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Default #169 - Remember Sept 11

Hi everyone!!!

I haven't posted on this thread in a while.

Things with me are going ok, I guess. I am currently doing awful with my plan. I just can't seem to commit. I keep making plans in my week, when things settle down, then I am going to start with a vengance and do this thing full force and stick with it and lose TONS. I have such big dreams, but I cannot seem to turn them into reality. I always do good for a couple of days and then it's over. Some of you guys do so well with consistency. Any secrets to share?

I am thinking of backing out of the challenge for this month until I can get my head on straight.

Hope everyone is doing well.

Dana - Congrats on the Job!! Woo Hoo

BethAnne - A new little puppy...Awwwww. Where is Oreo?

Jennelle - How are things at school?

muelledk - You have been doing so good. I am sooo very proud of you!!!

Jen - I completely understand what you are going through. It's so hard when they go to daycare. Just hang in there!!

Hi to everyone else!! Have a great day!!

Tomorrow is going to be a hard day. A time to remember. I will be praying for everyone.
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Hey guys -

Sandi - Oreo is back with my parents, because she was destroying our apartment while we were gone due to old lady doggie bodily function issues, along with an extreme fear of loud noises. Considering the kids upstairs sound like elephants, it wasn't a good situation for her, so we tearfully gave her back to mom and dad.

Jennelle- ditto sandi- how are things going for you with the principal and all??

Jen - I can understand - leaving Coda all day is killing me I just want to stay with her and not leave her.. but i know I have to. I hope your weightloss efforts are going well!

To everyone else - what's shakin?
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Things are going ok for me too. I threw my back out a week and a half ago, but it's improving. I still can't sit for long periods though. My digital piano keyboard broke on me last week - which was a problem because I was teaching on it. It was fixed yesterday. I rehurt my hands which had been healing what with lugging the keyboard from the wall and fiddling around with cables so I'm back to wrist splints and ice, but I lost 4 pounds this week. Weird, but the loss is fine with me, and it's encouraging because the weight loss has been fairly consistent this year and it's a positive force in my life. It makes me feel positive.
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Me, I'm still doing pretty good. Feeling good, feel like I'm looking good, exercising everyday. I got my new 8 minute legs and 8 minute buns tape yesterday, and my legs are KILLING me this today. Uggghhhh. But, I know that I was actually doing something, as it is muscle ache. I think that I will take it a little easier for the time being. I am starting to feel kind of down again, I think that it is the finances that is bringing me down. I know that we will be OK, I just resent those people who make millions.

BethAnne, I'm glad to hear that all is going well with the new puppy. I'm sure she is just a bundle of fun.

Sandi, you sound like you need to get your groove back! You know that you can do it!

Jennelle, is school going better for you?

JML, sorry to hear about your problems. I thought for sure that your hand was healed!
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Hi all. Things are going pretty good here. Drake is doing so well at day care. I wasn't at all teary this morning when I dropped him off. I think he likes it better there than at home! Of course all the teachers love him because he's so easy going. The big problem is that I don't know what to do with all this time that I have. I'm still off work til next Wednesday. I might have some problems with that though. I am supposed to finished with my maternity leave and on vacation pay now. I picked up my pay stub though and now it is showing that I have no vacation left even though the last stub I got way back when showed that I had all kinds of vacation. So I've got a call into the woman that does all this stuff on our floor and I hope its wrong because otherwise I'm going to be missing 2 weeks pay.

Sandi - I wish I knew the secret to consistancy too. It would probably make a big difference.

BA - how are things going with Coda? Sorry you had to give Oreo back to your parents but I'm sure it is probably better for her as well as your apartment.

Take care all, have a great day.
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I'm feeling stupid crazy today , I feel like singing in the rain . I'm feeling wonderfully alive . I have no idea what the hecks gotten into me, but I'm feeling very......very.....I don't even know the word I'm looking for, but it feels good .

Hope everyone's having a super-dee duper day.

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My one year anniversary of moving to Southern California is today. It's was a horrible time for both my SO and myself since I had just quit my job to move out and he had just gotten laid off in the tech industry due to the impending economic decline. This morning, I looked around my house and felt good. When I arrived here, I was sleeping on the floor of our house wondering if we would make the rent. Now, I have furniture (admittedly it's "student style"), I have food in the fridge, a job, tons of plants and a second dog (when did THAT happen?!?!).

It led me to think that A LOT CAN HAPPEN IN ONE YEAR!

Which gave me a bit of comfort today when I struggled with hunger and grabbed my clothes for ballet class. Maybe a lot can happen with me in one year.
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I'm loving the positive attutide!
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Hello all, I have been lurking but not posting to much. Here is what I have been up to. NOTHING. I have been sitting around the house and doing nothing special since the funeral the Tuesday after Labor day. But the kids are having fun and learning alot in school. My youngest starts preschool on Monday. I have been slowly fighting a uphill battle with the weight but want to do the downward battle. My kids school has given me a reason to walk. They are having a food-a-thon. The kids need to go collect canned goods from the neighborhood and take it to school. They will get credit for the cans they bring in. I am suppose to go around and get donations of so much per can they collect also. They figure they can collect 2500 cans from the school. That is around 200 cans per child. I have 2 there so I will be doing alot of collecting. Thank goodness I have many neighborhoods to go around (mine, moms, grandma's, aunts, ect). I have plenty of family to get my cans collected from. I really wish I had a wagon now though. I will be weight lifting also since I will be carring all those cans. I have the stroller but baby has to be in it and I have a couple canvas bags to put stuff in but it still will get heavy. Boy I am rambling on. sorry. i will go and get back to work now see you later all you skinny gals.
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Boy, ladies, I don't even want to talk about school! Truthfully, the class has settled a bit. The custodial uncle of my worst behaved child finally took him to the behavioral unit at the local hospital and checked him in. He'll be there for 7-10 days, and I pray it helps him. This child is so ANGRY....mean, bullying, a foul, filthy mouth (he called his fourth grade teacher a m*****f***** to her face last year), got caught extorting money from children, skipping school, etc. etc. Part of me wants to choke him and part of me wants to cry for the child he should be. Some kids just imitate life around them and no one's there to set them straight.

Anyhow, now it's the principal. To make a long story short, I got written up for a long laundry list of stuff that I unequivically did NOT do. It was her way of trying to bully and scare me into submission. It totally backfired on her because I know my rights. I wrote a very eloquent (if I do say so myself *pats self on back* ) letter of rebuttal, gave it to her, put a copy in my personnel file, and had a meeting with the deputy superindentent of schools (my next-in-line supervisor) over it. Needless to say, she will NOT be pulling that crap with me again!

Still, I can't let the poison of it get to me. I go to school and SMILE and close my door and teach those kiddos to the very best of my ability.
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