- Getting back into C25K and "jogging" a minimum of 3 days a week
- Tons of fruits, veggies, and lean proteins
- Meals planned for the week every Tuesday (when the store ads come out)

Also, and most importantly right now, I will not use the recent gain as an excuse to give up. A few days of poor choices do not equal failure, nor do they mean that I am a horrible, weak person. I refuse to beat myself up anymore for stalls and setbacks with regards to food; I know from past experience that mindset truly does lead to failure.
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One day at a time!
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I have an addition to my first post. I was in the kitchen for my planned lunch and all the sweets in there were calling to me. With this many sweets around that I have been indulging with, I was setting myself up to fail.

* pecan pie went in the garbage disposal
* DS put the remainder of the chocolate cake into a container and it disappeared. I don't know where it is and don't want to know. If I see it, it goes in the garbage disposal too.
* DH took the left over store bought candy and I don't know where it is.
* There is some more homemade candy that I am saving for DD when she visits next week. It is in a refrigerator container, wrapped in saran wrap and then wrapped in tape. Her name is written across the top.

The chips may have to go. We will see. If there is anything else that I don't think that I can resist, they have to go.
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hot. like a curry.
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Originally Posted by time2lose View Post
* I will not beat myself up, but will treat myself just as kindly as I would one of my friends.
Thank you for this. So simply and eloquently stated, but such a powerful sentiment.

I'm good to my friends and the people I love. Really, really good. I need to start treating myself the same way.

Again, thank you. This is totally going up on the bathroom mirror as my new mantra.
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I did pretty well through the holidays, but I'm definitely scale stuck. I was so sick of not losing that I was thinking of trying to maintain, but then I realized that I really want to lose 30 lbs in 2011, and that seems like a manageable goal.

My plan of attack:

Right now, I want to achieve a 30 day span of being 100% OP every single day.
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On a break with Baby #5
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I still lost weight in December (almost six pounds) but I had a very *ahem* fun New Year's... Lots of muffins and Baileys!

That's all done with, back to the grindstone as always, every morning begins on plan. My goal for 2011 is just to keep doing what I'm doing and not get weary of counting all my food. Thus far it hasn't been a problem.
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slim endgame
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Very good job Cheryl! Happy New Year to you- I hope you have a wonderful year
I am the same way about the sweets. I just can't have them around. Thank the good Lord I don't care about salty things like chips...that way my DH can have all that he wants (he's a slimie) and it does not bother me it being around.
I did O..K.. in December. I started the month at 202 Lbs. and ended it at 197 Lbs. I had got down to 194 Lbs. the day before Christmas eve. But that was all kicked in the b--t once I saw that cake So here I am trying to get back where I was before the naughty eating happened. It really was not worth it too because it made me kinda sick for 2 day's. So I am back on clean eating trying to get to the 180's
The main problem I have now is the same old problem of me being lazy and not getting enough exercise- so that is what I plan on working on now. I have the calorie cycling counting going good. I just need to get moving! have done an amazing job Cheryl!!
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Cheryl - you are a smart This is a good thread to put it in writing for all to see that we are doing things to make a positive change.

Preparation is key!!

Like you, I dumped a bunch of cookies, candied walnuts, candy, pie into the disposal. I poured out sugared sodas that I had on hand for company. I went through all my kitchen cupboards and tossed, tossed, tossed. I can really find stuff in there now!!

I ran some new meal menus through the calculators and I have a couple of new things to try that will be satisfying and easy to prepare.

One of my basic rules for dieting is to not regret multiple trips to the grocery store if it helps keep me on track. That was a big step for me because I had the habit of big shopping once a month and then I would over eat with the excuse 'so it wouldn't go bad' or I don't want to waste it. I still battle that mindset as it took me two days to do the dumping and cleaning out. I had to get hard core. Grrrrr!!!

Got to get back to the right stuff. I never stopped logging my food for WW points but I have stopped using up the extra weekly points and my activity points and I am no longer in the red.

Net loss for December .5# - the best I've ever done!!!

Weight loss plan:
Continue logging in WW but stay within my daily points
Minimum 64 oz of water
Water Aerobics 3-4 days a week (MWFS), lifting 2-3 days a week (TTS) and treadmill/bicycle 2 days (TT) a week
3FC minimum - Daily weigh in thread, daily point thread, Valentine Challenge, Easter challenge, June challenge, 2011 challenge
Attitude ala Cheryl - I will treat myself just as kindly as I would one of my friends
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Keepin' on...
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The last couple weeks have been heck on my routine! I work every weekend, so I don't usually have a lot of distraction from the usual weekend activities. The last couple weeks we've had family in town, others close by on vacation, and I've been out to lunch multiple times, over to my aunts to eat 7 layer bars and lay on the couch watching movies, going TO the movies twice, family funtions, multiple pot lucks at work, etc, etc! Just all around a mine-field. When eating out, I ordered prudently, and I kept the sweets-snacking modest. Really, I did outstanding compared to most holiday seasons, but still nowhere near what I've been up to since May.

I was VERY happy not to see any gain on the scale yesterday when I weighed, but then, no losses in the past month or so, either. The positive in all this is that I have not lost sight of what I'm working toward, and now that my usual routine is back -- I am going to be on FIRE!! I absolutely expect some discomfort and squirming the first week or so as I settle back in, but I absolutely WILL get back to that place where I am satisfied with my healthy meals and comfortably losing. I KNOW I will! And Cheryl, I am going to treat myself with kindness, the same as I would a dear friend. Love that!
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Cheryl - this is such a good post. I had a horrible month. When my foot/ankle surgery had to be cancelled for the third time - I just lost it. I ate lots and lots of sugary things - I binged on them. I feel very ashamed of this behavior. I know I can't change the past - hopefully learn from it. I've put on some weight and I just can't stand it. I usually change my ticker when I gain but, I somehow can't face it this time. So these are my plans to get back to what I know works for me:

daily planning/log all food eaten/ count food exchanges
eat seated only
no seconds
leave a bite at each meal
lots of water
meditation several times a week
daily stretches and strengthening exercises
daily gratitudes
read my Beck materials

Time to forgive myself and carry on.

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Originally Posted by Beverlyjoy View Post
lots of water
For some reason, this has always been the hardest thing for me to do. I need to hop on THAT wagon, too! Thanks for the reminder!
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