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Default Skinny on Low Carb Beer Smartie or Scientist Reply Needed!

Hello all,
I am new here, love the forum, thanks so much for letting me be a part.

I have searched the archives and and web, obtained some facts but still have some questions.

1. I know that an alcohol carb is 7 grams as opposed to a 4 gram food carb.
So math would say that alc carbs counts as 1 1/2 food carbs rounding. So as long as you stay under your carbs why would it matter how many of these carbs you had? And especially, as I do, if you stay under your daily carbs and daily caloric range needed to lose weight.

I have read that your body will burn alcohol carbs first if available, but dont thay burn regular carbs too when available, what is the difference really other than the fact that they are of a higher carb cost?

2. I have read that these carbs will be stored as fat immediately. I dont get this. If your body will burn them immediately, isnt that a contradiction?

(also, I did the research and read about maltose, but found out this is only trace in the light / low carb beers. I first found it at
which link to Anhueser Buschs site and they took out a page in the NYT's on this so I feel it is reliable, as I have found other sites reiterating the same)

3. I also read at above diet beer site that your body will require two hours to burn it off, and I am wondering why as I think I would need more fuel than the 2.6 (7cal value alc carb), 7 carbs x 3(rounded) is 21. I burn more than this in 15 minutes.

Is there an alcohol gram value we need for the math if it even exists?

I think my questions are fully formed but I may be back later to refine, of any others can help me to understand, I would be greatly appreciative!!

Thanks so much,

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Anni -

1. I think that what you meant to say is that alcohol carbs are 7 calories per gram and food carbs are 4 calories per gram. And I don't necessarily agree with that. Alcohol in and of itself is not a carbohydrate. This is why if you drink distilled liquor (rum, vodka, gin, scotch, whisky, tequila, etc.) there are no carbs to count.

Alcohols is your body's first fuel choice. This is followed by carbohydrates and finally fat. So when you are following a low carb eating plan and you drink alcohol, your body will stop burning fat long enough to burn the alcohol. This generally isn't a problem unless you drink alot.

As for the other stuff, well, when you go back to the inital error and look at it in terms of calories and not carbs, then you'll see that it's not a big deal. Also, most people who tout low carb alcoholic beverages also list the caloric content, so there's no need to get all confused with the math. Watch your calories, watch your carbs, don't drink too much too often. Easy
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