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Question Low Carb Questions...

To anyone who is following a low-carb plan....when you talk about carbs, are you talking about starchy carbs like bread and pasta, or are you talking about sugary carbs, or both? I'm hearing the successes of folks who follow low carb plans, and I am a HUGE starchy carb addict, so I'm considering changing my plan accordingly.

Let me give you an idea of a menu I might consider low carb and you tell me if I'm on the right track...

Breakfast: nonfat yogurt (2 WW points)
fresh fruit (1 WW point)
1 c. cottage cheese (4 ww points)

Lunch: 5 oz. tuna with 2 T lite mayo and onions (6 WW points)
green salad with fat free dressing (1 WW point)
fresh fruit ( 1 WW point)

Snack: (usually around 4:15) fresh fruit (1 WW point)
a slice of cheese (2 ww points)

Dinner: 2 chicken thighs w/skin (4 WW points)
a cubic ton of green beans (0 WW points)

Snack: yogurt (2 WW points) or 2 slices lite lunchmeat (1 WW point)

That's exactly 24 WW points, which is the low end of my range.

Let me know what you think,

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Default this is DEFINITELY a question for sue..

but from what i see, you're doing pretty well, except that i'd rather see you with more veggies and one less piece of fruit. but the great thing is that you're eating the fruit with protein.

what kind of fruit do you eat? apples, pears, and bananas are very high carb.

and when counting carbs, it's the glycemic index that really matters, and sue will explain that. or you could visit the low carb thread and read what she's posted several times [she might even have put something in the FAQs by this time!]
]basically, things that are processed have high glycemic indexes, and the unprocessed stuff is lower.

good luck!!!
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Angry Good low carb sites

Dear Jennelle,

I started lowcarbing a couple of weeks ago and have been very happy with it so far. One site that has a ton of imformation on lowcarbing is http://www.lowcarbfriends.com They are mainly Atkins but have other diets in their boards all lowcarb, lots of recepies etc.
I also read a book called the glycemic index and they have a g.I counter at their site http://www.glycemicindex.com so you can enter a food and it will show what score it gets out of 100. The lower the score the more filling the food and lower blood sugar repsone your body will have to it. What I like about this way of eating is it's all backed by research, I have found I don't get nearly as many hunger pains since I started this woe.

Good luck


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Jennelle -

I agree - lay off the fruit a little bit, and make SURE you eat protien every time you eat a piece of fruit. We do, unfortunately, need to count the carbs in sugar and in fruit, or else you end up unbalancing yourself. But as long as you eat protein you should be fine. Examples - for 1 small apple you would need to eat 1 oz of cheese... etc.

Good luck!
Beth Anne
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Gosh you girls have it down pat!! I do not have much more to add. but jiff that does sound like a great idea. but i think the wonderful girls that started this forum had great plans for the low carb forum. just hold on a bit longer for that.

but everything looks great. i agree with all that the fruit needs to be monitored. if you eat berries that is the better of the fruit as it has not only the low glycemic foods but also has tons of anti oxidents that the body needs to stay healthy!!!
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The one thing I notice is the low fat mayo and dressing ... on low carb, you're better off using the real stuff. Manufacturers tend to add more sugar to these products to make them taste better. Compare the labels for carb count, not for fat count.
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